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  1. Nothing will happen on this unless the fans get on his back. It will have to come from us. Let's start with an open letter.
  2. There are global match fixing syndicates at play across most sports. I doubt it happens top end as much, if at all, more lower leagues with less risk at getting caught. Yes match officials are a part of this. Personally I trust the prem officials not to be partaking in such skull duggery.
  3. Good luck signing all the top players pep
  4. I'm from NZ so I can confirm this is accurate. We just don't know how to use them.
  5. Lets just hope this gets upheld properly. I worry they will buckle and make a mockery of their own rules. Wasn't Chelsea's transfer ban reduced?
  6. Wilfred Ndidi. I have nothing else to add.
  7. On to the next one. If wilf is still injured I will shit my pants.
  8. This ban is so so important. It matters enormously in the context of "the big six" and the blatant capitalism that has a strangle hold on our game. Fu*king get in!!
  9. Will be interesting to see how we fair against the Portuguese national team. Why everyone seems to think we'll be lucky to get something from this is beyond me. The best thing they've got going for them is having a squad that's been together since they bought the championship title. We have a way more talented squad. We are 3rd, they are 9th. Fu*k em. Let's rip them a new one. 1-3. Up the foxes.
  10. I'd have a throbbing man fat if we signed Timo Werner.
  11. Thought he should have started, then I remembered he's been playing in the development squad, not that there's anything wrong with that to be fair but the championship - WOW. Any Leicester fan that forgets it's the most competitive league in the world... That's a great loan for both clubs right there. Give it time.
  12. Was very impressed with his performance against wigan. I assume Brendan rates him very highly as he wants him to go out on loan to get regular football rather than bench warming here. No-one will displace the evans/soyuncu partnership as it stands so we have brought in cover so he can get the game time he needs. He's got big game experience with celtic so he won't be fazed. He will be a big player for you and he will be hungry for game time. I think you've done well to get him in.
  13. I've heard nothing but positivity regarding C/L qualification. If your seeing negative stuff posted on here - grab the salt and pinch it
  14. The one thing VAR was supposed to eradicate and yet here we are debating it. I expected teething problems with the tech but what I didn't expect was it being used by a bunch of tools who can't work out what footage to look at. Be interesting to see what happens with it next year but I can't help thinking the tech is sound but we lack the calibre of officials to use.
  15. I'm leaving the game with a sore throat from singing, shouting and celebrating the 2 goals we score without reply. Up the citeh.
  16. I did a pitch invasion once, got to the middle and realised no-one else had the same idea. Very embarrassing day at the office.
  17. Surely they have looked at the wrong replay reading that? That's a proper clanger that is!
  18. My cat does that all the time. So i've started climbing in to her basket and doing it back. left a sh*t in it last time - see how she likes it...
  19. He is joint top for through balls in the premier league, this being what you said he was no good at? It's ok, your not a fan, that's cool. I think he's ace regardless of his age and nationality...
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