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  1. Wizerud


    Are they for real? "Hold on a minute, I've got a 20 pound note in the back of the couch. And some change in me car. Oh we got this bitcoin too" - Everton chairman. Full on tinpot.
  2. Wizerud

    Summer spending chart

    That's what I thought until I realized it was ranked in net spend order. Because we got $60m for Mahrez that is skewing our numbers to make it look like other have spent more than us. This table basically glorifies spending money. We're bottom because at this point we've made a profit.
  3. Wizerud

    Ahmed Musa

    Perfect. A bidding war between two rivals. They’ll be so concerned about one-upping each other they’ll forget the final bid.
  4. Lukaku off. Kane next, please.
  5. Too many fuchin overrated Tottenham players on the pitch doing fuch all. Surely gotta play Vardy in what will almost definitely be his last World Cup game ever.
  6. Wizerud

    Riyad finally gone

    Which one of you guys wrote this? 😆 https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/riyad-mahrez-manchester-city-signing-leicester-pep-guardiola-latest-updates-a8445861.html
  7. Wizerud


    Two things spring to mind when I think of Gazza. Italia '90 of course. And that truly disgraceful tackle against a Forest player in the 91 FA Cup Final that ultimately hurt him a lot more than the other guy. I didn't view him the same after that although I'm sure many on here won't see #2 that negatively.
  8. Wizerud

    How much is Maguire worth?

    We need Maguire a hell of a lot more than we need 50m regardless of what other teams view his worth as, which is irrelevant because he's not for sale.
  9. Wizerud

    Danny Amartey

    He could be cover for RB, CB, CM or even right wing back if we go with 3 CB’s. Plus he seems like a nice bloke with a good team-player attitude. Then again if he was sent out on loan I don’t think he’s done enough yet (through lack of opportunity) to prove he’s above Championship level. Wouldn’t be against a loan to one of those teams but honestly would rather keep. His contract must be getting quite short, no?
  10. Wizerud

    England v Belgium

    Headline after the game: "Vardy hat-trick puts him in surprising Golden boot contention" "Jamie Vardy took his chance in fine style tonight when he bagged a hat-trick against Belgium's reserves as England cantered to a 3-0 win. With Harry Kane sidelined following a heavy tackle by Harry Maguire in training, all hopes now rest on Vardy to lead the line for England and bring it home" What? We won the league. It could happen
  11. Wizerud


    Thank god we never managed to sell him despite our best efforts since January. Let's face it, I think most of us 24 hours ago would have been relieved to see Musa leave at a loss or even on a free if it meant his wages were off the books. Now, we are reading hilarity such as this: https://www.footballfancast.com/premier-league/arsenal/arsenal-fans-tell-club-to-sign-ahmed-musa-after-brilliant-nigeria-display Unbelievable. But what do we do? Will Puel even want to give him a chance?
  12. Wizerud

    James Maddison

    Video? What video? Shit, if people would just post this stuff here we could get to 100 pages and he'd sign
  13. Wizerud

    VAR yes or no ..... Discuss

    Eventually they will get it down to where each decision should take no more than 10 seconds. Then I think we'll really start to see the benefit of it and you can expand it to other decisions so long as it's quick enough you barely notice. Even something as simple as deciding who gets a disputed throw-in could be included but ONLY if they can make it fast enough. And while they're at it, it's ridiculous that injury time is so badly measured and managed. Why is it that the first half injury time is always like 1-2 minutes but the second half it's anything from 3-6? Surely they should be about the same? They just don't seem to be taking into account all the time wasted. And yes you can include the VAR delays as part of that!
  14. Wizerud

    Tunisia v England match thread

    Also thought Kane's second goal is a bit underrated. He had a pretty tight window to fire that header into but, smartly, he places it instead of hurredly swinging at it like we had been doing all damn night up until that point. So fair play to him. And we deserved it.
  15. Wizerud

    Solomon Kvirkvelia

    This must be our plan B to Dragovic not signing. Shame, would've preferred Drago but he wants to play regularly so can't blame him.