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  1. I did email Jim on Friday evening and he has asked that I leave the flag with security before Monday, with contact details attached. It is worth emailing lcfchelp.com and asking the question.
  2. I had wondered if they'd suspend ticket sales until more details are known. Although a date has been set for a return, this does look to be highly unlikely. We are essentially going to be buying tickets with no idea if/when the game will take place. I can see that the FA Cup quarter final has been taken off sale, but none of the others.
  3. Have you checked with the funeral director? I know it sounds obvious and I guess you have, but just in case you haven't. When we buried my grandad they had one.
  4. Please can somebody let me know if you have a spare kids ticket, trying to find one for my son. I'd normally pay adult for him if necessary, but I begrudge paying an extra £25 compared to the kids prices.
  5. Thought this before, didn’t want to be the one to suggest it though!
  6. Hi everyone, the spare ticket I had is no longer available. Hope you all find one!
  7. Please contact me with any spares. I’ve been trying to get my son a ticket, he missed out in the members ballot. I don’t mind paying adult price for him. Will take seating or standing, pref standing as mine is standing. I’ll take seating though if that’s all there is then try and swap it.
  8. My son and I sometimes wait, think result/weather etc can depend on the response. Choudhury, Albrighton, Barnes, Perez and Ricardo were particularly good with the kids. Perez actually ignored his security guy and came over the barrier so that he could have a photo with a girl in a wheelchair. Albrighton and Choudhury seem to go around the crowds and see most people. Albrighton is good at away games too. Last week at Newcastle Iheanacho came over to my son after he heard him shouting him! We had the most joy away at Cambridge in pre-season, these games seem
  9. Thanks to you too @Derbyshire Fox smooth transaction and a nice guy!
  10. This is still available, if I have no interest I’ll take it with me tomorrow incase anyone changes plans last minute
  11. I have a spare for this as my friend has dropped out! Lower tier, row D. Face value £30. Can meet at ground or somewhere local(ish) I’m in Anstey.
  12. Sure I usually park on Walton Hall Road. You can park on the road itself, alternatively, there is also a leisure centre (or similar) that you can park in, I’ve a feeling it’s costs £5. It is then approximately a 20 minute walk but you do avoid a lot of queueing traffic and can generally get straight out afterwards.
  13. Bit of trivia - the car in Costco car park (silver on the left) is my wife’s. She met Jamie and Rebekah in CostCo that day!
  14. I actually have one, was buying the away kit shorts for my son, when the lady behind the counter said: “do you want one of these for £15, they’re usually £32?” Me: “yeah, go on then!” My Dad: “ you look like a fat cow in that!” Nice!
  15. “you’re just asking to be ridiculed!” Then uses #fearless, now that was naff marketing!
  16. Wolves had their own brand, Molineux.
  17. Whittier Rd/Copinger Rd are both pretty good and with no restrictions. About 20 minutes walk and no queues afterwards. Good for the M1 too, (approx 10 mins drive)
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