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  1. eddylcfc


    Just pay the god damn money and get this thing over the line
  2. eddylcfc


    How many pages from the two threads now? Over 200
  3. If we do sign him; let’s hope he turns out a little better than the last full back we signed from league one... (Bakayoko)
  4. eddylcfc

    Free agents

    Juanfran is leaving Atletico on a free... would be a superb back up to Ricardo
  5. I wasn't suggesting we sign of all them... merely pointing out options. I've included three wingers as I would argue it's not particularly a strength of ours. Ghezzal; need I say any more, and Gray, full of potential yes, but hasn't produced the numbers to warrant a regular first team place. IMO we need two wingers to give us four quality options (Barnes, Albrighton and two others). Confused as to why you think this is silly? If ambition is regarded as silly, count me in! Your post rather sums this forum up and why I'm a reluctant poster. People are so quick to jump on the slightest thing they may disagree with and often in quite a hostile way.
  6. Now that we have a crop of top quality youngsters (Barnes, Chilwell, Choudhury, Tielemans (hopefully) and Benkovic) it’s time to go for players who are in their prime. I’d love to see us be super ambitious and go for top quality players who are the top performers in the best leagues in Europe. We have the manager, it’s time to equip him. I’d like to see us go for; Nicolas Pepe (RW- Lille), Ziyech (improbable I know), Ryan Fraser, Demirbay (CM - Hoffenheim) and Haller (ST - Frankfurt) - all players with great recent records
  7. The lad is destined for stardom. No way is he a realistic target.
  8. Players look lost with this formation. No support for the full backs and no links to the front 3.
  9. We’re playing okay but I’m super excited to see how Rodgers will improve us. It’s evident this team has so much potential!
  10. If we lose convincingly today - he gone!
  11. And to think Puel wanted this sack of 💩 over Thorgan Hazard 😂😂
  12. Ghezzal is an utter disgrace
  13. Disgraceful tactics. Zero ambition to press against a teenage Center half. Please for the love of god sack this useless manager of ours
  14. I get that Puel wants us to play a certain way but we just do not have the personnel to do so. We’re designed to play high intensity, counter attacking football - not play out from the back and trying tobreak teams down. Despite wanting him to get the boot, I don’t think he’s a bad manager he’s just not suited to Leicester City football club. I admire him for giving the younger boys ago and he’s done wonders for Chilwell in particular but he’s got to go.
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