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  1. Izzet Muzzy's 80s Pop Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 120 seconds  
  2. Spurs (H) 2-1 Post Match Thread

    Don't believe everything you read. They had chances throughout and so did we, fans just get more nervous defending a lead against a good side. Spurs threw everything at us last 10, and we got a bit nervy-that's the extent of our tactical issue. We played really well, attacked to our strengths and defended solidly throughout. Until Vardy came off we were always a threat, and Spurs knew it...
  3. Spurs (H) 2-1 Post Match Thread

    Hang on, they really didn't dominate the game. They had a lot of possession, but we had more of the "oooh"s, certainly until the last 10 mins...
  4. We did always look ok-in fact for a lot of the Great Escape season we were playing delightful football. No one but the anti-NP trolls will argue otherwise. It wasn't effective, but it was often pretty. And when we finished the way we did, it didn't feel like we suddenly played hugely better or differently, just got the results our performances had deserved.
  5. Our most intelligent player?

    Fuchs by a distance. Writes beautifully, talks insightfully, intelligent on the pitch and witty and eloquent off it. #totallad
  6. Just another general knowledge quiz.

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 163 seconds  
  7. Should Chilwell get more game time?

    You never look safe at the end of a season though-you look vulnerable, or in touch with Europe, or in with a shot of the title... chuck him in early, give him the space between international breaks and see what he can grow into. And if the knee jerkers could keep it in their pants for a few games before they offer to drive him to West Brom, that would be great...
  8. Foxestalk owners of LCFC

    Penalties wouldn't count
  9. My Mahrez moment

    Oh man, it was you who slept through the whole 15/16 season. Tough break. Leicester won the actual League that year, and Mahrez was as consistent a performer as English football has ever seen. Such a shame you missed it-I reckon there must be some videos for you to catch up on though...
  10. Man City (A) Match Thread

    Hang on-he's better than any United wide player, better than any Arsenal player bar Sanchez, better than Spurs wide options, better than Liverpool's unless Can pushes on. He'd not get into Chelsea'a team on current form, but you could have said the same thing about Moses who's torn it up for them this season. He could easily cover De Bruyne for City as well. Barca and Madrid aside (they need names rather than players), he'd be welcome in any squad in the world, and my betting is he'd make most first teams. It's his decision making that has gone south, not his talent, and in a bigger club he'd sort that again.
  11. We could show Mahrez we want him to stay

    I don't think it's lack of effort and it's certainly not lack of talent. The problem this season has consistently been poor decision making, ie the same decision to run with it every single time. It makes him really really easy to defend, even given his many gifts. If he passed before he absolutely had to once or twice a game a) we'd do better because his passing can be exquisite, and b) he'd have more joy running at people, because they wouldn't know what was coming. It's worrying that all season long no one has been able to tell him that, because as many people above have said, he's supremely gifted, a nice guy and much harder working than he ever gets credit for...
  12. Jamie Vardy

    We've had hard working centre forwards before, we've had talented centre forwards before, and we've had clever centre forwards before. Vardy is all three. I don't think (in my time at least) that we've had a striker of his calibre who is also in his prime. He is still underrated by opponents and by a lot of us. I hope he stays with us as long as he plays.
  13. I think this is the great misapprehension. It's not about having players who 'can pass better', because we've seen that all our players are capable of a confident, direct passing game on their day. What would actually need to change is the position of the receivers, the runs we make and decreasing the 'acceptability' of a pass going awry. The problem with that is that it would slow us down, bring us narrower, inhibit our directness and reduce that ability we have on our day of hitting teams on the break and scoring before they've drawn breath. The style we play brings with it the need for lower percentage risky balls, even starting from defence. When those passes work we look sensational, and when they don't we have to know as a team how we recover the ball and manage their greater possession. What you cannot do is play a medium game of great swift counter, short accurate possession play, because unless you're playing against under 10s it doesn't work. You choose a style and you accept the pros and cons. The coda is that if you're very wealthy, you can afford to have different styles of play for different games (see SAF's European teams), but that either requires the best players in the world or a whole second team of quality players. We can't do that. The side-effect of our exciting play is that when it's not working we look clueless. That cluelessness happens a lot less when we commit to our high risk, low possession game than it did when we went in half cocked under Claudio this season. I'd much rather play like us than Arsenal.
  14. I'm with you on all points up to here, but we had to fight for Kante and only just got him in. He was never excited about us, and while he was worth more than Chelsea paid, I actually think the club got it right in terms of getting the deal done with a reasonable (though not overwhelming) release clause. 12m is too low for Gray, but as it's probably fiction anyway it doesn't matter...
  15. Premier League gets Kodi piracy court order

    This would be my fear-we end up with a system like Spain have with two teams making all the money and the rest making up the numbers. Good plan in the short term, but inevitably a problem for the future...