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  1. It had been our goal ruled out instead of Tottenham’s, it would’ve been hailed as “brilliant officiating” and “VAR is getting it right every time”
  2. I can’t believe we lost to United
  3. We’re not anywhere near as good as we think we are.
  4. What the shitting hell was that clearance from Soyuncu? Thats what cost us the goal
  5. Where’s Fuchs? Is is he injured? Should be starting ahead of Chilwell
  6. Worst we’ve played all season. What is wrong with them? We’re so much better than this
  7. Hamza about to show the world what it’s all about.
  8. Thanks for the cash Chelsea. Makes up for losing N’golo for pittance.
  9. Has anyone seen the MASSIVE LCFC billboard in Heathrow T5? It’s glorious!
  10. I’m not sure which pea brained moron it was. I turned it off after that comment.
  11. Everyone in the office over here in the US wearing Chicago Bears and Green Bay shirts to celebrate the first game of the NFL season. Yours truly comes rocking in wearing my glorious LCFC shirt. Suck it yanks.
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