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  1. eddylcfc


    And to think Puel wanted this sack of 💩 over Thorgan Hazard 😂😂
  2. eddylcfc

    Everton Away Match Thread

    Ghezzal is an utter disgrace
  3. Disgraceful tactics. Zero ambition to press against a teenage Center half. Please for the love of god sack this useless manager of ours
  4. eddylcfc

    Spurs 0-2 Post Match Thread

    I get that Puel wants us to play a certain way but we just do not have the personnel to do so. We’re designed to play high intensity, counter attacking football - not play out from the back and trying tobreak teams down. Despite wanting him to get the boot, I don’t think he’s a bad manager he’s just not suited to Leicester City football club. I admire him for giving the younger boys ago and he’s done wonders for Chilwell in particular but he’s got to go.
  5. eddylcfc

    Spurs Home Match Thread

    Can we just sack Puel already! Zzzzzzzzz
  6. eddylcfc

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    Slow, ponderous and doesn’t have a right foot - he’s toilet.
  7. eddylcfc

    Cardiff City away

    I called the lcfc ticket office and they said that my ticket would be at Cardiff to collect. I’d give them a call to give your name and just to clarify you want the tickets at Cardiff just in case
  8. eddylcfc

    Cardiff City away

    Managed to get myself one off the website. Thank you so much for the heads up! I live near London so getting a train from Reading to Cardiff. Fairly expensive but will be worth it!
  9. eddylcfc

    Cardiff City away

    Still no luck. Fingers crossed you can get it sorted! I’m trying desperately to get hold of one!
  10. eddylcfc

    Cardiff City away

    Still saying sold out on lcfc website? Where abouts online have you seen it?
  11. eddylcfc

    Cardiff City away

    Still after a ticket. Please dm if you have one available.
  12. Looking for 1x adult ticket for Cardiff. Happy to collect!
  13. Numerous posts echoing your thoughts about getting down if you can. I live in Walton on Thames but I feel I NEED to get to the stadium at some point to mourn and to show my gratitude. If anyone is in the same position as me and lives close(ish) then feel free to pm me as I will be travelling up at some point this week, maybe tomorrow. More than happy to drive up and give lifts!
  14. eddylcfc

    West Ham H Match Thread

    The sooner the owners get rid of Puel the better. This really is abysmal.