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  1. Who do you want Summer 2018

    Dragovic - with Morgan on the decline he’s the perfect partner for Maguire. Jonas Héctor from Koln - All likelihood Fuchs leaves for MLS so experience needed to challenge Chilwell for starting spot. Mario Gaspar - we need a better footballer at right back and Gaspar is definitely that. Also a good defender that has often operated at CB for Villarreal. Fellaini - wages would probably prove to be too much but him and Ndidi would make a powerful duo allowing for a more creative midfielder to support Vardy in the number 10 position. Luan - Gremio - how this guy isn’t plying his trade in one of Europe’s top leagues I’ll never know. He’s tricky, pacy and is a lovely finisher. Would love to see him behind Vardy. My ideal lineup for for next year including bench. Kasper Gaspar Dragovic Maguire (c) Hector Ndidi Fellaini Mahrez (Gray if he’s gone) Luan Albrighton Vardy Subs: Hamer Chilwell Morgan Gray Silva Iborra Iheanacho Wholesale change isn’t necessary. One or two upgrades and we’re close to having a cracking side. Some may spot I have one or two noticeable absentees (Okazaki, Slimani, Simpson and King) and I feel for SOME, time is up. Slimani and King’s days at LCFC are obviously numbered but for me, the likes of Shinji and Simpson haven’t done enough this season to warrant a place in the squad next season. Shinji works hard but that’s about it and goes huge runs without scoring leaving huge pressure on Vardy. Plenty of players will have their head on the chopping block this summer and I feel a real change of guard is in the offing. Fingers crossed for some high quality because another transfer window like the last couple isn’t acceptable.
  2. Southampton pre match

    Would like to see... Kasper Drag Morgan Maguire Albrighton Ndidi Silva Chilwell Mahrez - just let him go where he wants Vardy Nacho
  3. Puel

    I personally believe he should be given time. His brand of football requires players capable of carrying it out and at the minute, only a few can do that. Whilst the likes of Morgan and Simpson have been incredible servants and will go down in history for what they have achieved, they simply do not fit what we’re trying to do. Give Puel a full pre season to coach and a summer transfer window to being in who he wants and I do believe we will see a successful team. We can’t continue with a managerial merry go round and expect success. Stick with him and trust the process.
  4. Bournemouth Home Match Thread

    OK, change of formation - it’s a start but would liked to have seen Diabate in for Albrighton and Iborra for James. UTF
  5. Sheffield United Pre Match

    Kasper Amartey Dragovic Maguire Fuchs Ndidi Silva Mahrez Kelechi Diabate Vardy Love the idea of Mahrez and Diabate in the same side. I have Diabate starting on the left but give them license to interchange and float and we could see some lovely stuff.
  6. Man City Away Match Thread

    That’s a ****ing joke that Silva has been subbed. So many times in that first half did he keep the ball in tight areas and play cute little one-twos with Diabate that led to counter attack’s. Furious
  7. Everton (A) Match Thread

    The ref better add on plenty for these subs
  8. Everton (A) Match Thread

    This is a disgusting performance
  9. Everton (A) Match Thread

    Albrighton Okazaki off Silva and Diabate on
  10. The timing of this is stinks but just curious, what fee would you accept? If any at all? Personally I’d let him for 70 million. In all likelihood he’ll be off in the summer and as prices notoriously drop in that window - I’d wave goodbye for that fee. We have Gray, Diabate and Albrighton to get us through this season and then the money can be reinvested for a big summer window!
  11. Almamy Tourě

    Both starting
  12. Barnes touch and passing has been awful
  13. Watford (H) post-match thread (2-0 home win)

    Vardy and Mahrez showing yet again how priceless they are to this team.
  14. Love the way Silva glides forward with the ball. He’s looked great making runs from midfield and moving forward i’d love to see him the most advanced of a midfield 3 consisting of he Ndidi and Iborra.
  15. Football Manager 2018

    After becoming slightly bored with my LCFC save, I’ve decided to start over with Genoa. The club has a good history but with no real recent success, I feel it’s a perfect project. What I didn’t know was how much dead wood the squad has. I know the Italian teams tend to have larger squads but my goodness, this takes the biscuit. I’ve got numerous players that wouldn’t be fit to grace league one, let alone Série A. I’ve transfer listed 9 players without success so far, I’ve even offered them to clubs for nothing just so I can get there wages off my books but alas, no takers. So I’ve put most of them in the under 20’s and focused my attention to a group of 18/19 I want for the season. Ive found a hidden gem in Pietro Pellegri who at the tender age of 16, could well be leading my line alongside Gianluca Lapadula who is on loan from Milan. Other notable players are Laxalt, Bertolacci, Veloso and Adel Taraabt. I have a feeling the latter may come back to bite me but everyone starts on an equal slate so here goes!