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  1. Just please let’s have some width up top. 4 CMs, however they play, doesn’t work; and never has for anyone. For the avoidance of doubt, Maddison’s not a wide midfielder in any sense. Play Barnes at LW and I think Chilly’s issues disappear, play Gray or Perez out right, and we’ll destroy them.
  2. Occurs to me that our downturn in form and people getting on Chilwell’s back have coincided with Rodgers trying to shoehorn in another 10, pushing centre mids wide and reducing the width of the team. Brendan does so much well, but failing to realise that Maddison on the LW is suicide is costing us points. Perez may prefer to be a 10, but he can do a job wide, and Maddison really can’t. If we go back to round pegs for round holes, even if it ties us to 4141, so be it. A predictable system is better than one that has no prospect of working.
  3. Don’t like the pitchside monitors, they take ages and are weirdly archaic “spin it back for me Malcolm, no just show me the bit where he tripped...” If it’s clear enough to be overruled, they don’t need the ref to have a look, just tell him he was wrong. If it’s not clear enough to do that, they should let his decision stand...
  4. I wonder whether there ought to be a score for the manager here rather than just a ‘stay’ or ‘go’. For instance, Rodgers could have scored a 2 or a 3 for the Liverpool game, without anyone having to pretend they think he should be sacked... Or a 4 or 5 for this game and likewise...
  5. Perez has been great last few games. Rodgers is stubborn, as we found out early season, and again lately. Nevertheless, we just battered a team for shots, shots on target, and possession, and with a sharper Vardy, luckier Maddison or a longer burst of Iheanacho we’d have won comfortably. Not that I’m not annoyed by the outcome, but it’s not quite the end of all things as you seem to think.
  6. Even if you’re pro-VAR and think it improves the game, the word ‘clearly’ has no place here.
  7. We’ve done this already bro. A decade is ten years. Any ten years. The sixties is a decade. Only a fvcking idiot includes 1970 in the sixties rather than 1960. Any chat about there being no year zero is redundant in light of the above. Will await your silence in lieu of an apology for your persistent wrongness.
  8. Feels like a bit of revisionism here, from them and from us. The role of centre-back, probably more than any other position on the pitch, relies on partnerships. Maguire is a decent reader of the game, an excellent header of the ball and a good passer. He isn’t fast, and his nouse isn’t quite good enough to make up for that. Soyuncu is much quicker, is exceptionally good at recovery tackles, but he makes more mistakes (see Pukki absolutely rinsing him over and over before Christmas). Alongside the cultured and clever Evans, and behind the outstanding Ndidi, both players are excellent CBs. Alongside a makeshift cast of Man United’s current squad, both would be regularly exposed-it’s the nature of the job and their style of play. If Utd sign a decent partner for him, and play a midfield with some structure, he’ll look great again, and his maverick tendencies will be more strength than weakness. If they don’t, he’ll fester until he moves somewhere that does...
  9. Strong team that. I’d have Wilf in for Youri and Henderson in for Ederson-aside from that, hard to argue...
  10. It’s like watching your local bobby walk past a mugging and just shrug. Faith in humanity waning...
  11. Of all the people on the forum to praise the construction “most smallest”, I really wasn’t expecting it to be you...
  12. How would a loan be better for him or for us? Serious question, I just don’t follow.
  13. Only saw highlights, but Cags looked absolute doggo. Got caught time and again with the same ball through to Pukki. Based on what I saw he was no more than a 3-was he better overall?
  14. I still have that little video as a favourite on my phone-reckon it comes out twice a month whenever I need a little boost...
  15. Not really. 1986-1995 was a decade. A decade is a ten year period whenever people choose it to be, and everybody chooses 0-9 as their 80s, 90s, 00s, etc. We don’t have to stack them up to some imagined year zero or year one that wasn’t referred to as such until decades after the fact. You can continue to be wound up by it if you insist, but don’t give yourself the pedant’s comfort of thinking you’re right, because you’re not.
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