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  1. I like 4-3-3 but IF we sign Iheanacho id want him and Vardy to start as a 2 up top - especially in home games. I could perhaps see it being deployed away from home against the so called stronger sides. Id go with a 3 man midfield of Iborra-Ndidi-DD with a front 3 of Mahrez (if he stays put), Gray and Vardy. Shakey clearly has options but id imagine 4-4-2 will be the formation of choice for our opener.
  2. Currently some weird goings on at LCFC instagram. Surely not?
  3. Totally agree! Maguire Zouma and Huth as a back 3 would be magnificent.
  4. So has or hasn't he been spotted in Morrisons? Can someone clear this up?
  5. Ignasi Miquel was the first and up till now the last one! Let's hope Iborra is slightly better than him...
  6. I just don't understand the negativity? He is 29 not 36 like you're making out. It could be worse - 23 could be Burnley and signing Jon Walters
  7. On the basis of what? Inler hardly got a kick for Napoli whereas Iborra is the skipper of a 3 time europa league winning side and key member of its team for the last 5 seasons.
  8. No idea but communication isn't always driven by speaking the same language
  9. From reading all of the comments and views on Iborra, I believe we have a real leader and winner on our hands. This ultimately is an underrated quality. He could be a huge influence on the dressing room and help our younger players - in particular Ndidi. Im looking for him to bring a mentality to the squad just like cambiasso did whilst also providing some quality on the field. He may not play 30 games in a league campaign but I feel for the money we're reportedly paying - this could be a great coup. Fingers crossed!
  10. Mathias Ginter has just signed for BMG from Dortmund for a mere £15 million. Would have loved him here to partner Maguire and cover RB slot.
  11. Checked SSN and got excited thinking it was Vitolo. Still - I like this guy. Would fit it nicely in a 3 man midfield with Wilf and DD.
  12. Depressing being linked with players alongside Swansea and Watford. Goodness me we really ****ed up last season. We had the chance of a generation to go big and we signed Ahmed frickin Musa et al.
  13. Yeah you're right I'm making it up...
  14. Macia was the sole reason we signed Wilf. Apparently he has an outstanding wealth of knowledge and contacts all over the globe.
  15. With the amount of cash the club has profited the last few years this, for me, is a worthwhile deal. 40 mill for a guy who will get double figure assists and add quality on set pieces is a bargain. If we want top quality - we need to pay top dollar! Get it done Rudders