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  1. Our political system is an archaic, incestual utterly redundant institution that bares no relevance to the catastrophic problems humanity currently faces. Let alone this pathetically weak version of capitalism that props up our economy, which falls apart at the seams with the slightest nudge. I am also available for childrens parties.
  2. Leicester to finish top 6 and win the Europa League. Everyone else can bugger off.
  3. 'We all live in a leper colony!' 'a leper colony!' 'a leper colony!'
  4. Thank christ you found that funny! Here's a laugh, I had a covid test and i'm clear! Just the full blown aids and a touch of scabies
  5. We're all still sulking a wee bit. We just need to knock off a few cry wanks and have a good sleep. We won't feel so sore about things tomorrow.
  6. Another cu*t not wearing a face mask while hes out. It's people like you...
  7. Nothing. If they had finished 5th and won it I think we would have lost our C/L place but we're not due any favours unfortunately. Hope that cheers you up.
  8. If we had showed this kind of poor form at the beginning of the season and finished as-well as we started, 5th place would feel like more of an achievement to be fair. You can't deny we missed a massive opportunity here, one that's going to be immensely hard to get again but we are ahead of our long term goals considerably and most importantly we are a financially stable club who have got in the mix without risk taking; desperately trying to live up to the premier leagues way of doing things. A missed chance yes but I fancy us to get another one sooner than the so called chasing pa
  9. Pitty this wasn't played in the Belgium 2nd division. Could have qualified for 8 play offs and 6 finals with 9 teams playing each other 12.7 times. Now all we need is OH Leuven to do the business. How about that for fixture.
  10. They don't call you RumbleFox for nothing
  11. Let's not forget we're moving in to arguably the best training facility in world football. Imo that'll attract players on it's own. We're not interested in expensive ready made players more developing young talent so regardless of the C/L place we aren't competing with the traditional top 6 anyway. What's defining the next 4-5 years is how we've done things in the last 10. Europa league is fine for me too. But....Imagine beating these lot Sunday!! sod it, i'm going 3-1 Up the foxes!
  12. Too many key players out for us to be effective. Whatever team he puts out i'm confident they will give their best and work bloody hard for it but with so many players out I can't see a win. That being said, the odds for a win won't be 5000-1 now will it? Up the foxes
  13. They're all big games now regardless of the opposition. We just need to be on it. If we're on it and we get the rub of the green we'll have this (CL). Madders back for spuds and yanited and vards has got his shooting boots back on. As for Bournemouth 0-2 Up the foxes.
  14. So we won. Are we still worried about the same players? And are we feeling better about finishing top 4? Let's discuss
  15. Most exciting player in the team for me. Capable of playing anywhere in attack. I hope the fans can let him find out how deadly he can be. I say this because I know the club can but i've seen questionable patients from some of us towards any inconsistency from our younger players. I would hate to see 'Barnes to ....' coming up in any transfer window anytime soon. Up the foxes
  16. Fu*king waste of money he turned out to be.
  17. Obviously no atmosphere but I notice the support has started eroding pretty quick. Even mention of the premier leagues top scorer being benched. This despite the unique and tragic circumstances our team has returned to. Lets discuss.
  18. I'm going to buck the trend here and go with 12th. I have no reason to think we're capable of winning any of our remaining games based on the levels we've reached this season. We can't score goals, our defence is sh*t and i've wasted both sky passes on a load of garbage. Fu*k you.
  19. I think this should be played in a neutral venue like Stadium Abu Dhabi Upon Tyne.
  20. Incidentally, i'm starting think about how deadly the vards and nacho partnership could be. Ignorantly i've tended to see Iheanacho as a bit awkward and uncomfortable when he's played, always reverting to the "Vardy conundrum" when really Iheanachos awkwardness is just how he plays. He makes different choices on the ball and defences can't work it out, leaving them ending up out of shape and vardy with a better chance to get in behind. But the idea we would be in anyway better off giving nacho a run and benching vards is simply fu*king ridiculous - imo. Up the foxes.
  21. Unbelievable Jim. It's life as the top scorer but not as we know it.
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