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  1. Arsenal want to be us so badly. They'll never be us. This has been 20 years in the making. Long live LCFC Arsenal are a shit stain of the Premier League. Good riddance, take Everton with you.
  2. Arsenal are in serious trouble. Looking at their fixture list I don't see them winning at all. They're going down.
  3. Please be Moyes Would be absolutely legendary if he comes back as the full time manager of Everton. They’ll be relegated for sure
  4. Felt like a training match. We hardly got out of 2nd gear. Piece of piss
  5. Has Praet got a merkin glued to his chin ?
  6. Making bloody hard work of this. Bollox.... get Kelechi on now
  7. 1st out... blimey! Name on the trophy chaps.
  8. I can’t get enough of the ginger whiff and aroma.
  9. Who the fuch let Jamie Carragher into our stadium?
  10. That’s the worst we’ve played all season so far. It was like Puel was back
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