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  1. What the hell is wrong with Cags... Jesus Christ he’s been awful
  2. Kasper Castagne Amartey Soyuncu Thomas Mendy Choudhury Under Tavares Albrighton Iheanacho Close your eyes and hope for a result. Back to full strength at the weekend.
  3. Tonight proves why we need to invest well in the summer. Under, Albrighton, Amartey, Choudhury not up to standard. Add Pérez, Mandy and Iheanacho to that list too. I feel sorry for the likes of Youri, Wilf etc who play week in week out because the back ups can’t be trusted to come in and do a job. Hamza kicked up a fuss about game time; gets given the chance in a big European game; is anonymous. Sick to death of fringe players bottling it. This isn’t on Rodgers, this is on the players - we had more than enough out there to progress.
  4. Why is it taking so long to get the subs on...!!! They should have been on the moment the ball hit the net.
  5. Under is far too Hollywood in everything he does. 50 yard balls, shots from ridiculous distances; I don't know if he is trying too hard but it sure is infuriating to watch.
  6. Wages will be a huge issue but according to media outlets; Isco will be on his way out from Madrid. Fits the bill of talented players that have lost their way...
  7. Ward JJ Amartey Cags Thomas Hamza Mendy Under Perez Albrighton Iheanacho Yes a midfield duo of Mendy and Hamza lacks any sort of creativity but we need to rest as many starters for the Liverpool game as we can (presuming that Wilf comes back in for that game).
  8. Get Youri signed to an extension ASAP please
  9. Looks dangerous but my god is he greedy. Not been overly impressed with him so far and seems injury prone. Hopefully he can get a run in the side and show us all why he was once coveted by the biggest clubs in Europe.
  10. Bossing the game (as usual) today. Up there with one of my favourite players of all time. Will blubber like a baby if/when he eventually leaves us.
  11. Love Castagne but we need a naturally left footed left back to give that width.
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