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  1. I never thought we’d be in a position where I genuinely wouldn’t take 1 Arsenal player to replace any of our best starting 11. I like Tierney and Saka but still at this moment wouldn’t swap. Times have well and truly changed. Arsenal were so poor tonight and are a million miles away from what they used to be. I kind of like the fact that we’re always under played and not seen as a rival to the top 4 by the media, it makes it all the more sweeter when we beat the top 6 teams. We do get a lot of credit from certain pundits and channels but on the whole, mainl
  2. I think it might be quite suprising the amount. It is quite life or death for some people that require the vaccine, i think it doesnt matter of the timing people will go for it. The ones that are really concerned about being outside and or around people might even prefer to go in the middle of the night when there is likely to be far less people around in general.
  3. Loved Leo! Always remember that West Ham penalty, like most do i'm sure! I couldn't watch it, so i turned around facing the row behind me. I remember looking at this teenage lad who was praying with his hands. There was about a 0.5 second moment of time when his face just lost emotion, must have been at the point of Leo kicking the ball. This 0.5 seconds felt like 20 seconds though, it was like a slow motion movei scene shot! I'll never forget it and then just pure jubiliation when he scored. Felt like a massive win in that game.
  4. Love that from Ralph! He’s just beat the champions who pissed the league last year, fair play to him and Saints. Love teams like Saints and us mixing it against the big boys. Sky literally just said this result will excite the likes of United, City and Spurs 😂 We don’t even exist!
  5. Quite obviously zero contact... why does VAR make the ref go to have a look? Just in case the ref doesn’t believe them? Just seems a waste of time.
  6. Madders going for a subtle shade of mirror..!
  7. whitlock


    Just put a deposit down on this little Cockapoo! Picking him up next week. First dog for me, although the missus has had them as a kid growing up - excited!
  8. 😂😂 knock the fence over and then just stand there shouting ‘ fcuking booo’ The most tin pot thing I’ve watched in a while!
  9. Twitter saying he’s passed away from a heart attack.
  10. That would be awesome if you could do. I remember coming home with some turf in a burger box and planting it back at home. Loved that ground.
  11. Leicester tweeted a while back a few snaps from last game at Filbert Street. The photo included my dad, brother and me queueing up into the ground for the last time, in some questionable hats!
  12. OK cool. Hopefully they will move to a percentage based approach after this goes to plan, hopefully.
  13. Presumably this is the same rule throughout the football leagues (haven't read into it). If so, i'm sure 4000 in some grounds further down will almost be full capacity! I always thought that they would approach this on a percentage to capacity ratio rather than blanket approach. Not complaining though as at least this is the start to getting back.
  14. Imagine this isn’t probably the best game for Castange to be thrown into, especially at how well we’ve done without him. I guess he will be used on Thursday, a ‘better’ game for him to get 90 mins back into his legs. It’s been a while for him.
  15. I have no idea why but randomly looked on Bluemoon to see what they think of Mahrez. Based on yesterday’s performance alone he is being rippled to shreds and most fans want him gone. One poster said he thinks Mahrez is part of a betting syndicate due to the amount of miss placed passes and goal kicks he concedes 😂 Kante is probably the only exception to the rule where our high profiles players have left and gone on to continue to do well (bit early for Chilwell). Grass isn’t always greener!
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