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  1. Just play the games behind closed doors. No big deal.
  2. Why is his other kid wearing a Man City kit today? Found that weird
  3. That's exactly how i imagined penguin's walking down stairs. That's how they do it in the wild jumping down on rocks too.
  4. God I love that man. Seriously think Nige for PM in the future.
  5. So what are the main differences from having a nice shiny new training ground instead of a shit one?
  6. What are all the players going to do in this break if they can't travel to Dubai ?
  7. I personally think Mendy should stay. He’s played well when he’s come in this season. More than adequate cover for Wilf.
  8. I don’t think our players do want it
  9. I have a theory our players have thrown in the towel because they don’t want us to qualify for the Champions League because they want their potential new clubs next season to be in it and not us. Example: Maddison, Chilwell, Cags, Vardy etc
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