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  1. Cream my tits boys. We’re winning the league this season
  2. Sure Claude, whatever you say you twat.
  3. Where is Sidnei Tavares? I'd like to see him in the team. Is he injured? There's some absolute lumps out there today
  4. Goal of the season, we won't see anything better than that.
  5. Here comes our very own Christian Rap Boy Dan Amartey
  6. I'm a better player than Daley-Campbell. Did he just show up today and get a game?
  7. Who's excited for a relegation battle next season?
  8. If Vardy and Kelechi both get injured, it’s back to playing Gray up front then? Good times.
  9. We’ll have a meeting about it. Involves the pub and lots of booze
  10. @Dr The Singh When they open up Filbert Way again, we need a reunion.
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