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  1. This season is just the season it’s become obvious at Spurs as well as for England. He’s never been good enough at holding his shape and playing for the team: Kane lacks the discipline to be a centre forward, and as a result he distorts the entire shape of an attack. Like Rooney before him, he drops too deep when we don’t have possession, so in a game we’re being dominated we have no outlet. That is why England will be flat-track bullies, going out of tournaments at the first sign of class opponents, as long as he’s in the team. His shooting from 12-18 yards is his unique skill-no one hits it like he does from mid range, hence penalties being the main source of his international goals. He is justly selfish in front of goal, though his conversion is way below Vardy’s, and his passing from CM is great-he just shouldn’t be there! I wouldn’t have him start for England. He’s great for turning 3-0 into 6-0, but in a tight game he’ll cost you the one or two opportunities you need to take.
  2. We used to have a player a bit like that. His name was Lilia... oh, never mind...
  3. Schmeichel 15/16 Ricardo Huth Morgan Fuchs Kante Tielemans Maddison Mahrez Albrighton 15/16 Vardy 19/20 You could make a strong argument for Evans over Huth in the climate of VAR, but Bobby had some serious leadership, and crucial goals. Fuchs had the left foot of an artist and the long throw of a thug. Kanté>all the other people. Tielemans is like a rich man’s Drinky despite DD’s heroics that year, and Maddison edges Okazaki now his work rate has improved. Albrighton was great, and Harvey’s not there yet. And I think Vardy has improved every year. 7-4 to the old boys...
  4. Imagine writing this this season. There are Spurs fans with more of a handle on reality. Kane has qualities, but his overall play is nothing to Vardy’s. Wouldn’t swap him for a massive wedge of cash
  5. - How would you rate our season so far out of 10? 9. We’ve got results by grinding down, by hanging in, and by battering as required. Wolves and Man U disappointing, but that’s for the Brendan question, and we got results in spite of poor selections. - Who has been our best player? Almost impossible to say. Ndidi is immense, so is Cags, obviously so are Vards and Maddison. But I’ve gone for Evans-he is the fulcrum of the defence, and if he’s inspiring Jamie to make it 9 when we’re 6-0 up, that’s the leader I want. - Who has been our worst player? That Maguire lad looks shit this season. - Which player has improved the most? Soyunucu, obviously. Shouts also to Wilf after a dodgy spell last year, and Barnes, who now looks a rock solid Premier League winger. - Where do you think we will finish this season? 5th. Because we will wobble, and when we do we need to remember how 5th would have sounded at the start of the season. - How would you rate our manager so far out of 10? 7.5. Really really slow to learn that we didn’t need two defensive centre mids, which cost us wins at United and Wolves. But as long as he’s sorted that now, he’s set for a a good final score... - What's been the biggest surprise in the league so far? Everton being shit, United being shit. But the most surprising thing is how much I like Sheff Utd-hope they keep going...
  6. B****ks to the on field ref. Get a voice of God over the tannoy telling Mane to get up and stop being a whiny little bitch, and tell the ref to try harder next time. Give Albrighton a free swing at Mane’s ankle to show him what an actual foul would have felt like. Problem solved!
  7. Genuinely interested in which of ManU, Arsenal and Chelsea you think isn’t in the top group.
  8. Brilliant show tonight. Really liked Micah Richards too, especially as he made a point of saying how good Ricardo was last season, when half the pundits would think he was a new signing... 10/10 will watch again.
  9. When we win our next title, obvs. So next summer...
  10. I think there was a slight circumstantial difference: one was in a crucial league game (Villa?) with the game very much live, one we were 3-0 up against Luton. You can choose your risks...
  11. That Kane overhead airkick tho... 😍🤣
  12. Predictions: - At some point Kane is going to fall over like he’s been hit by Miles Cyrus’s wrecking ball. - Pochettino will spend the second half daydreaming about a little villa in Madrid - Vardy will embarrass Loris with a back heel lob from 18 yards to win the game - The highest praise he’ll get after that is one pundit suggesting he’d still be a good back up to Kane and Rashford for England
  13. It’s not being pessimistic, I’m not saying we *should* have lost, but we were very fine margins away from dropping points in every game. And that’s only to observe that the wrong formation is not getting us results, it’s just not costing us as badly as it might. Best scenario is Rodgers gets a substantial bang on the head and wakes up with this narrow 4231 completely effaced from his memory, and we can start playing the game to suit the players we have.
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