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  1. Walkerfox

    Burnley away match thread

    This isn’t puels fault. Just look at the players we have. They’re strolling around, running into each other, they couldn’t give a sh*t what happens. This is on them. They don’t care
  2. Walkerfox

    Who plays up front with Vardy?

    No one. Put him on his own with Gray and Mahrez on the wings.
  3. Met a few players over the years but nicest was definitely Mahrez. I took my brother who has downs syndrome to meet a few players after we'd been in hospitality for his 18th birthday and a lot simply smiled and had a picture which is fine and what I expected. Mahrez however came straight to him, asked him how he was, chatted to him about the game, gave him a big hug when he found out it was his birthday. Probably the happiest i've seen my brother and I'll always love Riyadh for it. Met Juan Mata at some kind of trading card event at a Tesco in Salford. Was very quiet but also polite and was happy to have a picture. Outside of football, Calvin Harris is one of the nicest people i've ever met. Was a few years ago so he wasn't as huge as he is now but was obviously aware of how starstruck I was and tried to talk to me. He was already late on stage too but stopped for a picture and a chat. I mostly just laughed and stared at him though. Also met the rapper Example who was a tw*t.
  4. Walkerfox

    Ranieri sacked

    We have now become the most hated club in England. Shame people can't see that if we carried on with him we would have gone down. At least now by actually changing something we might see some results.
  5. Walkerfox

    No new players

    We haven't made a signing that has improved our squad in 18 months. Says it all.
  6. Walkerfox

    Quincy Promes (rumor)

    This guy is great, I Promes you...
  7. Walkerfox

    Francesco Acerbi

    I just don't understand. This guys clearly going to be sh*t if we get him?? I'm so confused.
  8. Walkerfox

    Hart for Kasper

    I love Joe Hart!!!!!! I like to call him "safe hands Harty" Wouldn't want Kasper to leave but if he did Joe Hart would be perfect.
  9. Walkerfox

    Stoke AWAY Match Thread

    I've missed Leo!!!! Yes!!!!
  10. Walkerfox

    Stoke AWAY Match Thread

    The one game I get to actually go to against Everton on my birthday and we're not gonna have any players to bloody play in it all because of suspensions!!!!!!
  11. Walkerfox

    Stoke AWAY Match Thread

    Are we gonna appeal the red card decision? Personally I think we should
  12. Walkerfox

    Stoke AWAY Match Thread

    I HATE how they now rub it in our faces that we're playing 4-4-2 Thats literally what it feels like
  13. Walkerfox

    The Humble Pie thread

    Bloody hell. This should be called the "I was right and you were wrong! hahahah!! I am better than you!!" thread. one game is not enough to change my mind so I shall be leaving my humble pie thank you. If we get hammered by Bournemouth you'll all look ridiculous. Having said that, I would absolutely love for this to be the turning point where the players start to really care and we consistently play like last season. If we look like we did yesterday for the next few games, then I shall be happy. The humble pie thing can do one though. Why on earth were people not allowed to criticise claudio and the team when they were playing horrifically??
  14. Walkerfox

    Man City Match Thread

  15. Walkerfox

    Fa Cup 3rd Round

    Definitely the right Barrow!