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  1. They’re a bunch of tinpot wannabes. Hope we smash them at home.
  2. How many chances do we need to score? Prague are dog shit.
  3. Didn’t know their fans were such a bunch of nobs.
  4. Some absolute cretin on here suggested Bamford as a replacement for Vardy recently
  5. Barnes! Barnes will tear you apart... again!
  6. I can’t believe the most entertaining, best footballing side ever to exist “Leeds” are losing 3-0 to this toilet Arsenal team. It is inconceivable.
  7. Who remembers the Mane dive that awarded them a penalty against us at Anfield. Klopp is a massive bellend. This romp by us was a long time coming.
  8. I haven’t stopped laughing and giggling to myself since the final whistle. This is a legendary victory. The butt hurt and fallout of Liverpool fans and pundits is just pure joy. Up the Foxes!
  9. Goodbye any trophy this season. Gutted
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