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  1. C'mon boys! We're not exactly dominating but we're definitely setting the tempo and they are already tiring. Reminds me a lot of the Chelsea game. We're gonna get something out of this one too!
  2. From the LCFC website: ”Tielemans and Praet star in Belgium victory” ”Praet an unused substitute” 🙄
  3. Well at least he gets to play now. If he's that great, he's still our player. If he's dogshite, he's still our player.
  4. Thought that was his best game of an already great season. He’s growing in confidence like he knows it’s his position to lose now.
  5. That ended up being a very fine controlled win. We looked like Barcalona after the third!
  6. We’re lucky (or good enough) that we’re scoring enough to avoid defeat. The season and this team is still young. Plenty of time to improve. Another very winnable game this weekend before the break and a chance to get better for Man U. Chin up!
  7. Could almost say that Choudhury's got a good lunge on him.
  8. Don’t let Vardy’s boot hit your arse on the way out.
  9. I know it's only 15 minutes but Praet looks like everything we were hoping Silva would have been.
  10. Good result for us, that. Nothing to do with the scoreline but 120 mins plus pens four days before playing us isn’t great. Oh and they lost.
  11. I think the tradition of the league cup being contested between the top four divisions of the English football pyramid has got a bit more relevance than what the current commercially-driven name they've got today. The "Premier League" itself is just a name. We're still Division One. With more money.
  12. A little article on our new hero: https://inews.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/caglar-soyuncu-leicester-city-wolves-harry-maguire-analysis/
  13. 6.00am kick-off, 4 hours sleep, game not helping.
  14. Every goal scored against Norwich is another reason to laugh at Chris Sutton.
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