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  1. That selfishness produced a couple of sh*t hot saves from their keeper too. I doubt we'd be having this conversation had their keeper not had a blinder and maddisons efforts had gone in. He's creating and scoring with some of the best stats in the league. There is no question he makes us better, the numbers don't lie, nor does the England cap and the fact that big clubs are keeping an eye on him. Up the foxes.
  2. A selfish streak is part an parcel of any attacking player to be fair. He does have the best stats for through balls in the league so nothing to see there. I must admit i'm not a fan of the falling over trick he seems to love. Mind you, if it ends up in the back of the net from it... You know how it is...
  3. Our team is brilliant and they have so much room for improvement. Losing players seems to me to be the only thing that will stop us being top 6 on a regular basis. Once the training facilities and the stadium expansion have taken place we will be a fantastic proposition for higher level players. Would love to see our current crop remain with us and further quality added to it. Up the foxes.
  4. Win. Everything. In the whole world.
  5. I can't wait for this! Let's have a belter. 2-0 Vardy and a Barnes screamer. Up the foxes
  6. Good group of young players on loan now. Very pleased. Don't think it matters too much if it's lower league as some of these players have never played competitive football anyway so it's as much about gaining that experience as anything. Looking forward to them pushing for 1st team spots in the near future. We have a great academy.
  7. Haven't they been playing with no striker for a while? We'll have these lot. They are dog sh*t.
  8. Massive opportunity. We are so much better than villa, they offer nothing that makes me worry we can't out play them, even without vards. if we can execute the level of pressing we saw against the hammers we should have too much quality for them. Make us proud.
  9. I really want vards to get the golden boot this season so will be gutted for him if he's out for too long. That being said we've done really well in his absence so nothing to support panic stations just yet.
  10. I can understand him choosing to go to Everton at the time, it's the other 800 players they've brought in since that I can't fathom.
  11. Love this. Yeah, sod reality you CAN fly if you jump off your roof. Try it. "Somebum whats the score, somebum somebum whats the score?!".
  12. If we get the performance right I fancy us against most teams. Sod the doom and gloomers. 3-0
  13. Will be gutted if that's the case. Has been our pre-match pub for years. This just in... Steaming Billy won't be renewing the lease which I think runs out in June. I've been a local there for many years and I did wonder why billy was letting the Western go down the drain a bit. The last 2-3 yrs it's been on the slide. As it turns out Billy wants out and as far as we know that pr*k Jamie Lewis and the code buildings will likely buy it off Everads and either knock it down or turn it in to a student pub. And to think, all this is happening to a registered community asset.
  14. A lot of these players have never experienced being in a top 4 position before. We as fans aren't too familiar with it either. We're trying to learn how to play like the big teams and for the most part we've been doing. There is so much to be proud and excited about. But managing what it's like being in that bracket is as big a learning curve as what we're trying to achieve playing wise. I think it was Justin who alluded to it in an interview where he said it wasn't just the step up to the premier league it was the fact he was joining a team who were at the time 2nd in the prem having snatched
  15. I think it's more the fans need motivating but of course that comes from winning games, which is impossible to do all the time.
  16. If they need motivation before, during and after ANY game I would be very concerned let alone when we're 3rd in the table. I haven't a clue where their head space is at but I doubt very much it's demotivated.
  17. Tell you what, those 8 Burnley fans made some noise today.
  18. Can't believe we're 3rd in the premier league. Worst leicester team i've ever supported. Can't see another win this season. We are dog sh*t.
  19. I did feel the same when he first came in but I must say his work so far I find hard to undermine based on my previous doubts. We've been on the up since he's come in and despite today's loss i'm not seeing a free fall anywhere, let alone a need to be worried about one. Up the foxes.
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