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  1. abc

    Phunny (Funny) Photos / Pictures

    That tree has been through some stuff !
  2. abc


    Hi Guys, What's happening? Had a lovely day with the lad in London on Saturday, Went to the Tower in the morning, had a lovely lunch, had a nice train journey to the South of London, I had some peanut M&Ms, the lad had marshmellows, then, erm then, then, then, had another nice train ride, and a drive home, popped in to McDonalds for tea and only went and won some porridge. Good times.
  3. abc

    £1000 every week for life or £1m now?

    No brainer for me. Take the £1M, Invest it to give you a higher than 5.2% apr return and you'll be making more than £1,000 per week, plus the capital grows and so does the interest you get back. The younger you are the better this is than taking the 1K a week, as that also gets smaller (relatively as you get older).