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  1. Fair enough to a point. Essentially they’re rich in a relatively small autocracy-their main crime is that their all-powerful (in Thailand) king is a twat beholden to the Bahraini royal family. I definitely agree that their level of wealth is almost impossible to achieve without some level of wrongdoing, but this is a bit too far removed for me: if the Captain does something do we assume all his soldiers are guilty? Whereas the things that are attributable to them (that I know of, anyway) are almost unrelentingly positive.
  2. My unpopular opinion is that Keren (brunette, left of three) was much hotter at 48 than at 25. But that’s only unpopular cos none of you met her at 48, otherwise it’s cast iron FACT
  3. Genuinely, what have our owners got to do with any of that?
  4. Late to see this, but how on earth does that work? Vardy’s goals alone are better than that...
  5. Not got the full backs for that mate. They will get inside from out wide, so we have to press them. They are in the same boat as us, and are going to be all guns blazing...
  6. Don’t want him gone, but I’m worried by how long he’s had without showing any kind of resilience or recovery. In answer to the bold, why has Kelechi been frozen out? He has been, with Kasper and Wilf, the only player to maintain standards post lockdown, yet even in Maddison’s absence he isn’t playing. Rodgers has made some very odd choices and I worry how it will impact our summer recruitment/retention
  7. You could have written your posts at any time, because they are the whinings of a bitter old man. Your argument has, throughout, been that we’re now struggling because the players are paid too much and have too many nice things. That’s not the case. The issue is that Brendan has some serious limitations as a manager, and he’s not shown that he has any plans for overcoming them. The *only* thing in his favour is that the thing he did well (keep the momentum rolling early on) should buy him enough time to read a book called “stop buying central midfielders and playing them all over the pitch.”
  8. Combined XI Schmeichel 20 Ricardo 20 Morgan 16 Huth=Evans, but Huth scored more 16 Fuchs 16 Mahrez 16 Kante 16 Maddison 20 Albrighton 16 (edges Barnes though next season I think he’ll have it) Okazaki 16 Vardy 16 —— Ranieri 16
  9. The old Foxestalk would hear us talking about better technical players and more possession meaning we’re a better team and piss themselves that we’ve all turned into Spurs...
  10. Ok, so let’s start with the obvious acknowledgement that top 4 is brilliant for us-way beyond the scope of our squad, and the club did brilliantly to put itself in that position. The thing is, there were signs all along that it was borrowed time. We were appalling against any of the ‘Big 6’-Rodgers waved a white flag at kick off and the lads stood there and took it. We also shithoused a lot of wins against the rest in the late autumn (no problem with doing that, provided you keep it up). 4 or 5 memorable games aside, we hung on Ndidi and Schmeichel keeping us in games, and Vardy sticking away more goals than we could reasonably expect. Since before Christmas really, and certainly since mid-Jan, the players haven’t had a plan to break people down, and Rodgers hasn’t responded. Our starting XI has repeatedly been bizarre, and subs have been late and often weird. We’ve negated Maddison, blunted Tielemans, and Cags is more often than not a bombscare. Chilwell isn’t progressing (not that he deserves half the shit he gets on here, but still). Without Ricardo, our side is Schmeichel, Evans, Ndidi and Vardy plus filler, with Barnes underused and now Vardy way out of form... And the response is more shit tiki-taka with no width. It’s not knee-jerk, and it’s not calling for his head, but it’s legitimate to be concerned that our form is appalling, and there hasn’t been any sign on the pitch or off it that we’re about to improve. It’s on our very expensive manager to justify his position. I sincerely hope he does.
  11. Nope. He’s our 2nd choice 10, and our second choice striker, and his role during our good run was important, despite being played where he’s less effective... What I’d really like, is for us to actually sign an actual wide player, and then to play them on the wing. If we sign another bloody central midfielder I’ll pull my hair out...
  12. I totally agree. I can’t think of a single time that Maddison wide has worked. Not once, even after he’s tried it maybe 25/30 times. Whatever else he’s doing right, that blind spot makes me fearful. It’s a sign that he just isn’t watching the same game as me, and trying round pegs in square holes. At the same time, we have two DMs and Harvey Barnes getting cramp in his arse...
  13. 2 DM v Brighton Maddison out wide Brendan has clearly got the dressing room on side but fvck me could he please please look at those two statements and justify them with anything other than “sorry, I was drunk”.
  14. In fairness, there are only two teams in Spain. It’s basically Scotland with sunshine and billionaires.
  15. I like these things, even if it’s just to say how ridiculous they are. Ancelotti, for my money, is at least as good as Pep, who has only ever come into clubs that are already elite. He definitely belongs in the top bracket. I’d back Ancelotti to be at least as effective as Rafa was at Newcastle if he’d gone there, whereas I can easily imagine Pep losing his cool, taking them down and being sacked. Dyche could never manage Man City, Pep would struggle at Burnley. But Pep is one of a handful of people who seems to be able to use the very best players and a huge amount of money, and improve what he has. In conclusion, silly as it might be, it’s nice to think about hypotheticals in a time without football. PS Brendan has done pretty great things wherever he’s been, and even though I find his decisions baffling sometimes, we’re lucky to have him.
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