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  1. Yeah. I held off because I thought they’d release it with king power rather than TSWY, but even then it seemed to go in XL by October... Ah well...
  2. The club does make it particularly difficult for fans who don’t live in Leicester to buy official merchandise, especially unusual away kits. I’d love to buy a real maroon kit, but having watched it since the early season, it has never been available. I missed the Cambiasso red one waiting for the club to release, and don’t want to miss this one...
  3. And they were in the Big Wallets League for special little boys. Underdog Card revoked!
  4. Think this is a bit of an overreaction to some poor form post-injury. I don’t think there’s anything to suggest he doesn’t care or doesn’t try. He has loads of ability, but it’s subject to occasional errors of judgement on-field (and compounded by some off-field). Luckily he has a whole off season with an excellent coaching team to work on that and his fitness. When he’s flying (19-20) he was top chance creator in the league. Let’s maybe have a bit of patience with people coming back into the team, especially if they’re rushing back to prop up a decimated squad. People on
  5. Bloody hell, the absolute state of this thread. 45m?? 70m?? - There is nothing to suggest he wants to go. Waving to fans at the end of a season with no fans is pretty normal. - He clearly actually loves it here - 2 years is plenty: the situation for buyers will be exactly the same next year, where Utd need to replace Pogba, Madrid need to replace Modric, Liverpool need to replace Henderson. - Top, Rudkin and Susan have shown how they do business, which means 100m minimum, which the ESL (bar Man C) can’t afford - It’s literally 2 hours into the off season: maybe gi
  6. Thomas and Albrighton did well. Vardy looked much better than before. We really missed Fofana-that was the turning point.
  7. I really really really don’t get the Chilwell hate. A Leicester boy, came through the academy, played for England. Left for an absolute fortune, and wouldn’t have got in our team this year. If you’re going to sell someone, surely the only criteria are 1) expensive and 2) won’t be missed. Good luck to him, I hope he has a happy and successful career, except when he plays against us.
  8. That reaction was priceless. As was his chat with Albrighton before he went on: carefree and supportive for a huge substitution. Being less than fit or out of form doesn’t mean people don’t care. Maddison hasn’t been at his best for 3-4 months, but you could see today how much joy he got from Youri’s goal. He’s a top man and I hope he gets fit and sets the Champions League alight next year...
  9. He got booed every time he came near the ball. What did we expect in return? PS VAR still shit; if it didn’t exist, the lino would 100% have flagged. PPS: Who cares? We only bloody won the FA Cup!!
  10. He did absolutely everything required of him today. A MOTM as much as Wes and Youri, and he loves the club. What a man...
  11. Joking aside, it’s easy to forget that the linesman would have flagged if VAR hadn’t been around to tell him not to...
  12. Loving every second, but Cags terrifies me. Hope he switches on...
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