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  1. I remember the 1st 10mins, before their goal, we could of scored twice ourselves........
  2. I like my abuse being solvent, it eventually disolves Then works wonders without Leaving any trace....
  3. I rarely ever use this word..but its appropiate now...TWAT.!!!! CS not to blame, top game....
  4. Nigel Pearson working for KP again

    Then Shakey does his job...If CS believes hes got it to take on this City job...then win win all around... Unlike some on this forum you can go out in this world, and find people are strong enough and dont shit in their pants, When indirect challenges come along. If CS was looking over hiscshoulder, or any fans use it to throw doubt around like shit, Then he aint the right bloke for any PL job, and that sort of fan...should well....man up!!! There now I've said it...Balloney unnecessary shit stirring..
  5. Okazaki = Class

    When he does stay on his feet hs quality and city play well, the last part of last season and now this season, hes been fouled or been more often actually knocked over." Probably starting to find his feet" literally..!!! Better studs, or now understands hitting the deck on Kamikazi dives, doesnt Get you 20 vestil virgins and free bottles of saki.. Tora tora tora...
  6. Okazaki = Class

    Good shot, these 2 also for me take unneccessary negative hits from within this forum...
  7. Okazaki = Class

    Looks like Choudry is doing his best, to copy Fellaini...
  8. Okazaki = Class

    Here I go again.... If we had 3 real midfielders on the pitch...Vardy...plus any striker next to him would score goals. Shinji would be on 12-15 season...He would squander a few, but thats no downer.... I will never put him down, even on his bad days he puts in a shift, and sometimes his 1-2s can be sublime. I c would prefer...Vardy-Nach...or Vardy-Slim combination, or all three click, it would IMO mean we have developed, From 7th cavalary tactics come 7Samuraii.I prefer growth, even if minimal...our tactics presently have shown little change, but this man is a small cult come Legend....One of the few...
  9. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    No pictures...thats what does em..
  10. Carabao 4th round draw - Leeds (H)

    Ulloa will come on late and score the winner.....
  11. Is Slimani of premier league quality

    Put in James/Albrighton for Gray, Then I would say...yup lets go for it. Then bring on Gray ca 65min, for 1st sub. Oh..Slimani is a PL quality striker, in a front foot team ...18+ goals in a season. Get 3 midfielders in that fking midfield...we win more than we lose, link play would be automatically better IBERRO James Ndidi
  12. Wasyl would give us that cover..and even Played well in his Last appearances.We got the best last drops of sweat, tearscand laughter From Wasi. Funny thing when we needed x Ulloa in our title season he was there and a prescence....Now sorry to say, unless we Find a set up , or just get enough ball for Albrighton to cross....His selection In yesterdays chaos is a loss of a rescource... With our choice of forwards, and no major injuries, I cant see him making the bench for any League game.I'd rather bring on a defender or midfielder....
  13. Moaning minnie...how many times have we seen 'the other team...the oppo' have the luck..relax and enjoy the draw and next round With wondererous anticipation....too many on here will be getting ulcers, before the season has really kicked off...Save the negatives at least until November....then I might jump in and join you...
  14. Will our fan base ever be happy again?

    Has much as I like foxestalk forum...lets not use it as a measuring stick...positive or negative. Our local fan base spreads further out than this forum, and the negs on this forum, I wont let them put me down, the happiness and highs I share, including quality critic. City are no more no less, than where they end up at the EOS...we are Leicester we really should know who/what we are. CS gets my support...if he and team become monotonous, thts for another day, but early doors, early doors.!!!
  15. As much as I love Leicester

    I dont agree with your Pearson argument..city needed his type and future thoughts...He got his business done and after an hard graft 2 promotions and the great Escape. That surge for PL should not be underestimated.... For the rest I see where your coming from, we should of looked higher...we didnt so for me end of.CS gets this/my seasons support before I get on any type of in/out Bandwagon. .. Sport doesnt work by thumpinging your chest and telling others what should be, blurting out personal frustration on something you cant change.... .just aint worth it Keep cool . Yes I would love top 6, but those chosen..team , management, owners have to earn it... not by Expectations...and by banging drums of frustration.... Fans can support or drift, and yes show their discontent....but 3rd season into the PL even after that brilliant title win. We are at present ok, but I do want by November a club showing positive upsurgence, and no turgid periods of last season.End of Nov, top 12 with consistent good performances, then a real push.. Plus Ranieri was allowed To rip up a a great monster Of a successfull group of a backroom staff and set us back awhile, few mention that side of the real and only failure.
  16. Ryanair

    Thankgod for old Dan-air and Ryanair.. few would afford european flights now, if it wasnt for these 2.Easy jet wouldnt exsist... delays, no refunds, all and I mean all airlines have their major problems... Strikes and unhappy crew c every airline goes through them Anybody jumping on ryanair business are just travelling snobs who dont like riff-raff like me saving 100s of bucks while flying simple, no nonsense.. In business c and in pleasure...I have flown them all..some great flights. For quick city ops, or long midweek breaks...great money no fuss.... And deffo not expensive... Many a european Wclass families working Abroad..love em, home and family visits msde affordable.Before they passed away , Dan-air/Ryan air prices allowed, my parents to visit me and mine, in various European locations... You snobs wanna pay 1-200 pounds more, be my guest... Ryanair..give seat choice, handbaggage/chk-in baggage , for quids less than others. Though English........Up the Irish..!!!
  17. As much as I love Leicester

    This grim reaper guy...can we get him out on loan... Next to me @blue tinted... Your the best...
  18. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Top idea a boo with 14 'o' s
  19. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    I re c kon we should applaud for 14 seconds...after the 1st 14 seconds on Saturday......
  20. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Silvas mother says thanks for trying you can try in January again Please Mrs silva I ju s t want to tell him goodbye just to tell him goodbye and Fifa says its 14 secs more so try your luck i n 4 months through the front door... but please Mrs Silva............
  21. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    one thing that is really being, left out of the equation here...Yes others have hinted on it. The players right, to ply his trade, and compete and earn his right to play for Portugal, because of FIFAs lack of common sense, and The 2 clubs poor management. Yes there have to be rules, but common sense to me, contract completion should be honoured, when intent is shown, to close it out before window closure, and not sending in papers hours or day later.It cuts out any president needed to be shown or set. But why should the players and his familys careers /life suffer on macho obstinance, from any of the organisations. Its short as it is, then penalise the player...its pathetic. Whether its Leicester, Dortmund, or Barcelona. There is no fraud, no abuse of the rules intended, just a group of people missing THE Major issue on the table. The players union and association in both countries should also be realising that they have a duty to their present and would be members.... This isnt about bending the rules, the people involve were not trying it on ,or trying to pull the wool over, Fifas eyes........Common fking Sense is other peoples blindness to other peoples rights of trade...
  22. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    He gets paid to be in charge, of that area of our business..!! So either him or management disinterest kept this unecessary journey on a road it didnt need to take.Like I said poor. If it was FFP, then it would also of been a questionable business.With or without DDs move Keeping DD,if Chelsea fell through wouldnt of hurt us, we made a few bob over the last 2-3 seasons. Rudkin, I have nothing against him, especially last season.But if he was in charge of this action, I couldnt care how much crap falls at his feet, he signed his own contract, so he should know the expectations. The other small issue of letting/know interested parties, ie the fans Know/ informed would of been a courtesy, but not a must. Plus a few other folks, question the whole affair of waiting upto the last minute,last day why??? I wont loose any sleep over it, but these last minute deals seem downright stupid and not just silly/ poor management, when the player is a known wanted player that you have been chasing...
  23. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Yup...just the bad press, they get.....
  24. Demari Gray's Attitude

    I suppose...the insuation
  25. I am leaning more towards what you say...but Sterling has had more Int.gametime than OC, and still runs into Players, and cant or will not take his man on when needed, its that what he got recognised and picked for. Though I would still persevere with both, and see how they develope upto the WCup. OC going to Liverpool might improve and pick up the potential seen earlier.Same with Sterling needs to Get in now a consistent and improved season. Both are frustrating, they show hints of being good teckis, then fade into the wind too often. Sort of now or never situation IMO. Why Henderson is getting a 2nd showing I dont understand neither, hes ok for Liverpool, but Doesnt own the pitch like he should do at International level. Like any manager, GS has been given the reins, lets see how far he can take this younger setup I dont mind a retry on Jones, but without being bias, I would like us to move forward with Maguire and Keane, they can play with the ball, and have a good eye for the right pass. Question obviously is how are they at the next level .Jones had that, but carried often injuries, when selected. In a squad set up, Smalling/Jones/Maguire/Keane, would be my 1st choices, I'd like GS to grab the moment, the potential is there hes got to pick those he speaks highly of, for the reasons he himself mentioned.....Like backing his own statements on Maguire and Keane. We have unearthed another gem with Rashford, earlier than expected, lets not waste him on the wing.