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  1. I don’t understand the hate our fans have for Ghezzal? I don’t see anything the poor lad has done wrong. He just needs some confidence and I think he’ll be a much better player. Booing him and hounding him out of the club isn’t the right approach. I’m glad we have a manager now strong enough to tell moronic fans to shove their dumb opinions.
  2. There's no links on that twitter account
  3. He was probably going to flush them down the toilet anyway. I’m sure if they’d just asked...
  4. A club formed in 1884 would suggest we have a history.
  5. Anyone see John Hartson calling out Brendan for making him look a “complete fool” What an oaf
  6. I hope that's the end of having to listen to anything about a tinpot poverty club like Celtic. It's funny how the whole world views Leicester as a bigger club than Celtic now apart from their inbred fans.
  7. Are we supposed to care? Idiots. Sour grapes or what.
  8. Yes!! Get it done Brendan
  9. Oh god. Nothing happened. Stop trying to make attention for yourself.
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