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  1. Pep: 'today we face Leicester, one of the best teams in the premier league'. I hope we throw the bloody kitchen sink at em and really start believing in the above statement. 1-3 Up the foxes
  2. It bloody does me. I worry JJ will be targeted more than any other. There aren't many midfields in world football that can contain KDB when he's in the zone so that was always going to be a problem.
  3. 0-3. Vardy brace and a Barnes screamer. Marhez to be last seen crying in an airport. Fu*k em
  4. I can take or leave this competition. Bigger fish to fry for us this season.
  5. I rate Praet highly but a fully fit Maddison takes our attack up another level.
  6. Team selection might be based around maddisons fitness. Great to see him back. Tails up against Burnley 4-1
  7. Everything makes much more sense if you listen to this while your reading. It really does work.
  8. Problem is no-one wants to buy him. Same with big slim. We'll lose a sh*t ton of money on them anyway and considering we've been paying part of their wages on loan, the extra cost in wages might not be so much of an expenditure. We're not exactly blessed with numbers and the experience they have in European football there is every chance they'll get game time. Can't see them getting much in the prem.
  9. Yes, he definitely has. Pretty sure there was a thread on it at some point.
  10. Wanted him to stay. Still a hell of a lot more to come from him. Just glad we got serious money for him (as we always do when it comes to letting a player go, we are solid in that department) and I don't have to listen to muppets slagging him off every week. We move on.
  11. Don't blame him. Better money, CL football and you can't help thinking the fans who gave him sh*t for the last 2 seasons have played their part.
  12. Good for you buddy. Leicester fans getting together around the world can only be good thing. Best of luck
  13. Just got this album on vinyl. it's awesome.
  14. Just picked up on vinyl - shit hot.
  15. I will be going at the first available chance I can get. This will only happen mind you, if I can find £70 at short notice in an empty bank account without knowing whether i'll even still be employed by kick off. I'm well up for it though.
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