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  1. This might be one for the Unpopular Opinions thread, but... I think the England team will end up being hamstrung by Harry Kane. No doubt the boy can strike a ball, but he lacks the discipline to play centre forward in a low-possession team, and he is too selfish to play anywhere else. If we’re only getting a handful of breaks forward, his presence early in the move will slow everything down, and when we get to the box he won’t be there. Also, while he’s playing, Rashford (who has temperament and talent) will be played in bit parts or out of position. My only criticism of Southgate’s WC campaign was that he kept playing Kane throughout, even after the second game when he offered nothing except penalties. I hope I’m wrong and Southgate manages him, but it’s worrying to me that he’s captain when there’s so much missing from his game. Rest of the team, classy CM aside, shaping up really well!
  2. Not a goal, but one of my definitive JV moments was against Swansea for what would have been 12 in a row. Mahrez has already got 2, the match is won, and Vardy gets the ball just inside the box. Harry Kane and most others would hit that and probably miss-Vardy spots Mahrez in a better position and puts it on a plate. Makes me sniff...
  3. Christ this place is ridiculous. We’ve conceded against the run of play in a season where whatever happens we’re mid-table, it’s really not the end of the world. Hope and believe we’ll win, but this is the chance to throw support behind a new regime and inject some positivity before the summer whatever happens. Going mental because a hugely young team switches off for 5 minutes and isn’t clinical enough yet is really not helpful.
  4. Pancake Day already? That’s crêped up on me
  5. Bring back Nuge! (Although I’m fairly sure when he was playing, penalties didn’t count )
  6. By whom? We desperately need another striker and to be aware he is coming to the end of his 90mins-every-game life, and if we can find anyone similar then outstanding, but I can’t think of a player outside the top 4 who does anything like what Vardy does.
  7. Wow. You must have led a very lucky life to have never experienced any mental health issues in yourself or those close to you. Honestly Bert, I promise you you’re wrong. I’m surprised that given your apparent closeness to the club that you’ve not seen what pressure footballers are under. The pressure of huge expectation if they care at all for the club. And the pressure of huge strict controls on what they can and can’t do in the hours and hours of ‘rest’ in their lives to fill. I’m not saying anyone should feel sorry for them. I’m not saying their life is harder than anyone else’s. But there is pressure in everything, and especially if your whole life builds up to 90 minutes a week, then there is pressure in that 90 minutes.
  8. Weirdest thing I’ve read in a long time. ‘Shouldn’t be feeling pressure in a league game’?? Have a long and derogatory word with yourself...
  9. Don’t think you’re right. Fuchs has been slow for two seasons, but he offers offensive passing that we currently lack throughout the rest of the team. It’s really easy to look at someone getting done for pace and declare them finished. Fuchs’ brain and left foot are still of enormous quality, and if he were a right back he’d be playing every week winning plaudits.
  10. The main reason for remaining Puel in is this: ”A lot of managers go and buy experienced players, 28 or 29-year-olds just to keep them safe in a job for a year and a half, not caring about the future of the club. It’s easier to go and spend money on experienced players.” Whether you like what he’s doing or how he’s doing it, I truly believe he’s trying to improve the club, regardless of how that affects his own career. That is such a rare thing in any field, let alone football management. Plenty of people on here have said they don’t really mind crap football for a year if we phase in some new/young players who aren’t as consistent as experienced pros. But then Ndidi or Maddison make a mistake and it’s unacceptable. Then after the events after West Ham plenty stated that it’s unreasonable to expect more than survival given how vital Vichai was to everything the club was doing. But draw flaccidly at Everton... I don’t believe he’s doing everything right, and I will really worry for this season if we don’t sign a striker to cover the injured/incapable pair of Vardy/Nacho. But I am confident that by the end of the season, Hamza, Barnes, Maddison, Chilwell will be established, experienced and ready to a be bigger part of next term. He won’t gamble their development on saving his job. He won’t wring one more performance from an old pro to ensure we don’t concede through an error. We won’t resort back to hoofball just to appease some loud fans. And that reminds of Pearson rather than Sven...
  11. I don’t disagree with that point in general, but we put out a second string against Man City and nearly nearly nicked it. We then put out a team which *should* have battered Newport and lost. I know it wasn’t our strongest, but fvck me it should have been enough. Vardy gets a knock in that game and you can be absolutely certain that everyone would have had an opinion on resting players. Hindsight is a wonderful thing...
  12. Supporters were still extremely vocally Pearson out, and most didn’t acknowledge the style. It’s very easy to paint pictures of the past, but large parts of the fanbase were (and in some baffling cases still are) virulently anti-Pearson. It only shows that a large section of the more vocal Leicester fans are not very bright, don’t understand managers with a long term vision, and don’t learn from their mistakes. And this isn’t even particularly a pro-Puel point, it’s just that a lot of what people on here think about football isn’t worth the pixels it’s written on.
  13. Depends which week you ask the question. Most Puel Outers say repeatedly that they’d happily drop 5/6 places for some more exciting football. Lose a 7 goal game though, and that’s unacceptable...
  14. When you have a manager in place you don’t need to come up with any counter suggestions. Simply explaining why someone’s suggestion isn’t an improvement on what we have is fine...
  15. He definitely has talent and his problems appear to be largely confidence based. But the main difference between him and Vardy is that when Vardy struggled he never hid from the ball, he kept making runs, he kept making mistakes until something worked. My worry with Nacho is that his response to lack of confidence is to avoid the ball, to avoid being in a position where he might have to shoot and therefore possibly to miss. And if you play like that, you are much less likely to get the lucky break that sorts your head out. If he’d gone to Newport and got himself fouled a lot, or made himself available for balls, or challenged for headers, or made clever runs, I think he’d have scored and got on the road to recovery. Unfortunately fear of failure seems to have paralysed him, and I think his time here is up. We need to buy a number two striker in January, because we need to be winning games and ingraining a way of playing for next year. If we play Nacho, I don’t see how that can happen.
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