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  1. If players ability and potential changes with the full release; will this be updated on a beta save?
  2. In disbelief that Youri hasn't been taken off yet; the guy seems to have played in every minute of every game!
  3. Opened rivals and FC rewards along with MM packs and manage to get a nice little haul. Selected Gnabry from my red player pick and then packed him in my rivals rewards - sold for 80k so very happy with that. Packed Bruno Fernandes in FC rewards and sold for 115k so despite a terrible TOTW I’ve come out of it pretty well. Having not spent any coins on new players for about 2 weeks - I have accumulated just over 700k (packing Salah helped) so looking to reinvest big before FUT Champs. Looking at 86 Ballack but not sure if I can pull the trigger and see my balance go to near zero - ad
  4. Anyone notice the massive celebration from Albrighton when the final whistle blew? Bloody love it!!
  5. Christian Fuchs is unbelievable on the ball for a full back (yes I know he’s playing CB tonight). In the modern era of full backs being athletes with emphasis on being able to get up and down the wings, his throwback style is a real joy to watch. The ball for (I think) Barnes where he clipped the ball over their right back with the outside of his foot was pure filth.
  6. Kasper Justin Fofana Morgan Evans Fuchs Mendy Tielemans Maddison Barnes Vardy
  7. How does this work? Intrigued...
  8. Pains me to suggest such a weakened side but Leeds away will be a tough game fitness wise with their high tempo style so I’d go with this... Kasper Justin Morgan Fuchs Thomas Choudhury Praet Under Perez Albrighton Iheanacho
  9. This is getting silly now... just packed Rashford IF striker in a two player rare pack (shame he is untradeable). Without spending a penny this is now my side... 4-4-2(2) Leno Semedo Gomez Klostermann Schulz (probably my favourite player in the side - is keeping Alphonso Davies on the bench) Zaha Ndidi Allan Salah Vardy IF Rashford 110k in the bank but not sure who to go for next. Maybe Son.... would love to hear thoughts on possible upgrades.
  10. Utterly amazed.... did the hybrid leagues sbc and packed Owen and Salah (in different packs) - sold Owen for 310000 and keeping Salah for my PL squad which is now looking strong.
  11. I’ve never seen so many misplaced through balls in 30 mins of football (mainly by Perez)
  12. Anyone know if the xbox version will be in any way different to the version I am used to playing on my laptop? Love the idea of playing FM on my xbox but wouldn't want to if it meant sacrificing gameplay/parts of the game.
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