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  1. Oxfordfox83

    Most overrated City player

    Stretching the definition a bit, but someone who played for us and went on to be massively overrated: Harry Kane. He hits the ball really hard, and reliably scores 1 in 4 good opportunities. He also has no discipline in playing centre forward and misses 3 in 4 chances. He is a decent enough PL striker but not one of the best and way off being an England great. Hugely overrated.
  2. Oxfordfox83

    Most overrated City player

    Dude, you’re overrated. And no one rates you.
  3. Oxfordfox83

    Shinji Okazaki - the forgotten man

    Do we need to be ruthless? Are we on the breadline? If so, do you really think we’ll get someone equally good for less money? Honestly, the one resource we have plenty of is cash. Players who can and do work for us and for the cause even from the fringes are rare and precious. Keep.
  4. Oxfordfox83

    RUDKIN - How Does He Keep His Job?

    Biggest thing he did wrong was let Claudio clear out our sports science and psychological teams-if he’s above the manager that he should have told Ranieri to deal with the things he understood and focus on his own job. But would anyone really have stood up to CR after 2016? Impossible position, just like putting up opposition to his requests for overpriced underperformers.
  5. Oxfordfox83

    RUDKIN - How Does He Keep His Job?

    I'm going to be ****ing buzzing when Ward turns out to be the reincarnation of Dino Zoff and we're telling Barcelona to stick their 150m, we're keeping our best.
  6. Oxfordfox83


    I mean, surely the fact that the Pearson interviews weren't great immediately before the results went ballistic kinda makes you less worried about Puel? At least the interview bits? No??
  7. I do think booing will be a factor in holding on to the likes of Maguire. If you're Newcastle and Ashley is killing your club: booing is fine-the players probably agree. If you're two places lower than you expect to be: boo to make your best players leave. You're sure as hell not going to get rid of the guys scraping into the team...
  8. Yesterday I served a German mother and son on a football pilgrimage around England, proudly showing me pictures from outside the KP. They'd also done the two Manc clubs and were on their way to London for the big 3 down there. Partly this is just amazing, and partly it's proof that we are more massive than Liverpool...
  9. Oxfordfox83

    Who will leave first?

    Mahrez was the difference between Europe and mid table. You can't have a player as good as he is and not pass to him/revolve the play around him, but given the choice he didn't pass, he tried to build his YouTube highlights video and more often than not he lost the ball. He wasn't crap, because he's not a crap player. But he was often either lazy or selfish and it cost us, because our other players gave up opportunities to feed him.
  10. Oxfordfox83

    Pereira & Silva

    This is Trump like rhetoric. He wasn't terrible. He also wasn't sensational. These aren't the only two options. His shortcomings tonight amount to a couple of wayward crosses, and a couple of clumsy challenges. I honestly don't think anyone who isn't clairvoyant would blame him for the goals-Uruguay moved the ball beautifully from flank to flank both times, and for the first at least you have to blame the centre back for not being on Cavani. The second goal he could have been tighter, but he covered the percentages in a way that I think most good players would, and Cavani hit an exceptional shot. He's given me no cause for concern.
  11. Honestly think they're more damaging to people's health
  12. Oxfordfox83

    Jamie Vardy

    He scored two goals from two opportunities. If JV had been playing he'd have had far more opportunities because he'd have been playing as a centre forward. Kane didn't attack the ball, he didn't put pressure on the centre backs, he tried to provide a fulcrum in front of the centre backs, which is what Alli, Sterling and Lingard were already there to do. His lack of positional discipline almost cost us the win, and he was lucky to get the chance late on to make amends. He took it extremely well. I'm not proposing dropping Kane, but if he is going to play in the hole rather than up front then we need a number 9, and the obvious choice for that is Vardy.
  13. Oxfordfox83

    Jamie Vardy

    I think people here are being overly positive about Kane and overly harsh on Rashford. Kane did one good thing all game, which was a sensational header. The rest of the time he Rooneyed it up, playing deep and meaning any incisive play lacked a 9 to run in/create space/put it away. His goals masked a very poor performance. Sterling did nothing right and shouldn't play again. Alli was good, but cost us two goals by calling for the ball over players in better positions. Lingard was essential to how we moved the ball, he just can't finish. Rashford came on and ripped it up, and but for a dodgy Alli call would have scored. Next game we should line up the same with Vardy for Sterling, and Rashford the impact sub. Kane and Vardy will make space for each other and Vardy will be infinitely better than Sterling. 6-0 beckons, followed by an awkward match trying to lose so we don't get Germany...
  14. Oxfordfox83

    Jamie Vardy

    Cos he takes 200-odd chances to get that number, and England don't create that many. Play Vardy at 9 and he'll put at least one of the two chances he gets away, and Kane can sniff about and use the space JV will leave. It wont happen, but if we understood the difference in tactics required between playing for a Top 6 Prem club and a second tier international side then it would...
  15. And we were worried about replacing Mahrez...