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  1. Surely this cannot go on.. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/01/02/exclusive-huge-spike-recent-premier-league-injuries-sparks-call/
  2. Getting in the top 6 and having a go at one of the cups was the target. Would bloody love to win the fa cup mind.
  3. Party! Party! Party! I'm gonna bust some shapes. Fu*k yes.
  4. Wondering if we can convince filbo to do a sh*t in the kit bag.
  5. Words have no meaning without context. The end.
  6. Santa Claus is a massive racist by the way.
  7. Great find. I'm sure there is many others too, like having to choose between food and heating. My own elderly mother can't afford to have hers on a lot as it cost too much on her pension. Things like this I can't see getting better but more thank likely worse. I suppose my view point is more based around the fact that I see a lot of suffering going on in the world I live in and most of it happens through politics and economy. I just feel it's important we all remember to be better people, more caring and compassionate regardless of our view points on how the country should be run, and initiati
  8. Wow. The cold view of politics is always a great way to measure peoples loneliness. Clearly you don't wholeheartedly support what the club are doing otherwise you wouldn't have jumped on it with a volley of "government policy being to protect them and the expense of everybody else" type sweeping statements. You have a personal beef with this. Good for you. No loneliness isn't just for the elderly, but there is without doubt a level of suffering happening, as i'm sure you know well enough, and regardless of your political views, something needs to be done to prevent it. If not, why should anyo
  9. Bloody awesome idea. Seems to me the elderly are gone and forgotten once they stop paying taxes. They used to be respected members of society that people had time for. Not a good world to grow old in.
  10. Bugger that, more of this guy please..
  11. Braunstone gates attraction was about having somewhere different for a night out rather than going in to town so I don't think bars at highcross ever affected it, more the vibe changing and if anything becoming more town like. The students in the area will go to a night at Sumo but largely go in to the city centre to get sh*t faced (thankfully). I can remember dj'ing at the Tucan not long after Natter Jacks opened and having a couple of meat heads come in from there and start scratching on my turntables in the middle of my set. That place really has ruined the vibe on brauny gate. Not bad
  12. I really bloody hope so! King has the 3 division league titles with the same club though, that sh*t will never get beat
  13. Another loan deal not really worked out for him. Was really hoping he would have his future sorted by now. Club legend. From the daily record: Welsh cap King, 31, moved to Rangers on-loan for the season in the last window from Leicester City but is now set to return to the Premier League title chasers next month. The midfielder had hoped to head north and make an impression under Gerrard but that has failed to happen. He has played five games and has decided to cut his losses and return to the Foxes and from there he might get a permanent deal elsewhere, as his exist
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