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  1. It's alright, I think we're just being patient knowing it will come more to us in the 2nd half and at least trying to make sure we don't get sucker-punched in the meantime. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Nachoman who comes off. Could be any one of the front three, honestly.
  2. Kinda wish we'd have taken out Thomas and put Castagne over there with Albrighton coming in, like we did on Monday to such great effect.
  3. I like these subs and I think we're gonna win.
  4. It's nice to have Evans, Fofana and Soyunca together at the back for the second game in a row. Such a massive difference even though we've done well, by and large, without one or more of them.
  5. We won the league. So even if we win this it could never be our greatest moment ever (which an FA Cup win probably would be had we not won the league). So it's just exciting. Can we take this chance? I hope we do it for the Boss.
  6. If I was Rodgers I would be using this as a rocket up the arse to all three (five) along the lines of "you've served your punishment, you're partly responsible for yesterdays loss, now make it up to everyone in these last seven games". A top 4 spot is still in our hands if we take the chance so let's use it in the final push. They're not the first nor will be the last to fall afoul of this. It's unfortunate but I think they've paid for it by missing such a crucial game, seen the consequences and that will be on their minds til seasons end. I think we'll be seeing the best of Maddis
  7. I'm not that disappointed. Thought we were a bit unlucky. Ref was shit. I thought in the last 20 minutes we looked really dangerous and had we had a bit more luck and got one back quickly we could've easily gotten something out of it. With Chelsea losing and us probably expected to lose I suppose it's a net win in a glass half-full kinda way. I fancy Brighton and Wolves to get something from their games vs MU and WH. Next week's game is massive.
  8. Let's also not forget he's continued to bring in, admittedly often out of necessity, younger players into the squad this season. Who knows how many of them will become first team regulars but it's good to see this continuing to be a big part of the vision.
  9. He could have so easily lost concentration when the ball somehow didn't hit anything on the way through to him but he kept his composure and finished it with the most Dan-like header ever. Feels like we stole it. Cheers Dan! Some of us had faith in ya!
  10. It wouldn't be so bad if the England team didn't comprise of an overrated London-team youngsters XI. Plus Stirling. But no, Southgate's favourites it is. When I watch that it makes me think the breaks aren't worth it.
  11. Thought Demi was about to come on then at first glance!
  12. I hope Rodgers in his post-match interview, just like Arteta does every time he loses to us, gives them no credit whatsoever, complains about Arsenal players rolling around at any opportunity and blames it on injuries. And if he wants to go the whole hog he can even say it wasn't a penalty and complain about the ref too.
  13. That's a lot of DM in our midfield with Mendy, Choudhury, Tielemans, Amartey and N'Didi all on at the same time.
  14. Ricardo is so damn good. We've done so well in his absence we should have missed him more than we did but he is proving what a world class player he is. He could take us up a notch. Oh 2-0 nice.
  15. https://www.90min.com/posts/the-strikers-that-leicester-should-target-to-replace-jamie-vardy-ranked A fairly comprehensive article over a long-belaboured point.
  16. He's been with us for five years now and while he's probably never going to recreate that run from box to box in the Copenhagen YouTube video it is hard to want much more from a player of his squad status. Whenever he's called upon he's going to put his body on the line no questions asked. He'd probably look more than serviceable alongside Evans and either Soyuncu or Fofana on the right-side of a back three if he had a run of games. In the meantime he can fill in at RB and DM in a pinch especially in competitions of lesser priority. He's had a weird career especially with us. Barely played 50
  17. Maybe this is just planting the seed for a move in the summer especially if Tuchel freezes him out between now and then. I'm sure Chelsea will expect to beat us next year, with or without Gilmour, no matter what happens this season so their stance might soften esp with another 6 months off of his contract by then.
  18. I like how disappointed Maddison looks.
  19. Came off the bench and just scored on his Leverkusen debut. Good for him. Edit: Nice finish too, amazingly.
  20. I like that sub or those subs to be more specific. At this point Rodgers has earned enough trust that you are optimistic for our chances whenever he switches things up like this. So obviously we'll win now.
  21. I'd go with Perez. He has the technical ability to mesh with our other players more seamlessly. If he could get a run of two or three games that could flip the switch with him. He's just a more trustworthy footballer and his work rate is better than Nacho.
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