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  1. M8, have you even seen the maroon? Mods!
  2. I don’t particularly care for the way Rodgers sets us up, and I don’t know whether he’s ever going to pull some plan Bs out of his hat. Today was turgid. But... If you were behind him early season, then it’s stupid to change your mind now. We lost 1-0 to a resurgent Villa when we’re missing our three best players, plus Cags and Maddison, with Under, Evans, Tielemans not properly fit. We’ve got 3 of our first XI fit and starting-you can forgive a shortage of creativity...
  3. I mean, Villa have one threat and it’s their left winger. If Brendan switches Tim off Grealish he’d need his head examined.
  4. Mods, can we merge this thread with “Absolute cvnts of our time”.
  5. Well exactly. But he has the experience to cover RB too. So you play your best player to replace him on the right...
  6. FWIW, I don’t agree he’s been responsible for 3 goals. The defensive unit needs to be aware that he’s weaker in the air and respond to that. Playing 3 CBs we shouldn’t have found ourselves with him isolated against a strong header of the ball anywhere near the goal. Doesn’t mean he’s brilliant, but he’s been ok as the youngest member of a fairly experienced back 4. For me Cags’s form has been much more worrying-he’s been headless chickening and misreading the game for the best part of 9 months, and relying on Evans/his pace to usually dig him out. That won’t keep working once opponen
  7. I’ve just read this whole thread to see whether anyone’s answered this question. To me it’s obvious. We don’t have a right winger (or at least, we don’t play him). We do have a left winger in Barnes. So you really rely on the quick footwork and experience of your right back to give you width. So the better and more experienced player goes on the right.
  8. There’s no problem with us choosing to be more dictatorial of the game, seizing the initiative with our possession we look really good. What baffles me is when we set up defensively against a physical team like West Ham, because it always always makes us more vulnerable. Man City is a rare exception, most of the time we need to take the game to people and that means being less defensive. Possession for possession’s sake is pointless...
  9. Tricky. I agree with most of the criticisms on here, but he absolutely has got a great rapport with the players and they mostly seem to work for him. He also, taken over any period you like, gets results. If we win 3 games in every 4 this season I’ll put up with games like today’s, but it is a sickener to see us set up like that against a team like West Ham. Having said that, have you seen the state of Liverpool and Man Utd’s defending this weekend? Somehow 13 goals shipped between those pair made our 3-0 feel a bit less of a problem.
  10. Really sad that a bit of shit admin ruined a huge chunk of his career, aside from costing us millions for nothing. Glad for us he’s off the payroll, and for him that he can finally restart what was a decent internationally-recognised career.
  11. Me too. School with loads of plastic ManU fans the next day was no fun...
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