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  1. Just pointing out the fault in putting it up not even an hour after a defeat. You're obviously gonna get bias replies. Do it mid-week when the last game has been and gone and we're looking forward to the next game. That's if you want a fair result though and not just a complete slagging off of the manager which is what this seems to be, in which case don't even make it a poll.
  2. Or Chelsea, or Man City, Or Everton.
  3. Doing this straight after a 2-1 loss to Southampton... It's obviously gonna be one sided.
  4. Anyone play the beta the other night? Got two more slots coming up on Saturday and Sunday. I had an incredible amount of fun playing with some friends and exploring. I am however worried about the longevity of the game i.e once i've explored most places, will i really want to go there again considering most locations are just empty.
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