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  1. The replies on his Instagram with his birthday message to his girlfriend. Unreal. Why would anyone want to play for Man Utd? What an awful club
  2. Missing Pérez today. No Pérez, no party
  3. They’ve been targeting our club now since we won the league. They’re always doing it. Tw4ts
  4. Sky Sports is the lowest common denominator in the media. It’s TV for imbeciles, cretins and morons.
  5. Musa’s goal though against Barca! Oh my
  6. Well we’re in the market for an attacking midfielder. $90 million for Harry plus Pogba and they’ve got a deal. Think Pogba would be decent for our bench.
  7. Ziyech. It’s happening. Rudkin is the King
  8. Forgot Maguire was on minimum wage playing for us.
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