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  1. Off topic but Derby & Wolves look to be the next clubs trying to follow our path, both applied to join the Championship next season and have plans to go pro soon after. Assuming their applications are successful we’ll probably be playing them in the WSL-Champ League Cup next season if it stays regionalised at group stage.
  2. Stuff like this being born out of the team’s success/rising prominence is class
  3. It’s a small thing but it’s always nice to see local players succeeding, great to have Ashleigh Plumptre, Remi Allen & Libby Smith all out there today, all from Leicester.
  4. You can watch on FA Player live or listen on BBC Radio Leicester
  5. Twitter threads from today’s press conferences
  6. Sunday’s potential title clincher against London City Lionesses is now gonna be live on the FA Player, 2pm kick off 👍
  7. Loughborough’s is a good setup but like you say it’s scheduling, they’ve got the men’s & women’s Uni teams, Loughborough Foxes and Derby U23s are there this season too. There’s always the council’s less than popular plan of having Saffron Lane host football I guess . Only other option, Hinckley aside, is the same route Reading have gone down moving into the Madjeski and move our women’s team into the KP.
  8. Turns out the 11 league wins in a row is also an FA Women’s Championship record
  9. Think Farley is around there if they do something with the open end of the ground, it’s listed as 1400 on wiki but that seems pretty low
  10. Around 300-500 from memory last season, the cancelled FA Cup game with Man City was expected to smash that. Pre covid the FA set out that they wanted the average WSL attendance to rise from 1,000 to 2,000 as one of their 2020 targets so yeah Seagrave won’t work (Sorry Vlad)
  11. That’s one of them that’s been looked at, big upside but it needs a good bit of refurbishment
  12. On the verge of promotion now then with Durham only having 2 games left
  13. I think there’s a move lined up, they were looking at a few different locations late last year
  14. https://faplayer.thefa.com/video/bGl2ZSU3QzBfMng2bGNmZHolN0MlMkZzZWN0aW9uJTNGcGFnZSUzRGZpeHR1cmVzLXBhZ2UlN0NmaXh0dXJlcy0wLWFsbA%3D%3D
  15. Team news: Reminder that the game is free to watch on FAPlayer.tv at 1 👍
  16. Couple bits of team news courtesy of Radio Leicester: Paige Bailey-Gayle has a ruptured MCL so is out for the rest of the season Remi Allen & Charlie Devlin also miss this Sunday’s game but should be back after that
  17. Goalkeeper coach has started posting clips from training, small insight into an area where we’ve been strongest this season.
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