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  1. We’ll be in a title race as soon as we’re allowed the Rachel thread to return.
  2. He’s more than capable of playing against any defence but our problem really is the lack of contingency planning up front. We should have been in for someone like Che Adams a couple of years ago or Watkins this past summer who could come on after an hour as plan B with 2 up top or sub for Vardy and give him a break to prolong his career even more. A man his age shouldn’t have to be playing 90 minutes every match.
  3. Rogers out, bring back the glory days of the early naughties with Kelly, Megson and Allen!!! Those guys would have us 75 points clear by now!
  4. I thought I’d read somewhere that Bennet went there, that really would look bad for Benk!
  5. Is it Ryan Bennet that’s starting for Cardiff ahead of Benk?
  6. I did see an inflatable dinosaur wearing one a couple of weeks back in town if you can track him down
  7. Anyone other than Villa or the usual suspects of Man City, Utd, Liverpool or Chelsea would be great for football and the premier league. I’d love it to be Southampton but can’t see them getting anywhere near and as much as I dislike Spurs I’d actually like them to win it under Jose just to prove to all the Utd fans that they were wrong in wanting him out and getting Ole in.
  8. I’m pretty sure the 0-2 at Fratten park was when Portsmouth won the league but we still got promoted in 2nd place under Mickey Adams. I remember we went on an end of season football tour to Bogner and met a group of Pompey fans and we spent half the afternoon in a drunken mess chanting “ two nil , in your swimming pool, two nil in your swimming pool!”
  9. They still make a version of this and I’ve ordered one for my 2 kids this Christmas
  10. Mint23


    I love him, always have.
  11. Matty is 100% a legend to me. I still bump into him from time to time in and around Desford and he’s always got tome for a chat and a pint. Still smokes like a chimney too but he was the first defender I’d ever watched that could actually play football. I remember his debut where he was demanding the ball off the midfield to spread passes around and I thought it was like us signing Maldini!
  12. I remember being a 12 year old and my dad making me do this for the Blackburn play off game. Looking back I think I probably could have stay at home with my mum but it was a bit of character building and I love telling my 40 something year old mates The story.
  13. There’s no way I’ll be paying £15. I’ve already paid the club £70 just to reserve my ticket, I’ve paid Sky and BT, that’s where it stops for me. If they made it £5 a game and guaranteed at least 50% of the money went to non league or even lower efl clubs that are struggling I’d be interested but this is just money grabbing from a premier league that just spent over £1 billion on transfers this summer.
  14. I’m not judging anyone but there’s no way I’m paying. I can get a stream, listen to radio or even just watch the bbc stream. The point is as long as people pay they’ll keep robbing us
  15. I know it’s only against England - and my under 11’s team would look half decent against England! - but this is the first time I’ve seen Castagne play on the left and he’s looking great.
  16. JJ needs to be stronger than he was against Wood at Burnley today
  17. Keith from the Athletic doesn’t get much wrong and he’s broken the Madders story
  18. It’s been that long I’ve forgotten how to save them to my phone, can anyone remind me please??
  19. The king has returned!!! This is the best signing of the transfer window and we’ve had a good window!
  20. Have any of the Monday papers lead with the headline Maroon 5???
  21. Are we allowed to play in long sleeved shirts and have the “T-shirt line” at our wrists?
  22. He’s absolute quality, behind the likes of Mahrez and Kante he’s one of the best we’ve ever had - just with he could deliver a corner!
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