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  1. West Ham post match 1-1

    We had some great movements, in the 1st half, that should of been translated into 2 sure goals. Ndidi, still blows hot n cold, he breaks up oppo play, gets into some good attacking positions, then fluffs it, by pivoting when he doesnt need to, or spends too much time trying to control the ball, beat his man turning backwards, when a simple forward pass is only 6-8yrds from him. Puel is trying, to put his mark, into the squad, trying to get the team to play more with the ball, so he needs to be shown patience from the fans. Ndidi, Mahrez and Gray, have to be coached even more, *to release the ball earlier, keep the move going. * how to get on the right side of the oppo player , they let the oppo drift off them to easy and then lose 2nd ball, everytime. *Its never too late for Schmeichel to get him command that 4-8 yrds in front of him. *his kicks from hand, are too often too high, or go out, hes lost that control... *Albrighton and Simpson, should just sometimes stop checking but power forward... *The team as an whole are stopping, checking too frequently...its far too often, when teammates are free..we need to pick up more fluency....This has to come from within the team on the day.
  2. West Ham (A) Match Thread

    We lose this 5-1
  3. West Ham (A) Match Thread

    We are losing this 5-0...
  4. Europa League

    Simple sentence, couldnt agree more... They have a solid group of players, with quality in the squad, lets forget the manager a moment.. These players are not playing for the club, there performances are worse than anything we saw at The KP. Koemann and now Unsworth, seem to be their excuse.They desperately need Mirrors in their changing room. Forget Rooney, too many would be leaders, sitting down and standing back from responsibilities.... This campaign was their individual chance to c show at this level what they are made of....Their agents have No right to pump up their wards values...
  5. The Claude Puel Era - what will he bring?

    The last guy we couldnt understand a word from...won us the PL. I dont have that need to want understand, what he says in interviews, or if he bores me!!! He only has to get my team LCFC...chasing the top 8, with a high % of good entertaining performances... and a good outlook and base for the future. He achieves that then he can.... seem to be all "Greek to me"...Croak English with an unaudable French twang..I wouldnt care!!!! That said...I understand his everyword, and after a few weeks so called fans cheap shots become less humerous, become eerrrm borrrring...
  6. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Ok , I 'll let you off this time.........
  7. Champions League 2017/18

    Thx, for confirming you enjoyed the caffs along the queys of Amsterdam...
  8. Champions League 2017/18

    Barcelona R.Madrid teams through all generations and eras had special teams, who actually brought the proof back home on several occasions. So far PSG and Man.city have diddly-squat... Then there was the Italian giants, even that Ajax side, from the cafe central of europe........ I presume you have been taken advantage of Amsterdam highs...yourself. Or a teenager waiting to blossom...
  9. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    You has a city fan, will argue that over 18 months we had the great escape and PL title, and that had nothing to do with luck... So dont take digs at other teams runs over 18 months...its immature. Burnley deserve credit fot their last 2yrs fortunes and success. Dont please dont become a knobhead like Liver'pl and Spurs supporters, who just dont know how to be graceful to other clubs... Too many hypocrites, emerging on this forum, whine over other fans, then carry on following the same nonsense
  10. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    You'll still have the spite and thorny opinions, but he will have the money and recognised if even moderate success...
  11. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    They ...everyone has the right to own their own home...'should' no!! they just need have to have enough Finance to pay for it.With a govt, that can support/organise/ control a moral and fair Platform and recources, that motivates that dream , and keeps that door wide open, to enable that peoples right, when they eventually can balance their finances to see if it is a journey they wish to take. I didnt like Maggie Or her govt, but she put that belief forward,"the right to home ownership" People in long life contracts with council houses, to be given that chance, local authority houses to also go on the open market, was IMO a damn good idea.....but Neither she/her govt, nor any govt proceeding her, replaced LA Housing for rent, nor encourage and plan New build for both the rent and ownership markets . Derelict Brown sites,Languishing and being eyesores new developement, not being taken advantage of. Even now no real movement. With new immigrants and refugees (not a modern phenomenen), Plus younger various generation impulses ,the housing and the needed recreation of infastructer investment, has been falling well behind, that the electorate have the right, to say 'pathetic' Govt policies, or lack thereof!! Over 50yrs of poor investment, and total ignorance on home-front needs. Both labour and conservatives, have and are guilty, of pathetic chest thumping, when announcing, totally inept, inadequate funds Given to Release rescources and finances for housing.
  12. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Why should we pay stamp duty...
  13. 2017 Deathlist

    Meloncholic memories... Sometimes some Sketches seemed to hover into my own and best mates Humerous moments...Then the theme music, must of drifted into all our "parts of our young lives" Leaves a lump in my throat...
  14. Cricket 2017

    No fa-cup, no League cup, no England internationals, No Champions leage No premiership English rugby, Now no Ashes cricket. English supporters cant see any of their own prime sports live on tv. without forking out ×2 or ×4, extra on an already expensive sports package from sky. Seems by the end of the year, I will be cancelling my Sky packet...The sports package was my only interest on TV. So 2018 goodnight Sky.... so it will be Free view, with occasional highlights with MOTD, Rugby highlights, Cricket..??? If ch5 do highlights. Sky is not for sport fans...I feel cheated, and let down...just like when banks introduced cash m/c, now they want me to pay for original normal services...
  15. Do we get him Duty-free..!!!
  16. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    So someone has a different opinion, to yourselve, must mean this forum in your opinion, is full of 90% Cvunts ** and 10% pricks.....Do you always think of sex when somebody has a different opinion to you... Mind you !! there are some strange orgasms on this forum..
  17. The "nonsensical things that Leicester do" thread

    Thats like saying ,Let stop the crosses and attacking football because majority fail. Its just another rescource to get the ball in the danger area.It helps with extra pressure. Unfortunately in football, there are the opposing defences....lets get rid of them... they are so annoying..
  18. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    I have decided to stay in Germany, and take the political crisis on the chin... Plus all that lovely money, the UK will give us to get their way on Brexit....being an expat is painfull..
  19. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    You are very poor at getting any basic facts right, and presume too much of countries you seem to know really little about...including it seems your own. Southern Germany, Bayern and Bad Württemburg have integrated refugees and immigrants some what better( even before Merkels refugee promises), than the white middle class enclaves of southern England....All countries have their problem areas, France may have more historical difficulties in some inner cities on immigration, than some.This goes well beyond anything that crops up in England.They also like England have living areas where the people on the street make it work, spite some despicable govt indifference I might be wrong but presumption seems too be your best friend, then you let your wild opinions loose into the debate. I suggest you not only travel, but live and work in Europe and do some of your own integration, before quoting statistics or incompetent unknowledgable political Journals Columnists... and ffs where in Germany have you been approached by young children and threaten at cash machines.I have experienced young beggars some aggressive ,all over europe including UK and Ireland. I wouldnt use those experiences to settle my political grieviances. I have lived and worked around the World, integrated into local traditions away from anglo-saxon traits, others with simular but also slightly various cultural offshoots, but even with that experience behind be, and all that gathering of knowledge, I cant see for the life of me, where I could take a bombastic view of other peoples political stance or nuances. Comparisons are futile, because for every found negative stat, there is a positive one to contradict any given values....and visa versa. Has a character, I just try to stand above racial, social, in fact any discrimination...... but even there I find myelf wanting..
  20. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    German politics is far from a crisis...There wont be any parts of the society, that will collapse or suffer because of the electorates voting and parties wont implode. Its not bad for democracy , even with an AfD party rustling some papers, and some big players individually and party wise have had a big slap on their ass.Like any country its a test to see If the P.parties listen and react to the variant worries and complaint from their electorate. Through all the european countries elections, over the last few years, Various TV-debates, street questions, general electore concerns, foremost on the peoples minds, is without doubt immigration control and the organisation of how refugees should be managed. Its a question now if the politicians who have been given the nod to lead their countries, that they take the situation more seriously, work with all european neighbouring countries, and start to manage, and organise the situation that their peoples see their concerns and they as an electorate are being listened to. And not ignore it hoping, it will somehow work itself out...Racism in the modern European societies, is not any real problem, though there exist large minorities who will use any poor dis organised government, to further their ignorant beliefs. But if the governments ignore the issue, Racism will raise its ugly head. Schooling, services, housing developing local infrastructure, though obvious, is just not being seen to be happening. Too much being left to charities, and volunteers.Words from govt officials, dont get it done.
  21. Although I wasnt suprised, and reading months of non-stop critic in this forum, there is still thoughts that deny, even in modern day football logic and common sense. I am just putting up topic and throwing out a thought.. # The board took well into late spring after holding onto the descision for weeks, to appoint CS #IMO that means, he needed time to set up for this season, and have Transfer support, from management. #Again that transfer-market business was a disaster, more because how it ran and panned out. # Over-hyped expectations from within, and from forum, just because of an out of character PL title # a few players who would of been stalwart 1st choice for team, or 1st choice from bench with game time were not fit. # Only 7 games but in midfield and defence injuries from the beginning. # Though from those 7 games we only shown 2 good performances, this forum displayed too high a expectations. # Finances..every PL club have some clout in the last 3-5 seasons, even Burnley, there are no "poverty petes" #Yes performances were poor, where new boys and other middle table clubs were at least performing. # We sacked CS in reality, on only 7 games, 3-4 of them away or against real better top clubs than ourselves. # Lack of patience, based on frustration, is not a good platform to make quick descisions. # Why sack someone at this stage of the season, without even having a thought on who should then would take over. # Expecting at this time of season a queue of top candidates ready and willing to jump in. # Is there in reality anybody out there, who will >and think hard about this < and will do a better job than CS. #was our win against Swansea achieved, because CS wasnt in charge, or just normal progress and a natural turning point. #Are fans so desperate, that they just enjoy pretending to suggest Ridiculous names whos sights will always be higher than Lcfc. # Is this forum a good measure of what the feeling and thoughts are from the terraces.... # Even if you didnt like the CS appointment, did he deserve more time, to have a chance of seeing the players turn it around?? # Are so many on this forum so spitefull, that it was a question of anybody but CS ?? # Are the owners too far away and off pitch, and depending too much on an incompetent boardroom.? # Is that boardroom responsible for collapse/demise of Backroom staff support.? #Is there still confidence in any part of thst Boardroom set up? #shorld owners be more hands on ?
  22. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    So conservatism/right wing poltics is working a treat is it!!!! This stupid way of arguing against socialism....is simply pathetic. Socialism like other leanings, is how people believe govts should be up to try and organise,a society knowing that there will be Financial variants, that there is also fairness and everybodycfeels like they belong and not working for nothing. It seems You are proud thst NHS and medical staff, are being forced to struggle that soup kitchens are acceptable in a civilised Society, and that employment figures are doctored.That zero hrs contracts are acceptable for all, with a government lies through its teeth by promising housing for all.....If you have no permanent job, you find it difficult to get into rented accomadation, Let alone asking for a mortgage. If you are so daft that you believe,or confuse dictatorship, or police states with socialism, then try and base your silly argument on falsehoods I pity you. Oh I dont consider myself either leaning towards Socialist/conservative capatalism, but putting up or opinionating upon the validity of non exsistent Comparisons , shows a lack of knowledge on democratic variants. Its not necessarily , the failing of socialism or conservatism in a democracy, but the failings of the politicians implementing their mandates, or using and abusing their electorate, by riding the democratic idea in name only for their own obscure needs.
  23. The joke thread

    Also the traffic was diverted back ti ria. The service spokesman said it took a load of their chest. Some lorry drivers complained about being rubbed up the wrong way, especially while one drove Straight down a ' men t hole'
  24. Smelly supporters

    Yup, and it bit my wifes head off...!!!
  25. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Man.city are looking good, but we've been here before. Its too early to begin to throw all the plaudits. 1st the PL, and at least a CL semi-final. Talk and preening doesnt bring the prizes to the table. We need a new kid on the block for the CL , plus it seems for the PL many neutral fans have taken to them. waiting and watching is the major and enjoyable part of following how a team developes. The stamp and seal, have to be earnt....Another PL title will give them local legend status, consistency is a requirement for true Worldclass club recognition. For the true fans of football, the journey for Man.city has got them to the check-in, they havent yet boarded, any promised flight...like Arsenal they might find themselves destined to Ryan-air departures only.