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  1. Why the fk, is Celtic getting free Marketing Space on this forum.. Idiots on this forum quoted Trash over Rodgers, even trying to use it against him, simply on what shit ,disgruntled Celtic fans, tried to spread.. MON/Rodgers, Spiritual , irish-scottish connection, openned the door for them. They Made their own History & success..Good..!! But that time as gone. One manager went One way, the tother the other....I Still waiting out of interest how their careers will be written in the football-history books..
  2. Yes..!! ask us again ..A day before the Tests start.
  3. Didnt we have a Groundsman also named Kent... Any relation..??
  4. Your too busy, Saving people...even when retired.. Cant afford to Let you loose...!!
  5. I have..been around the world far Stretched corners a few times, hit many a precarious situations.... Seem others back off even turn Away from whats been presented before them.... By my side & alone with...without kids, my Wife has been thoutghtfull, caring, calmness personified. Drove an Expedition wagon, through Afghanastan,Pakistan, Iran, through moving Sand roads and Rivers. Greeted Lions,Tigers, Samba, Elephants , Water- buffalo calmly , but also fascinated when confronted ,while Crossing her/our paths.. Prepared & ready, when out in the
  6. I am so not sure who I would select....but so whatever B.Rodgers decide, I will see as a good selection.... Even welcome Gray back into the fold,if Rodgers decides, he deserves it...!! Individuals will have their own ideas & favourite set-up...but with these various fan tweets on selection is showing us now how strong our squad actually is. Top players Coming back, slowly being nursed, getting match fit and straight into team rythme... We have seen youngsters Knocking on the door, a couple actually ,Knocking that Bloody door down...!!! Just cons
  7. Chelsea Panic, & Chase a name...again..!! They should of given Frank, the whole season... As also a BvB fan, of will be interesting how Tuchel Handles the individual players, & this expensive squad. His man management, started out being questioned, improved & one seen him learn & grow. Some were suprised, that Dortmund, had a Political Interim downer..and some thought Tuchel was liked has an excuse... I must be honest in that period I sat on the fence, my Son was more disapointed with off-field higher management.... Tuchl started to Grow on
  8. Now to upset a few... Fofana & Soyu, to take the CB positions...
  9. Its special to me too..but we disagree on selection approach, We have had a long hard injury First half of the season... Rodgers us playing /selecting the right cards, for the situation
  10. I Dont reckon it was dour...If was a Good cup-tie...both sides having chances..better side made mistakes ,but also had their moments. well played Brentford.... poor forum analyse...always putting g the "game" down looking for Lazy excuses, to get the first best negative Dig in...
  11. & Slap back...1-2.... Not a Club problem,Not a Set up problem....players have to deliver, Bad moments, forgotten & turned around..!!
  12. They are a Good side...gu with with...Barnes,Riccardo,Maddison, Tielemans Soyu & Mendy in the side, we should of controlled this game... But a cup tie is a cup tie....Leicester players have had a Slap in the face....Lets See if they have The mental strength to regroup..
  13. Well Layed plans & all that..!!! Subs, Probably Not what B.Rodgers planned..
  14. Impact sub...You wait when he gets a brace today from the bench...
  15. Daily Star..Jesus just as bad as Foxestalkforum....cant Pick manager movement... Lampard will be Chelsea manager..at least until the Summer
  16. Posters Keep rabbitting on about past statistics over Peres & Nacho... That now has to be forgotten, pushed aside...From Tomorrow for the Next few weeks is where our Next Phase begins.. We have the players that we have...Rodgers has to use the squad has it is...!! If you cant Face it, go for nice walks, or buy a bigger Sofa..!!
  17. Its come under this Govt.Admins watch....!!!! That alone, like any disregard and abuse of rights ( Moral or otherwise) for any Govt.Service personelle...is The reason to notch-up & remember Not to vote such a sleeze-bag of a Goverment and sitting politicians back into office...Past, present,future...But The electorate-Animal has Never had the balls to understand the serving Government has been guilty of a total honourable ,moral derilict of duty. And has no Intention of serving,supporting "all of its peoples" When the Country is being threatened from the most dangerous e
  18. I bet a cup of tea, with ginger-nuts....That Frank lasts the season...
  19. Pint of Tiger, & some pork scratchings And please book a table for the Sunday carvery...
  20. Wouldnt it also fair to say for countries like Greece,....That without the EU, they would be even struggling more... still trying to Recover from Pure Internal corruption, and super rich, Not paying Taxes...
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