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  1. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    Can’t see Courtois playing Sunday
  2. 40pts ... the magical milestone achieved in March

    I would have taken top 10 and quarter final of FA Cup start of season
  3. Lincoln fans at the KP

    Ya my son & I Season Ticket Holders at KP and live just down road from Lincoln been going few games when not at Leicester games think they have stolen our Atmosphere as well really good there at the minute. Took a very good friend to the KP at the weekend who introduced me to my first games at Leicester 45 years ago and he felt that Saturday was one of the worst Atmosphere’s he had been in at a leicester game that he can remember
  4. Bournemouth chances of it being postponed ?

    4 of us hoping to come from Sleaford tha A46. See Cov Lincoln been called off
  5. Leeds Cup Game

    Your probably right but like I said why hasn't the club made an announcement
  6. Leeds Cup Game

    Looks like we are late with everything then
  7. Leeds Cup Game

    How is it BBC Website plus others and Leeds fixtures show the Cup game as being played Tuesday 24th 19.45 KO and our own club can not be bothered to announce the details
  8. No more discount with season tickets

    Girl who took my order when I asked when it had changed told me it started as from today
  9. Just placed an order on the phone from fans store expecting discount with being season ticket holder and been told no more discount they are now doing points system any one else heard this
  10. So, here we are.....

    Great post had a tear in my eyes reading it what will I be like 27th September
  11. On Holiday in Estepona Spain and got Leicester Shirts on market we must have made big time
  12. Community Shield Post Match Thread 1 - 2

    2 season ticket holders Sat in a Irish bar in Estepona Spain watching this match disappointed not being there surrounded by Man U fans. Not dissapointed myself but young son 13 your old gutted . All Man U fans having said very complimentary on us. Beat Hull next week and we have started. Still in Spain for Hull game but back for Arsenal
  13. Sky total *****

    I am with BT have internet,phone,BT TV which includes BT sport then pay extra for Sky Sports and pay £75-£85 a month depending on phone calls & renting films
  14. Sky total *****

  15. Vardy Euro 2016 Thread

    Don't think it will make any difference who is next England manager unless they make changes above the manager (ie within the FA )The manager will always have to be a yes man. What a total embarrassment watching England tonight least Vardy will get extra rest