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  1. At least the beer stains will blend in well with the pattern
  2. When will Mane get booked for diving?
  3. FFS - Souness/Redknapp shove it up yer jackzie
  4. Ashamed to say I did the same - calling Wes a big lump & what the F was Rogers doing & we're screwed now with a defensive team & there was only going to be one winner & FKG Chilwell-the tw@t!! But calmed down on first replay as it was clear his shoulder was offside & cheered like crazy with my son when Oliver did the VAR box/point. Definitely, the fates/ spirit of Vichai on our side & thought we've done it before final whistle.
  5. Great composure from the lad. Shows heart & soul "fighting" for the team & is living the dream - just like we would if we could play (if we had any talent).
  6. Thank FK for VAR, Vichai/Top, Brendan & the Lads. Life is sweet
  7. Success Missed out on Cup tickets (298 points - Yes: there are some of us out there who have only had season tickets since 15/16 season after 10 years prior year's of Membership - plastic )
  8. Only player to show some fight & passion for the badge when he came on. Good that his confidence not knocked by last couple of matches / not starting tonight.
  9. "Champions League - We're havin a laugh"... "Champions League - We're havin a laugh"
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