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  1. We'll smash these lot. They are dog sh*t.
  2. It's Brighton. We will smash them. Stop with the panic stations. One game in and you've already started. Ridiculous. Football is back!!
  3. .yalp nac ylimaf elohw eht emag a .ysorpel ym tae
  4. Just out of interest, if one of the players accidentally ran out with their match top on inside out, the words around the badge would say 'niaga uoy rof won uoy rof neht uoy rof'. Slightly off topic but important none the less.
  5. My Sunday league team. We can't run for a start off and our keeper doesn't know how to catch. We pick up points by pretending to be injured for 90 mins.
  6. I must admit i'm a bit disappointed the Watford players were louder than ours. Took the shine off an otherwise decent performance.
  7. I find it funny we're in the middle of a global pandemic, experiencing loss of life while having our daily lives upended and we're all running around asking 'Yeah, but whats happening with all the money?". I think they'll just print some more and lend it to everyone. Kinda like before accept better.
  8. She wised up to it after the first couple of times.
  9. If you can find a pack of loo roll ANYWHERE pls pm me. Like seriously, I will end up on the tea towels at this rate.
  10. During the game apparently. Fairly early on too I think.
  11. We'll smash these lot. They are dog sh*t. Up the foxes.
  12. I thought it might be about a gay porno.
  13. Bloody hell. I don't suppose anyone knows if there's a channel showing the second leg? Disclaimer: I do not condone illegal streaming.
  14. Not me though. I stay til the end. Mostly cause I live just round the corner.
  15. I just hope us fans have got our sh*t together from the off. They need us to get behind them, however you choose to do it. Some people might have to leave early to catch the train mind.
  16. Just to add, probably best our current form doesn't come into this too much. I'm sure all our players can see how bright this clubs future is, especially compared to their likely destinations. Hold steady - I reckon he will sign.
  17. Let's not confuse making few mistakes and the right choice in a pass as boring. He is technically very good and his passing range especially in tight spaces when under pressure is sh*t hot. Certainly a lot better than some of the garbage I saw in the first half from some of our so called 'star players'. Keep calling him boring. Hopefully everyone else will think the same and no-one will buy him.
  18. I gave Demarai Gray a 9. Anyone who disagrees is a thicko.
  19. A cup game is just the tonic we need right now. Lets put our league worries aside for the night and get at them form the off. 0-4 Up the foxes.
  20. Was that in the greatly inferior sequel? Directors cut
  21. 'football vs homophobia'. Anyone know what the line up's gonna be? Can't find a team sheet on this anywhere..
  22. They have their tits twisted? Wow, something for everyone these days. Don't suppose you know of a 'gently fondled bar'. Much more my scene
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