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  1. Oxfordfox83

    Who then......

    When you have a manager in place you don’t need to come up with any counter suggestions. Simply explaining why someone’s suggestion isn’t an improvement on what we have is fine...
  2. Oxfordfox83

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    He definitely has talent and his problems appear to be largely confidence based. But the main difference between him and Vardy is that when Vardy struggled he never hid from the ball, he kept making runs, he kept making mistakes until something worked. My worry with Nacho is that his response to lack of confidence is to avoid the ball, to avoid being in a position where he might have to shoot and therefore possibly to miss. And if you play like that, you are much less likely to get the lucky break that sorts your head out. If he’d gone to Newport and got himself fouled a lot, or made himself available for balls, or challenged for headers, or made clever runs, I think he’d have scored and got on the road to recovery. Unfortunately fear of failure seems to have paralysed him, and I think his time here is up. We need to buy a number two striker in January, because we need to be winning games and ingraining a way of playing for next year. If we play Nacho, I don’t see how that can happen.
  3. Oxfordfox83

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    This was a great chance to prove a point in a game against very poor opposition. He should have been champing at the bit. Instead, he went missing, and any touch he did have was shocking. Must go...
  4. 7 for Marc and Maddison 3 for Shinji 1 for Kelechi (because there’s no 0) and Gray 5&6 otherwise. We dominated throughout, created loads of clear chances and missed them all. Our forwards are dirt. Stay. The team was more than enough to beat Newport-what other choice did he have? You can’t keep driving Vardy into the ground. But we must buy strikers.
  5. Oxfordfox83

    Newport post match thread 2- 1

    Seldom read such a load of crap, even on here...
  6. Oxfordfox83

    Newport post match thread 2- 1

    Played well. Absolutely dominated. Don’t have a striker. Nacho must never play again. Absolutely awful. Shinji, with love, time to go elsewhere. Puel needs two strikers minimum this window. If we have to overpay, so be it. We can’t go the rest of the season with only Vardy able to put it in the net.
  7. Oxfordfox83

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    Outstanding post-the nub of the whole issue.
  8. Oxfordfox83

    Everton Post match Thread.

    Gave the ball away a lot, but for long periods he was the only option for passes out and it’s easy to defend against one man. Wilf, Mendy, Ghezzal and Simpson weren’t available pretty much every time he lost it-until they are you can’t blame him too much.
  9. Oxfordfox83

    Everton Post match Thread.

    Turn what around? I can understand frustration at style, but whatever you feel about that, there is nothing to turn round. We’re 7th, 3 wins from 4. We’re doing it without a playmaker and without a second striker. Our form is outstanding, and the progress we’re making with youth and integrating excellent signings is extremely encouraging for the future. Whatever happens at Southampton, we have seen Hamza and Chilwell brought through, Pereira brought in, the ageing back four phased out, and the loss of Mahrez mitigated, all while placing at the top of most people’s expectations for league position. We lost on pens in the League Cup. What more, honestly, could you want?
  10. Oxfordfox83

    Everton Post match Thread.

    Fantastic result. We were ragged, but we were less ragged than them. Second half we were solid, Ricardo inspired, Mendy, Maguire and Hamza solid, and some lovely support from Albrighton and Chilly. Vardy did a Vardy once, was quiet otherwise but kept them stretched. The difference between that and a 5-0 battering of them is a tiny improvement in final balls. Fingers crossed we can make that click sooner rather than later...
  11. Oxfordfox83

    Long Term Strategy

    With all the respect due to you, apart from one penalty shoot out against Man City, what better result were you hoping for than 7th at this stage of the season? The megabucks mini-league aside, we are in the one position that every club in the league is fighting for. And we’re doing it while learning a new system, underperforming, and bringing young players into the fold. Yeah, it’s not clicked straight away. It’s been painful to watch at times. But the table never lies- the one thing we are getting is results.
  12. Oxfordfox83


    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 189 seconds  
  13. Oxfordfox83

    Robert Huth on the LCFC 2015/16 fairytale

    I found the value he attributed to psychology telling-the specific use of the word a few times suggested the sports psychologist was an invaluable part of their response at crucial times. Claudio sacked a lot of people in that kind of progressive sports science role. I wonder how many have been re-hired or at least replaced.
  14. Oxfordfox83


    Yeah, but he lives and works in a world where the norm is tax avoidance. He actively chooses to pay tax correctly like the rest of us do, in the face of lots of little sneaky, legal ways of being a bit richer. That is much more praiseworthy than big charitable donations in my book...