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  1. This is the kind of game I’m so confident we’ll win I’m actually starting to worry about it. Like when we used to play someone like Barnsley at home and end up losing under Sven.
  2. Totally agree, big stadium and I imagine for our players it was a massive game, even if the competition is seen as a bit of a joke these days. Aiden McGeady, Will Grigg and Grant Leadbitter all played. Wasn’t a team full of Sunderland’s kids. Really pleased for them.
  3. He’s definitely got 8 in the prem. Man U - A - 2016/17 Everton - H - 2017/18 Burnley - H - 2017/18 Newcastle - A - 2017/18 Southampton - A - 2018/19 Cardiff - A - 2018/19 Wolves - A 2018/19 Brighton - H - 2018/19 Nothing to really shout about in the 120 odd games he’s played though. Has never developed the consistency in his game to realise his early promise.
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