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  1. 2017/18 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    Kelechi looks like he's struggling with a knock. He's rumoured to be struggling with his ankle or foot, fingers crossed it's nothing serious.
  2. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    In all the sheer anger and frustration at the club (justified) I think we're missing one thing, the player himself. Imagine how he must feel! We've handled his transfer (both last year and this year) terribly! At the end of the day, it's his life and career the club have messed with numerous times and I think it's extremely unprofessional, bordering on disgraceful actually.
  3. What is our best team?

    Now that DD has left and Silva has likely joined, It has me thinking, what is our best team (when everyone is fully fit). We've been hugely successful playing 4-4-2 but is it now time for a change? Do we need to adapt to get our new signings (Kelchi, Iborra, Dragovic and Silva) into the same side whilst also giving game time to Gray? I can see us playing 442 until the new signings are fully integrated but then switching to 4-1-2-3: Kasper Simspon Maguire Huth/Dragovic Fuchs Iborra Ndidi Silva Mahrez Vardy Gray Interested to hear thoughts on formation and can we keep players happy?
  4. Drinkwater reception next week.

    He's just posted a very classy picture on Instagram. Don't know how to link it but he explains how he's left as a fan of the club and a big thanks to everyone. IMO he should get a great reception but no doubt will get slaughtered and ruin the bond we once had.
  5. What Game Are You Playing At The Moment ?

    Anybody play Madden?
  6. Burton Away - 1st August

    I can't wait for people to defend this utter crap were watching by saying 'Burton are a week ahead of us prep wise' and 'Its only pre season'. We've scored one goal, yes ONE goal so far which was via a deflection. We cannot keep the football and we can't create chances from open play. Burton, yes BURTON are dictating the game against a premier league side. Bloody embarrassing. Our best player is unsettled and looks likely to leave and talk of other potential outgoings too (Gray and Drinkwater)... this season is going to be long hard slog and with our first few fixtures I'm far from optimistic.
  7. MK Dons.. Friendly.. Tonight.

    Pre Season seems to have a stigma attached about how its all about building fitness levels. Whilst I would acknowledge that fitness, come the start of the season, must be up to scratch. What I feel is being neglected is team cohesion. I have seen no sign thus far of our potential starting eleven on the same pitch at one given time. Yes I know its still relatively early into pre season but I feel like we need to see some consistent selection and not give minutes to bit part players such as Johnson, Lawrence and Elder.
  8. LCFC @ Luton Town (Friendly) - Match Thread

    Pre season thus far has shown just how much creativity we will lose if Riyad Goes. His trickery and composure in tight spaces is a joy to watch. I sincerely hope that we hold firm and keep him. He is worth so much to this team, without him I struggle to see a single source of attacking threat, especially in open play. With him, were a top ten side. Without him, were relegation candidates.
  9. 4-3-3

    I like 4-3-3 but IF we sign Iheanacho id want him and Vardy to start as a 2 up top - especially in home games. I could perhaps see it being deployed away from home against the so called stronger sides. Id go with a 3 man midfield of Iborra-Ndidi-DD with a front 3 of Mahrez (if he stays put), Gray and Vardy. Shakey clearly has options but id imagine 4-4-2 will be the formation of choice for our opener.
  10. Iborra Signs

    Ignasi Miquel was the first and up till now the last one! Let's hope Iborra is slightly better than him...
  11. Mahrez has asked to leave

    Not surprised but still extremely disappointed. After the season finished I wasn't totally convinced there would be clubs lining up to take him due to his inconsistent season. But there must be, right? Surely he wouldn't make the mistake of asking to leave without knowing categorically teams could match our valuation. Personally can't see him staying in England. Not sure he has done enough this campaign to warrant a Top British team coming in for him. Most probable destination is France. Interesting the timing is just after Bernardo Silva has signed for City. Can see Monaco wanting him to fill the void left. Good luck to him. Praying he goes abroad. It would really hurt to see him wear another English teams shirt.
  12. Time to name Shakes permanent manager?

    Tactics wrong? Lost the first leg due to a refereeing error. Second leg he changed the system and personnel which got us back into the game and ultimately we were very unlucky not to actually win the game. Baffled as to how you think he got it wrong tactically??
  13. Summer 2017 player incoming / outgoing

    In Keane Trippier Adrien Silva Luan Bacca Sigurdsson Out Zieler Wasyl Wague - returns from loan King - pains me to say but not good enough if we want to progress Kaputska - Loan Ulloa Slimani James So a starting XI would look something like this... Kasper Trippier Keane Morgan Fuchs Mahrez Ndidi Silva/DD Albrighton/Sigurdsson Vardy Bacca subs GK - Hamer? Huth Chilly DD/Silva Amartey Gray Okazaki/Albrighton/Sugurdsson
  14. Everton

    Kasper Simpson Benny Amartey Chilwell Gray King Mendy Albrighton Okazaki Slimani
  15. Sunderland (H) Match Thread

    Shinji been dogshit so far. Albrighton on at HT with Mahrez in behind