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  1. It really was a fantastic team goal, I didn’t appreciate it at the time watching it live. Looking back, Maguire I think should have intercepted the long ball to Kell, glad he didn’t. Youri really is our starman, get him locked down on a big new long contract!
  2. Had a bit of luck at the weekend. I went to cash out my 5 fold accumulator for £16, when there was about 2 mins left, Dons were drawing 2-2 and needed them to win. It was only a £2.50 stake so thought i'd use the money for a Sunday dabble. After cashing out, looked up and the TV and Dons had bloody scored! I was gutted, but when i checked my phone after the goal, the bet had settled in its full amount. I think i must have miss pressed 'confirm cashout' or the game went suspended and i just didn't realise which stopped the cash out. Only for a £200 win, but I was buzzing
  3. I don't think Sheffield United are going to turn into world beaters because Wilder is going to leave. If anything, a change of manager will disrupt their plans even more so. Top 4 ambitions it has to be three points against this lot, regardless of what is going on with their gaffer.
  4. Goosebumps?? Gives me a hard on!
  5. I think Kelechi is useful to have around still, and also he seems to be best pals with Wilf - even if its just to keep Wilf happy i'd offer him a new deal!
  6. Amartey has come in plenty of times this season and played well. Last night wasn't his best, but apart from Kasper no one particularly played really well, not by our standards this season. We need players like Amartey, who are (seemingly happy) to be a squad player, to step in when needed but also then happy to slip back onto the bench when we're at full strength. We're not going to be a team where you've got a class replacement who is happy to sit on the bench. Man City are probably the only team that can have that luxury.
  7. Vardy will never, ever tarnish any status with us. But agree the man needs a rest..
  8. If you know you're not high risk, and there isn't anything medically wrong with you then i wouldnt worry about it, will likely just be an error.
  9. Not sure it means too much, not noticed it before when he hasn't started. But Under has put up a 'pre match Instagram story' of himself, might mean that he is starting tonight.
  10. Yep I think that’s right, full capacity for them to keep the £70 for this season, but if that’s not achieved they will keep the £70 still but credit it against 2021/22 season price. Doubt there will be many refunds going on, supposedly it’ll only be for those who do not want to renew again.
  11. Jeez calm down. I was only questioning how reliable you think Josh is, not that questioning anything other than that.
  12. Bert has, but not necessarily coming from the guy who text....
  13. @Bert Would the person sending through the info to you normally be reliable?
  14. He’s so annoying, he does have something about him. He’s never going to be a Vardy (who will be for us) but Kel can sniff out a goal. I think if he were to go out on loan to a prem team, hypotetically, what a full season of playing would result in goals, I think he’d score. He’s a head scratcher but love it when he scores and we win!
  15. Lingard is a good signing for West Ham, didn’t do it for us when on loan but has delivered some good performances for Yanited. Gets bad press, deservedly so for his cringey dancing celebrations and hand shakes but he’s a good player. Love that WHU are doing well and challenging the top 6, anything to help ruin Sky’s ‘top 6’ agenda is fine by me ( as long as finish below us!)
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