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  1. I think this would allow Ayoze to play in his more natural position as a No. 10 or as a second striker
  2. Why does this remind me of A Clockwork Orange?
  3. Barnes. hE cAn’T FiNisH
  4. Disagree. Think they all look really nice, especially the white away kit.
  5. This may sound weird but I’m really looking forward to the EL simply because I haven’t experienced it yet. It’s a different one from the CL, playing at rougher places and have a chance at going further in the tournament. Bring it on I say, the CL can wait after we win this damn thing Gimme somewhere in the Balkans or Eastern Europe and I’m over the moon. I’ve been to Yerevan & Tbilisi last year, would love to experience cities like that very soon.
  6. It hurts now but I think this squad is better suited for the Europe league. I rather go further in a campaign than get thwarted in a group of death. Cant help but feel this is a blessing in disguise. Shades of the 12/13 season, this. We’ll fight back. Don’t worry. Keep the faith.
  7. Considering their run since lockdown including the 8-0 win. All that work for nothing it seems
  8. It’s like watching the Chelsea Spurs game all over again...
  9. You laugh but I can definitely see this happening
  10. Cultured finish from Gray. We’ll done kiddo
  11. We’re now 1-0 up, something to build on. Quick! Let’s bring on Praet for Vardy
  13. This is gonna be the same story on Sunday evening won’t it...
  14. This Tariq Lamptey kid looks special. One for the future if he keeps this up
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