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  1. Like everyone I’m worried about us losing Vardy. Without him and particularly like today without Ndidi as well we are a very average side who would be nowhere near the top 4 or probably even the top 6. ive got it in my head that this is his last season as our starting striker and I don’t think I’m being too pessimistic in predicting that. He’s slowed down, he’s picking up little injuries here and there, he can’t play a full 90 minutes and then another full 90 2 or 3 days later. He can be managed and I think he’ll still be with us a few more years but I think we now need to accept tha
  2. Just pointing out the fault in putting it up not even an hour after a defeat. You're obviously gonna get bias replies. Do it mid-week when the last game has been and gone and we're looking forward to the next game. That's if you want a fair result though and not just a complete slagging off of the manager which is what this seems to be, in which case don't even make it a poll.
  3. Doing this straight after a 2-1 loss to Southampton... It's obviously gonna be one sided.
  4. Theres a very vague main storyline that has you finding the overseer of the vault you just left. You find notes and stuff that guide you through it but there are no NPCs to interact with or anything. It's mostly just loads of side quests that you do with your friends to be honest. You can work together to get a nuke though and thats sort of another quest. It's an interesting and completely different concept from previous fallout games, great for the short term but like I said, not sure how i'll feel in a few months.
  5. Anyone play the beta the other night? Got two more slots coming up on Saturday and Sunday. I had an incredible amount of fun playing with some friends and exploring. I am however worried about the longevity of the game i.e once i've explored most places, will i really want to go there again considering most locations are just empty.
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