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  1. I thought Grealish was in goal
  2. Playing towards the Tielemans end
  3. Not as bad as “it’s coming home”
  4. Wish Vards was playing. Just can’t get hyped.
  5. Croatia’s tracksuit tops are proper pikey
  6. Definitely thought it was Cags. It all looked too familiar.
  7. He hasn’t though. He played like a clown against Tottenham. Costs us. Jonny and Lil Wes start every time if they’re ever fit at the same time.
  8. How is anyone surprised? He does this most weeks for us. Bench next season.
  9. Absolute must. He’s a great player. Personally I think he’s better than Cags who ultimately cost us again. Two seasons running Cags turned calamity king
  10. Is that Kevin Keegan on the Man City bench ?
  11. If N’golo had stayed a second season we’d have won the Champions League for sure.
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