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  1. Yeah. The problem here is getting 3-0 up against anyone
  2. He got a few calls out of it, so job done for him. Even he doesn't believe half the tripe he comes out with, he just deliberately goes against the grain. Would rather listen to him winding people up than the pillock Goldstein who covers for him. The most unapologetically biased Man Utd presenter ever, farcically unbalanced.
  3. I guess it all depends on the fitness of Fofana, but a back 4 of Castagne, Fofana, Soyuncu, Thomas. Ndidi and Mendy in front. Ricardo, Tielemans and Albrighton behind Iheanacho. Not a wholly unfamiliar 11, and far more about it than the actual lineup. But hey, all about opinions.
  4. I'm glad somebody agrees with me. People will go on about injuries, but we had the personnel to play a far better system than that turgid bombscare lineup. It wasn't injuries today, we could have won that with a better setup.
  5. I can only assume he doesn't pass it back to one of our centre backs enough, therefore he'll never be a Rodgers-type player.
  6. Whilst I agree to some extent, we aren't really missing half our team. We were missing 3 starters (Barnes, Maddison, Evans) What we are missing is the squad players that can rotate, and our lack of activity in January is looking like increasingly poor judgement now. 100% down to tactics today on not personnel. The difference when changing formations was clear.
  7. 1 of the worst places we could have gone to with who we had available. They're a horrible football team, who played above themselves today and caught us threadbare. I'll take a point and onto the weekend with no new injuries. Positives: Seeing Fofana back, who is a level above at CB for us this season. Instantly felt calmer with him on the pitch. Thought Albrighton was class when he came on, the energy we needed. Iheanacho was very composed, vision let him down a few times. Kasper superb. Negatives: Choudhury in a possession fucosed team just
  8. What do people honestly expect?? Would moan if he weakened it further, will moan that he hadn't rested certain players. He's playing the hand he's been dealt, but lack of activity in January is certainly showing now.
  9. I'm not sure Soyuncu has been that good for us since his return. I think, providing Evans comes back fit, Fofana should come straight back into the side. Not saying Soyuncu is bad now, just that he hasn't looked anywhere near his usually solid standard since his return.
  10. Can probably read the same comment on their forum
  11. Kasper Daley-Campbell Amartey Soyuncu Thomas Tavares Mendy Choudhury Under Albrighton Iheanacho Giving the 1st team (2nd team after injuries) a rest is probably the best approach to take.
  12. I don't think so. If Liverpool win the CL and finish 5th and Spurs win the EL whilst finishing 6th, I think only 3 teams would qualify through league position as you can only have 5 teams representing 1 country. I'm probably wrong.
  13. So you think Albrighton had a better game than Under? Choudhury? Soyuncu? Under at the minute loses 1 point in everybody's ratings, simply for being the current scapegoat. He attempted to make more happen yesterday than half the squad, as well as doing some better work tracking back at times.
  14. I deleted a part where I mentioned it will be a reactionary rant. Get things off my chest then back behind the lads for Arsenal. Made me look unstable
  15. Kasper - Typical, beaten from range, kicked it out of play alot. Amartey - Play him in a 5, or on the bench, simple. Evans - Stop standing there with the ball, arms out in front for 10 seconds, just to pass to Soyuncu. Soyuncu - YOU ARE RIGHT FOOTED, use it, it'll minimise mistakes. Fofana should get his place straight back based on recent performances. Thomas - Free pass all season for me, 19 years old and needs to learn. Ndidi - If only we had 11 of him today. Choudhury - I don't think I've seen a player so constan
  16. Not really, your comment came off the back of a well-managed win over a decent Villa side, albeit without Grealish. Tonight was a typical Brendan European performance, cautious, over thought, woeful. The 1 thing I hope he takes from that game is to never EVER start Amartey, Albrighton and Choudhury in the same team again. Ricardo, Castagne and ANY other midfielder will start on Sunday, give Tavares a start for all I care.
  17. Yet another game you could see coming AS SOON AS THE TEAM SHEET WAS ANNOUNCED!
  18. Was he signed with 1 eye on the documentary? He gets viewers, and an insider look at Jose Mourinho is far more appealing than many other managers. Half a chance it works out on the pitch, but 100% chance he's pure box office
  19. Are you not laughing yourself? A bit premature before you've batted yourself, mind. Gonna be bowling in optimal conditions. Every chance.
  20. Come now, as Leicester fans I know this level of pessimism is ingrained into us but we should be getting wins against Brighton who are terrible at home, and at least be getting a point away to Burnley. We should even be beating Arsenal who haven't beaten anybody above them since boxing day, and that was Lampard's Chelsea... The ever-obliging Leicester City thread will have alot more entries in them with those results.
  21. I'm sure more than an element of managing fitness comes into it. In alot of games we seem to just have spells of aggressive football (Liverpool, Fulham) The squad is getting thinner every game, at points we have to slow it down somewhat which will always play into the opposition's hands.
  22. I have it on good authority, that was what he pulled the players across to say in the 1st half. "play better"
  23. Not an Italian or Spanish ref for the home leg please. Can't wait to get these bunch of crying drama queens back to the KP. Embarrassing, offered nothing 2nd half except to break up rhythm, and the ref obliged.
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