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  1. Interesting to see if there’s any drop off in performance levels for Vards during this Dancing on Ice bollocks. You could tell he didn’t want any of that live link interview.
  2. Would you like Ravel in or have you heard anything?
  3. Kiernan signed a new contract before he went to Luton so we know he is definitely our player for the foreseeable future, continuing his development in the Championship, playing regularly, will be much more beneficial in the long term than coming back and playing second fiddle to Youri. Tavares won’t sign a new contract as it stands worse case scenario is he leaves in the summer. If we can give him opportunities to show we value him by being around the first team more and playing when Youri needs a rest it might swing the decision to stay.
  4. Leave Kiernan where he is as a full season of Championship football will help him massively. Give Sidnei Tavares the opportunity he is desperate for and see if we can get him to sign a new deal.
  5. Quick question regarding set pieces, I’ve got a player who’s free kick rating is 14 and another player as 12, the assistant manager is recommending taking the 14 rated player off free kicks and replacing them with the 12 rated player. Saying 14 rated player isn’t good at them and the 12 rated player is one of our better options. Anyone know why?
  6. Sounds like it’s nothing but getting the wages off the books for the last 6 months of his deal.
  7. It’s mental that he’s gone from playing under pre-season and being hyped up by Brendan to literally nothing. He’s done here, realistically he’s already gone.
  8. If issues like Gyamfi, Bassey and Tavares keep happening I think the question needs to be raised about if the pathway from U18 to First team football is right. Personally I’m of the opinion that we should sack off the U23 team and come out of the U23 Premier League and move to a “B team model” similar to Brentford. Keep the academy up to U18 and then at that point the focus shifts to getting the lads out playing league football. More and more it’s becoming obvious that U23 football isn’t fit for purpose.
  9. The disappointment for me is he’s the only player that we currently have at the club (not including Kiernan because he’s out on loan) who can remotely do what Tielemans can in a double pivot. He could have got games at points this season if this had been sorted properly. His future here has been ****ed by all parties. It’s such a shame as he has all the talent in the world. There hasn’t been a single player come through our academy in the past 10 years with the raw talent he has for me.
  10. The thought of a back 3 consisting of Fofana/Demiral/Soyuncu has made me go from six to midnight.
  11. Albrighton is currently playing because he gives Brendan tactical flexibility within the game. When Pereira is fit no doubt he will replace Albrighton in that role. We can switch between a 4-1-4-1 and the 3-4-2-1 with Albrighton playing and that’s not possible with Under/Perez.
  12. Fofana and Soyuncu are the future centre back pairing in a back 4. Evans has just signed a new 2 year deal so he’s going nowhere and is still gonna play regularly/push Fofana and Soyuncu all the way. Brendan rates Amartey and he will play enough games to keep him happy and JJ is also a very good option as a wide centre back against teams whose attack is based around pace such as Tottenham and Leeds. Add into the mix Ben Nelson who in 2 years time should hopefully be knocking on the first team door by all the reports I’ve heard on him so far and we are pretty set at centre back for the forese
  13. Never mind a striker we badly need a midfielder who can perform a similar role to Tielemans in the midfield. If anything happens to him we are ****ed. This afternoon just goes to show how we have nobody who can be creative from deep other than Youri. It was painful watching Mendy and Hamza having a competition as to who could make the most backwards and sideways passes. I’ll get slated for saying this no doubt but I would genuinely take a look at Jack Wilshere on a trial basis to see if he is worthy of a short term contract if we want to go cheap with it. He would cost nothing and we
  14. Maddison is playing higher today and showing more tactical discipline by not dropping deep. We look all the better for it. We need more of the Tielemans ball to him on the run in behind.
  15. Think that’s a bit harsh on McBurnie to be honest. He looks like he could be a very good striker in a team that is actually capable at this level. I’d gladly have him in the squad, hard working, good in the air, quick despite not being anywhere near Vardy levels of pace and can score different types of goals which is always a good sign for a striker.
  16. Spurs want to counter attack. Interesting to see whether Brendan takes the game to them or says come on your the home team and looks to play counter himself. Personally I’d keep the back 4 with Ndidi in midfield as we actually look more defensively sound in that shape. Kasper JJ Fofana Evans Castagne Ndidi Tielemans Under Praet Barnes Vardy
  17. It is a quality football game. It’s just a shame that pretty much every man and his dog get hoodwinked by the FIFA games.
  18. Hit the nail on the head here, because the “Number 10” role is not currently in vogue in football, Manchester United are currently the only side in the Premier League who use one with Bruno Fernandes. Maddison is doing everything he can to change the perception of him being a Number 10, but that doesn’t stop the fact that he is quite clearly a Number 10 and it’s his best position.
  19. Since Ndidi’s injury we haven’t been playing a single pivot/one man sitting in front of the back 4. Tielemans role this season has been as a roaming playmaker with the license to get slightly further forward whilst building the play from the back as well. Even when Ndidi finally played with Tielemans against Brighton it was a double pivot on a slightly lopsided 4-2-3-1 and not the 4-1-4-1 that we were playing last season, with both Maddison and Tielemans playing as number 8s. Maddison appears to be struggling to compliment Tielemans in his new role, he needs to focus on the
  20. You are completely missing the point. Maddison is padding his stats in games like last night. It’s becoming a recurrent trend that against teams who sit in a deep block Maddison starts coming deep to find the ball, this is pointless. Mendy and Tielemans have the role in the double pivot of moving us up the pitch, we need Maddison to be in the final third not collecting the ball off the centre halves. He needs to be focused on finding space in between the lines or create space by drifting into half spaces or moving slightly wider to link with the wingers, yet he wasn’t doing that last
  21. Maddison is too much of a show pony at times. Tonight, he was coming deep to take the ball off the centre backs which then means we haven’t got anybody threatening to find space and get on the half turn in between the lines to feed Vardy. He’s getting in the way of Tielemans and Mendy who are the double pivot, tonight Maddison wanted to dominate the tempo of the game but he simply isn’t as good as Tielemans at doing so. I raised this issue in the thread about Maddison being a “starter” at the minute. Sometimes, you have a player so good, take Messi at Barcelona for example, he is so good
  22. Where is everyone who was slating the people within this thread for having a discussion about this? Tonight showed how inconsistent Maddison can be. Dropping deeper than both Tielemans and Mendy to pick the ball up off the centre backs? Taking too many touches at times and slowing the play down unnecessarily. I can’t help but feeling Praet would have offered something different tonight coming off the bench. Maddison has the potential to be great but needs to start getting consistency within his game.
  23. Hopefully Luke Thomas doesn’t go on loan so he can face his long lost brother Petar Musa...
  24. Has Luke Thomas’s Dad ever been on a lads trip to Prague by any chance?
  25. You’ve said it yourself he’s been injured and been out of form since he came back. People are acting like ****ing weapons here. No one on this thread said Maddison is shit or doesn’t deserve to be in the squad or any other nonsense that people are now coming out with. It’s easy to see that some people struggle with critical thinking if they can’t understand that this is a football forum and the point is to discuss what people think is best for the team at any given point.
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