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  1. In my early days, it was always Derby, because we just never played Forest, plus they were local, a bit richer than us and were generally close to us in the table. But frankly, if either of them would pull the finger out and get promoted, I’d be thrilled to play them. And they are a rivalry because whenever we play, a loss is more devastating than it would be in a normal game. Doesn’t matter if we’re 100 league positions apart, I never want to lose to the bastards. I hope they come up, hand us six points and go straight back down...
  2. I think the reasoning behind it is we kept them to very few decent chances-it wasn’t defending by fingernails. They had two good chances that Kasper saved brilliantly, and we had a couple of good clear chances too-Maddison guilty of wasting Maguire’s dribble when Albrighton was wide and we had men in the box. Even when they battered possession, they didn’t look like scoring. Point would have been fair, but you play percentages and you can’t complain to lose like that.
  3. I mean, I suppose technically it’s a matter of opinion, but you’re definitely wrong. The money is a really misleading measure and you need to overlook that. He was signed to be a goalscoring 10, an upgrade on Okazaki’s non-scoring 10. Iheanacho was signed to be a second striker, in a squad that included Mahrez and Vardy. He wasn’t signed to be our best player. The mistake was not signing another striker in January. We knew he was responding badly to pressure-now he only comes on when we’re desperate for a goal. Never gonna happen.
  4. Some weird results here. Pereira at 7.7?! What else could he do? People also far too harsh on Schmeichel-he made some outstanding saves tonight. Whatever else his job might entail, his shot-stopping is the most important and in that respect he was pretty much flawless. Great performances all round really-one aside...
  5. Beckford was bought to be our best player. Iheanacho was bought to eventually replace Okazaki. Cost is irrelevant-there’s no comparison with how important each was supposed to be for us.
  6. Beckford was a huge let down, because it felt like such a statement of intent to have a young top-flight player join us, and he always looked like he had potential. And then he was bobbins, only popping up now and then to muller Forest. Nacho is obviously shite, but much too obvious, and we didn’t expect him to improve us.
  7. Still think we’ve got a goal in us-later the better. Barnes on on 70’ to get the equaliser near the death...
  8. More likely to win the Champions League m8...
  9. At risk of contradicting you, they definitely were.
  10. Couldn’t you just take your sexy ex back for a couple of weekends, remember the fine times, maybe even get a bit more out of her while she’s still sorry, then bin her off quickly before she does it back to you? But no to Riyad, by the end the magic was too costly and too infrequent. (I’m no good at analogies)
  11. I went for Maddison in the end. His contributions when we’ve been good have been definitive, and exceptional for a no 10 in his first PL season at such a young age. He’s also coped with being shoved out wide, isolated, and subbed when still the major threat. Had a big dip in form that coincided with every other player dipping likewise, but never ever hid, always wanted the ball and wanted to try something. Other than him, Ricardo has been great, Schmeichel and Chilwell have been good and Tielemans has been breathtaking in his few games thus far. But we’ve needed a number 10 for years, and we’ve found a brilliant English one just out of school. Madderz for me....
  12. Maddison was great second half. One terrible free kick aside I don’t know how much more he could have done. He won 50-50s, turned really well and passed freely. His main problem was he’d pass to Chilwell who’d cut inside and end up passing back to a CB, to Vardy who’d lose it, to Gray (nuff said) or to Pereira who’d give it to their full back. Barnes, Maguire and Schmeichel were fine, Wes was ok, that was about it.
  13. People train and do jobs for all sorts of reasons, and if that happens to involve more money then good news for them. The whole point of paying anyone more is so that they work for you rather than someone else. But you might offer some other benefit (flexibility, more interesting work, additional training, etc.) that is worth more to the worker than the wage difference. I guess my confusion is due to the idea of ‘skilled’ being such a nebulous term, and a graded minimum wage a practical impossibility. How would you account for the newly qualified versus the vastly experienced who qualified 10 years ago and hence works quicker and better and earns the company more money? Pay the same? Pay the experienced one more? If experience comes into it too, what about the ‘skilled’ employee who’s been useless for 10 years but has stayed employed, versus the one who qualified top of his/her class and is, a year in, about as good as it gets? Why would you try to legislate for their income? Employment is a meat market and you choose who you’re prepared to work for and for how much, from the subset of people who might want to employ you. Your wage is a reflection of your value to your employer, alongside your ability to negotiate and compromise. Minimum wage is to protect the unskilled worker from exploitation. They’re two different concepts and it doesn’t make sense to combine them.
  14. I’m not sure you could be more wrong about anything than you are about this. Success to whom? When? After what start? 4th place would have had Dyche knighted, been a modest success for Sarri, and would have been nearly sackable for Pep. Unless of course he’s winning the Champions League at the same time. Finishing 8th is a solid season for us, but would have been a devastating failure looked at from Jan 2016, or the greatest achievement in football from January 2015. Success and failure are completely grey areas, subject to all kinds of revision and subjectivity, with only a very few cases getting close to either black or white (e.g. Fulham’s abject failure this year, our total success in 2016). Rodgers, like Puel, will be subject to the dissenting opinions of fans whose definitions and perceptions of success differ wildly. You will doubtless be all over his back at the first sign of trouble, I’m likely to give him more benefit. And neither of our opinions counts for anything...
  15. Robbie Jones scored mine. On debut, on the way to a magic total of 3 across his 6 seasons with us. Never heard of him-any memories?
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