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  1. Hard to believe he's been with us for 3.5 years already and played so little, relatively. But his recent run shows Brendo has confidence in him so that's a huge positive. He's more than serviceable and maybe we've yet to see the best of him. Hope he can come back this season.
  2. Man Utd, in 5th, are closer to the relegation zone than to us.
  3. Youri needs to stop dawdling. He's given it away two or three times already. I'm getting a little worried about him.
  4. Justin Fashanu's goal for Norwich against Liverpool is one of my oldest football memories. What a goal that was.
  5. With the way Kelechi is going, people will soon be talking about the long-forgotten Man City first-option release clause in his contract.
  6. Yes, absolutely. Souness was also from a time when it was ok to be a dirty fouling cnut. Keane and Vieira were the direct descendents from him and I suppose today's versions are much more refined.
  7. Not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Souness. Dirty, fouling cnut is more apt. Secondarily, he was a great player.
  8. When Iheanacho starts looking like the player we were all hoping for when he signed 2.5 years ago you know something great is happening. All hail, Lord Brendan.
  9. For once, one of Pereira's ultra-soft tackles did not draw a foul.
  10. Rumour is we may be interested in Elneny of Arsenal in January. We'll see, but if we do go for any top 6 players I doubt it would be for first-teamers.
  11. Nice salmon and uh...midnight blue kit, Everton...
  12. If Pep has only one more season after this I suspect that is a job Brendan may be interested in.
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