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  1. Which manager could we attract?

    The ship has sailed on Silva. At his current trajectory I can see him or Howe going to Spurs if Barca summon Poch. I'd love Howe here but I don't think he'd come. Still think we should wait until Christmas at earliest before thinking about switching managers. We've lost to no-one we shouldn't have. Yes we were appalling in the last game but for some reason Bournemouth always give us trouble. Howe's just got our number. Let's wait til we've played everyone before canning Shakey.
  2. Bournemouth Away Match Thread

    60 minutes of hoofball. One chance. Worryingly bad but it's still 0-0. Even a point would be daylight robbery.
  3. Huth

    I'd have Huth and Maguire if we continue with a two, even though Morgan has been playing, since the Man U game at least, as well as I've seen since our title-winning season. I'd continue with two at the back until we've played 10-15 games. Let's see where we are once we've played everyone once. At least we haven't lost to any team we shouldn't have lost to.
  4. Dragovic joins on loan

    Is this guy really good enough to displace Huth, if that is why we brought him in?
  5. Brighton & Hove Albion Match Thread - Home

    What a thoroughly deserved goal for our Harry. Fuching happy for him.
  6. Brighton & Hove Albion Match Thread - Home

    Got 0-0 written all over it. Eww. Hope I’m wrong!
  7. Woody’s still young. Would rather have him than Ulloa and would be a toss up between him and Slimani for me. Not that we’d buy him back but still. Glad he’s developed since leaving us. He’d never have been given that chance with us.
  8. Leicester City vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach

    Hope that’s not the last time we see Mahrez in a City shirt
  9. Kante at tonight's match

    Bless him.
  10. Daniel Amartey

    Right now I'd keep him around purely for the versatility. He never seems to be far away from the first 11 - whether that's a symptom of injuries or Shakey just preferring him. He can't be costing us that much either. Keep him, play him, he'll keep getting better. He's still very young. So pretty much keep doing what we're doing with him.
  11. Molla Wague

    Of course if the staff determine he is too injury prone, don't bother. Or if Shakey just doesn't like him obviously there's no point. But if we can get him cheap, with no expectations of being a starter, maybe he could be a useful backup. We saw at the tail end of last season how easy it is to be short at CB. Let the guy be a cup regular and see what he can do. At least in the 70 minutes we saw of him he put himself about.
  12. Molla Wague

    He was on the pitch for 70 minutes, didn’t look shit and he certainly looked like he was at least making an effort which is a lot more than I can say for some other players on that day. And it was his first ever game for us. Not saying he’s the answer to any questions but at least he’s familiar with us. Why doesn’t he deserve a chance if we can get him on the cheap?
  13. Harry Maguire Official

    Fuchin stoked about this signing! With 'Arry and 'Uth at the back and the lad from Chester in a few years (hopefully) to eventually take Bob's spot we suddenly look a lot more solid at the back. In theory. Oddly enough he looked like Hull's biggest goal threat when they played us at the KP. He's gonna get a few goals this year fo sho.