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  1. Thanks for that. It’s a shame they didn’t do one for Wasilewski-it would have been a beautiful thing...
  2. Vardy and Albrighton I reckon. Huth as an angel... 🥸
  3. Pissed off with this post. I was about to write exactly the same thing and wait for rep points.
  4. It’s a bit heartbreaking to suggest this, but is this a consequence of empty stadiums? Our fans have been pretty harsh on him, and he’s a confidence player. We’re not as cvntish as West Ham, obviously, but we definitely have the propensity to make fragile players crumble. Really hope it’s just a run in the side that’s given him confidence, but can’t help wondering...
  5. Totally with this. The best thing about the Tigers is they are Leicester FC, with the nickname the Tigers. All the Bradford Bulls, Exeter Chiefs, Miami Heat stuff is nonsense for non-fans. Up the City (men and women)
  6. Whiny cheat of an opponent said we did it wrong? Heavens, we’d better rebuild the training centre...
  7. Boring, dirty, diving, time wasting bastards. If that’s being champions, I’m happy with third
  8. Izzet would definitely be the star, but I don’t think you could overlook what Heskey would have done with Vardy as a foil... We’d *probably* cope without Elliott now, but he was Huth-like at his best, and a real threat from any set piece.
  9. God that’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen. He looks like Vardy if Vardy had eaten Big Wes...
  10. Sorry, that was an autoincorrect. Was meant to say paying, not lying
  11. What a man. If for nothing else than actually paying his tax he’d be a legend, but the best player in our best season too. Happy 30th N’Golo
  12. This is the crux I think, especially as it’s usually only their fringe players. If it was genuinely the best team in England, or an occasional experiment with in form players to see how they coped, fine. But more often than not it seems to be a way to get fringe Big 6 stars minutes, boosting their fitness, profile and prospective transfer fee, without any effort to build a squad ready for the tournament.
  13. Played your way out of trouble beautifully there mate!
  14. Genuinely can’t think of much more he could have done. His hold up play was incredible, his touches superb and some great passing too. One or two wayward through balls for Vardy, but that’s the nature of a defence splitting pass sometimes. Thought Kelechi and Youri were 10s, and Ndidi 10 MOTM. He was faultless.
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