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  1. This is a bit the point, isn’t it? Vulnerable people rely on other people. Other people, especially helpful ones, are very very likely to be exposed. In a very few days, there will be no one in medicine unexposed to a case of the virus. They can’t all self-isolate, or if they do everybody vulnerable will die. It might sound callous, but we’re all getting it anyway, so let everyone get on with their lives and the vulnerable people stay isolated as far as they can. If the ‘healthy’ population all get it soon, then we also get it over with, and can get on with caring for people, buying, selling, preparing food, fixing water pipes etc.
  2. At the moment, Ricardo, Vardy and Evans are a clear neck behind Ndidi. The guy is the team, and no one is the same without him.
  3. Do The Right Thing is lifechangingly brilliant. Just very funny comedians being filthy on a panel show you could never actually broadcast. Dip in wherever you like, and I guarantee the whole series will be worth it.
  4. Serious question, but TAA aside (because he’s been mentioned, not because he’s definitely better) can you mention one? Because I really struggle...
  5. 3rd. 100% record at home from now on, and back to scoring ways. We'll end up coasting home, even if the rest sort themselves out...
  6. Young footballers are no different than any one else in that it’s plain to see that money changes things, for people to suggest it’s a confidence thing with footballers, I point to their life outside of football and in most cases, a lack of confidence has the least likelihood of being a factor. Nonsense. These are kids whose entire sense of worth is derived from how well they play football, and has been since they signed for an academy. It is the foundation of the whole of their personality and confidence. When it’s not going well, you think it doesn’t affect them because of their cars, or the price of their wine? - I have never subscribed to the ‘Rodgers is the Messiah’ narrative, but we aren’t abject shite either. Early season aside, we are better now than we’ve been at any time since May 2016. The League run-in, FA Cup and the summer window are crucial in discovering whether Rodgers is a Claudio-esque veneer or has enough about him to keep the squad renewing. What he did do very well was keep a promising start really rolling, way better than anyone expected. Whether he can also dig us out of a hole remains to be seen. Finally, tinter is a properly stupid word for a really stupid concept. Rose tinted glasses is the poetic image for someone who believes their beloved is more beautiful, brilliant or interesting than they really are. Likewise Leicester fans’ blue tinted specs mean we’ve had debates this season about Vardy being better than Aguero and Lewandowski, or whether we could overhaul Liverpool. We know really it’s fanciful, but we’re caught up in it as besotted fans. You, if not a tinter, are the one wandering through people’s relationships going “Nah, she’s not all that. Horrible skin under that make up.” “She’ll age like a cucumber in a fridge drawer.” “He looks alright but he’s thick as shit.” “That new car you’ve got is the new one where all the wheels fall off.”
  7. This is the best post you’ve made on here. Still, your version of being vocal tends to be shouting at fans who defend players or managers, or are a bit more realistic about a regression to our mean. I think Rodgers has serious work to do to prove his capability, and plenty of the players aren’t performing, but it is not doom, we are not entitled to win every game, and we haven’t actually been that bad across the board (e.g. Man City). You also seem to object, repeatedly, to footballers being younger and richer than you, which you seem to think only applies to our players. I’d get over that quickly if I were you. Try posting something other than “I hate Leicester City, I hate Leicester City players and all of their fans” and people might treat you like less of a troll. Cheers
  8. Ceirboy, Rest assured none of us ever think you’re right. On the occasions that your predictions of doom come true, you are still wrong because your reasoning is all based on hate and jealousy of Leicester City players. You are not a fan.
  9. Lack of creativity. Soft midfield. No width. We will now go unbeaten at home. (14)
  10. I really like this line up, but would be tempted to bring Praet in for Maddison and go classical pace-heavy 442. Then if we do need to change we can have Maddison on for Kelechi or Vardy and Perez for Gray to go back to our usual 4141 formation.
  11. I get your point. Essentially my point was more “Stockley Park, it’s on you, and you have even less reason to get it wrong than the ref. So you’re in charge, get it right, or get in the electric chair”
  12. - 100% with you on offsides. - Clear and obvious, for me, ought to be used if the error wouldn’t be ruled 5 different ways by 5 different refs. The principle of it is sound, “I’m only overruling you if I’m sure you got it wrong”, but it’s been used to justify poor decisions by the VAR so often that people have got confused. - Handball is tricky. I think if you implement the rule you suggest, the reward of a penalty will mean too many people smashing shots at defenders bodies rather than at goal. A bit like strikers going down under the faintest contact rather than trying to score. You have to have the sense of intent (either intentionally touching the ball, or intentionally making yourself bigger) otherwise the game will get more boring and games become penalty-fests. The solution to handball is ‘clear and obvious’. The player obviously made himself bigger (both Praet and de Bruyne did) so penalty. The first Wolves goal: no intent, no obvious (to the naked eye) contact, goal stands. And unlike the ref, VAR speaks aloud the reasons for his decision. Crucially, the on field ref gets no say whatsoever, just gets told to blow his whistle and give the decision. Pitchside monitors can only slow everything down, and don’t add to the intelligence being applied to the disputed call.
  13. No. (Edit: yes, the problem is human error and implementation, but the solution isn’t giving more power to the ref or changing more decisions) The whole point of VAR is it ought to eliminate cock-ups. If the on-field referee and VAR are going to come to different conclusions then it should stay with the ref. The issue is the guy in Stockley Park (the Video Assistant Referee) is consistently making the wrong decisions. Bin the monitors, forget the ref’s hurt feelings, and just get the VAR to overrule the ref whenever he gets it clearly wrong. And do it really quickly.
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