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    Spain v Portugal - Match Thread

    Dont understand,the Likes , dislikes or empty comparisons for Messi or Ronaldo. Both great Players of our time...2 great Teams for different reasons tonight. spain also have a couple of their own magicians... I'll Just sitback and enjoy their continual excellence at top Club Level,and then occasional International Performances.. Both excellent Professionals..
  2. fuchsntf

    Mario Gotze

    Maybe,and I would be more than Happy to See him Return showing that Potential He had been showing,a few years ago,yes it was Interrupts with high?ing injuries that Put His high Career on the backburner...
  3. fuchsntf

    Mario Gotze

    BvB.. Even though I am a bvb Fan,Götze is a good Player,who peaked young and WE may have seen his best,and wouldnt have anything Special to offer us.Unless He can find a new Lust and Release of Football Life.
  4. Stopped making Up daring ways to get rid of my dearly beloved, Sherlock Holmes and my sweet Darling,has shown...one Just cant get away with IT!!!! Blast!! Shes lovely really,beautifull and Caring...( Blast,did I say, NOW Theres an Idea)
  5. fuchsntf

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    Go see a good flamenco ,then an intimate small Club flamenco night ,also that go into the early hrs... Internet will give you the Tourist and local gauntlets and haunts...
  6. Alot of negative twists,(again) before a ball is even Kicked.... Ffs...we are a good Team and Club,playing in the PL, noted as one of the top League in the world.Our Club Just finished a "good" ninth and recognised as a Stable quality club. Stop running Scared,and topping up on Your foreheads worry lines. Sit Back and enjoy our Journey and success of competing in the PL. The Last 3 Games,is a good Omen...easy Games If we are warding Off relegation, Exciting If we are chasing top 6, magical If we are rubbing shoulders with top 4, Points to make If WE are in moaners-paradise and Holding our midtable Routine. Today is to let loose our wildest Dreams,hopes for another season,trying to be clever, reasonable,or keeping rational,..is Not I repeat Not !!! Doing Your City AS a Football Fan!!! ITS simples....
  7. No..it means 4 top Teams contending for the title....simples
  8. fuchsntf

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    I did Norway/sweden (7weeks) with a Camper ca 25yrs ago,plus from Bergen taking a 7day Postship Cruise. Taking in the Natural Drop off Points for the locals,Up to the Northern vicinities. Cheaper than the normal Cruises,Nice way to to mix with the local working-travelling Singles or families, Pick Up info or have great Chats,outside the Tourist world. My Kids were then 3-4yrs old they both Loved watching the harbour-workings,or quiet back water, Towns with some great various nature Sites and animal experiences.Sleeping at unaccustomed Times, Eating sometimes (Not everday.mostly on request) with the Crew. Stopping off for 10/20/70 minutes. Once Swimming with local Kids,at 7:00hrs in the morning,water fresh but Suprisingly Not cold. Eating real local Cuisine,(on the ship and small Fish towns) and international. Unfortunately the Snack places,when travelling with the Camper Tended to be Americanised. Though mostly we obviously cooked ourselves. Sometimes Funny situations,Like being only 1-3 kms from a settlement,across a Fjord,but having to Drive 20-40 kms around to Reach it...Though sometimes we did Parkup,and Signal to be rowed over in small boat for a Short /Long Stop over.....
  9. fuchsntf

    Absolute cvnts of our time Pt.MXXVI

    So reorganisieren prisons of 4 variants..still keeping them to strict rulings.. Women/Men- heterosexuell prisons.Then transwomen/transmen prisons,bisexuals Take their Chance!! would surely balance the political and Financial Situation.Then No prisoner can Claim they are an Extrordinary Case,and have continually inquests and political movement costing Money. Plus the amount of prisoner variants in todays world,would pay for and fill a few variant appointed single prisons. But then again thats too obvious.....only super Humans Like myself have so much Forethought and common-sense. Aristotle and Plato,would Look Like Boris Johnson against my intellectual wisdom. Then again..I must First meet my Maker before my true qualifies,before the world recognises my deep seated knowledge and understand,and I aint No fking liberal!!!!
  10. fuchsntf

    Brendan Rodgers

    We've Put in an offer vor Dustybin...
  11. fuchsntf

    Foxes or Wolves....?

    Just to add that...eerrmmm. Je ne Sais quoi...
  12. fuchsntf

    Foxes or Wolves....?

    Wolves & foxes.. Roamed And ravaged Northern & Southern Woods Most Folks, Who Caught A Glimpse Said, ‘They’s Up To No Good! ‘ … But, Few Brave Enough To Follow Their Trail, Into The Night Past The Thickets and The Holler’ And Thru The H'field Swamp, Saw A Sight … The Wolf and The Fox Swam A River, By Moonshine Jumped Across A Dam, somewhere near Fulham To Escape A gunners Line … And There in Cardiff on The Wildlife Side Wolf, Was Kicking His Heels, To Fox’s Trot! Dancing ‘Round in Circles, Manu With M.city ‘Bout Huntin’, and What They Got … There Was West Ham In A Hole Chelseadads, Cpalace-Creole and L'pool Plump Lil’ Critters They Were Herding Burnley Buffalo-Wings and Other Watford Fowl-Things And Puels-Frog-Legs, In Hot-Water, scouser-Fritters … (now, Fox, had tried a forest-Dinner but … It Just Wasn’t In ‘er!) and Wolf Howled, Com’ On! As The Moonshine Shone on Fresh, fighting-cock-Greens, Not Too Bitter So, Merson-rancher and Farmer-hoddle, Don’t Be Alarmed If You See The Wolf and A Fox Just Leave ‘em Alone … They Mean You No Harm … (Unless You Got An bird or cock ‘cause Brighton-seagulls & spurs-cock is a Favorite of Fox!) A Wolf and A Fox Roamed A Midlands Wood Now, Those Who Run In Their MOTD Circles Finally Understood …
  13. fuchsntf

    LCFC puns

    Come on..!! He did say we was pssed. I feel sorry for the Boss.
  14. fuchsntf

    Thursday 7th June - England vs Costa Rica

    Trying Not to be over/under bias... I reckon Hes done OK....England have Nobody in midfield who Drives Forward 4-6 Times in the half, which would Open Up a Dink to Vardy. To be fair,there were a Couple of attempts,from other England Players,trying to Set Up a Vardy Run. I dont think we should (Not you) get uptight on Vardy,He gives England something different,and as that extra Special Turn of Pace,but even for Leicester the opportunities are sometimes Just Not there,then suddenly from nowhere,He Pops up. We all probably want Jamie, to be the outstanding star....and then get frustrated when it doesnt Pan Out. IMO, we should be Happy Southgate Likes him,so could Well See some decent Gametime,during the WC. Then lets wait and See....
  15. fuchsntf

    Who from our 10 at the World Cup will make the biggest impact

    Jack Butland.....cos Hes going to Sign..
  16. fuchsntf

    Amazon to Deliver Football

    I Just want to add..........,......and one for the road
  17. fuchsntf

    Master Puel

    Ooohhhh. You brute you Macho ,you!!! I Bet you have alot of good mates,... You must be Leader of the Pack......wiv ya chosen-men.......
  18. fuchsntf

    Russia 2018 - The World Cup thread

    Yup,I meant....S.America....my Bad..
  19. Gerrimiñn We will need a tallysman
  20. Also Seen AS having,a great youth Set Up,and a then modern science Coaching staff. Burnley was truelly a great big...small Club. Unfortunately a consistent feeder Club.Lost many a good Player ,at wrong times. Just Like today,the richer Clubs,Just Dipped Into this Goldmine of young talent, Natural Football movement...
  21. cinquantenaire Going to Comeback,and do a Happy memories-haunt,with my best Mate King Dick, We are burnt in PL annuals of History...No Leicester Fan, present,and Not yet Born,will be allowed to forget,it willbe Carried from Parents to Kids,in Pub quizzes,..QI on Dave. ,Not forgetting the Italien-Football-Media, Who will Always Claim bragging rights. Vardy-story will eventually be completed,in 50yrs with a not yet Born film star. It will Run longer than Moustrap,Gunsmoke,Bonanza,loose-women and Dallas,combined. King Dick,and I ( maybe Lady Jane Grey),have promised to haunt and Cheer from the terraces, every 50yrs.We'll have Ranieri and Boticelli,alongside to Keep US in good Spirits..... More Ghouls sorry goals guarranteed.. Less..they..forget!!
  22. Hes, a pundit,pundit ex-footballer,ITS Just Entertainment. I enjoy Listening to all of them,I might on any day agree or ,disagree with their various Views and Opinions...I just cant get that tight on disliking any of them,....ITS all Part of the Game. I wish some Fans,who Show disdain towards any of the ex-players/pundit,should come Up with a super Alternative/presentation that makes everybody so Happy and content. We are all Football Fans,ITS in our DNA to be moronic and self-opinionated... I dont expect from ex-players, to be unbias,wise ,or be articulated in their Presentation,they are Football crazy,contraversial Football-wombles Just Like us. They are Not and never will be News-presenters.Its fun and they are Like any group of guys discussing their macho povs, around a Pub Table. What ffs, do Fans expect. Give the Guys a Break,their time on the Pitch has gone , Better group of Experts you wont find.....which Shows everyweek, 'Experts' are No more wiser,or knowledgable than the adoring fanatical supporter,that once Cheered,and jeered their individual Football careers...Just relax,and enjoy their various utterings. If I want an Higher Plane/Level of articulated,intellectual,debate,...then I wait until Games and Post Interviews have finished,then I Turn to the Channels,'Discovery/History/ National Geograhic. I am a simple Lad,I prefer the serious and humerous malarky on MOTD,or Gillette super saturday, Than "Question-Time" Muppet discussions....
  23. . Lady Jane Grey,Loved it so much she stayed around . Gave the enchanting area,and Houses that permanent haunting Beauty..... If I hadnt settled overseas, Bradgate/,Switherland/Charnwood,would of been my Home.. With Cropston ,Nanpantan,still a real Special area of our fair County.
  24. fuchsntf

    Absolute cvnts of our time Pt.MXXVI

    Firstly,it is distastefull,brain dead Idiot...No!!! wrong Word... Idiots make me laugh Strange....why we See something wrong.. Photo journalists, do It all the while,since 1st camera was Sold! where they totally ignore victims, Accidents,war,Terror...Life!! Even Prizes won .Now a Guy taking a Photo,of another taking a Photo, Also with the victim in Shot...( Clever....) That now famous/iconic Vietnam napalm-kids Photo. Did He Stop to Help and Care for those Young Kids, No..He kept on clicking.... The Word twat, doesnt do It /him and situation justice. But Common place,and for me No difference, Between him,and some/many proffesiional ,who Go Out to seek such moments. Reuters,etc,etc
  25. fuchsntf


    That was/is the Problem in the end for Mahrez,but as we have Seen in the Last with many Potential top Players,once in the Hands of real top Coaches and Managers....Commitment suddenly after a few ear-cuffs from teammates,and the Manager,Lack of a moments Skill,will be forgiven,but Not Lack of Commitment....So If He goes,He will have to Shape Up,and Play at least 4/5 quality Games,Not 1/5.!!