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  1. The thing you overlook is that every single sport you mention (or league in the case of The Hundred) is shit and dull. Even the IPL loses most of its lustre once the league takes shape. Also: football works. It doesn’t need repairing. The biggest threat is the threat of disproportionate wealth, to which the solution is absolutely not ‘even more disproportionate wealth’.
  2. Nah Davey you’ve missed the point completely. It’s fine for them to enter, we *want* them to enter. They’re just absolutely not allowed to win. They should be jolly grateful to be involved, and know their place!
  3. A thousand times this-the one thing I have not been convinced he could do...
  4. A bad limbo dancer walks into a bar.
  5. I’ve got a great idea for a thread! We could have one place where we gather all the articles and broadcast material about Leicester City that other fans might have missed and post it for them to enjoy. If it’s not a good idea, we could just chuck those articles in the ‘Endlessly making the same point about the Big 6’ thread.
  6. In fairness, I laughed at that. Find me a Leicester fan that didn’t, and I’ll find you a liar...
  7. Right now, we have about 13 players bang in form, and Fofana is absolutely strolling the league. I think the solution makes itself-Soyuncu comes back when Evans gets suspended (won’t be long, he’s a yellow a game at the moment)
  8. From the Guardian live report today: Vardy is currently giving poor Silva an old-school working over. A nudge in the back as they contest a high ball in mid-air; a deliberate, snide nick on the heel to remove a boot. Silva is incensed that the referee is clocking none of it. Depending on your footballing philosophies and moral outlook, it’s either despicable behaviour or highly amusing slapstick. Both opinions are valid.
  9. Even if he is now, he certainly wasn’t when he was an athlete: https://time.com/3912896/usain-bolt-chicken-mcnuggets-olympics/ 1000 McNuggets in 10 days: you need to up your game @Ric Flair
  10. Arsenal-I can’t imagine it has any appeal. Chelsea have just done young British manager-they’ll look at Everton and Ancelotti, then sign Zidane to try to get Madrid’s cast-offs. If Rodgers goes to Arsenal, good luck to him, but I think he’s smarter than that. Full Mystic Meg mode-I reckon he’ll go to Spurs in a year’s time...
  11. In fairness, it was you who made the comparison... 😂
  12. Zaha was Tielemans’ man. Tielemans was utter shite today when he came on. Anyone who marked him higher than Gray was not watching the game...
  13. With a second string we dominated and can’t complain too much about the draw. I just wish we’d come out in the second half and tried to attack once or twice. Decent first half, decent last 10, but Rodgers team talks need to get in the bin.
  14. He smashed it at the shitshow that is Watford, they were mental to get rid...
  15. It’s not that you’re wrong... oh no, what it is is: you’re wrong
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