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  1. Absolutely dog shit. No chance. Laughable
  2. Even a poverty club like Sunderland have a bigger stadium than us, that’s quite simply a disgrace. Of course we’ll fit. We should be aiming for 50,000 seater sell outs every week. Get it built Top.
  3. I guess this is where all things start to fall apart for us. What a terrible appointment.
  4. Maddison has been poor today
  5. White shorts have made us crap again
  6. We would have easily won this competition this season. I’d fancy our chances against Arsenal or Chelsea in the final for sure.
  7. Basically we’re not very good a comebacks.
  8. Isn’t Kompany his Belgium team mate? Just seems like pure bantz
  9. We all know Rudkin is an absolute genius. He’ll definitely get this deal over the line. Easy.
  10. Yeah, but it’s Arsenal. Gypo club. 60,000 complete ******. I cant believe what I’m reading in this thread.
  11. No player would go to Arsenal over us. Times have changed.
  12. Why didn’t we just sign him when we had the chance. I can’t see it happening now. We buggered it.
  13. Sheffield United, what are they doing? They are the only hope of keeping Leeds down in the Championship. Anyone but Leeds.
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