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  1. The most creative player to play for Leicester City? Probably. When Weller received the ball something special usually happened. Scored some great goals & assisted plenty more. Stand out games of the 70's when he donned white tights in the demolition of Norwich in the cup & the hat trick against Liverpool. Unfortunately Weller was at his peak when Revie was mismanaging the England side & won nowhere near the amount of caps he deserved. Looking forward to this book, hope it's a cracking read. R.I.P. Keith Weller
  2. FACT Without Robert Huth we wouldn't have escaped relegation in 2015, which means we wouldn't have won the league in 2016
  3. Leicester City Coalville Town Barwell Loughborough Dynamo Oadby Town Quorn Harborough Town Shepshed Dynamo St Andrews Frisr Lane & Epworth Ratby sports Kirby Muxloe Highfield Rangers Fleckney Anstey Nomads Anstey town Lutterworth Hinckey fc Nirvana Melton Town Plenty of local derbies
  4. The 'N' word on 2 sides of the ground cant be helping things
  5. Chivers, McFarland, Jordan & Keegan
  6. Back before Richard Keys & Andy Gray invented football in 1992 Frank Worthington - Leeds 1982
  7. Travellers rest, Grifftdam. Drink driving compulsory
  8. Tottenham Hotspur The best thing about the spring season along with the warmer weather & the daffs etc. is the annual implosion of our esteemed North London friends. Their time as a top six side is surely over after this season. Pochettino & Erikson off to pastures new, Alli, complete loss of form, Lloris, a joke, Dier over rated, even Harry Kane may consider leaving his spiritual home. They'll still have some excuse though.
  9. Today I Will get a £4.20 day saver on arriva, this will take me into town & back, bus to the Aylestone road & back if I can't be arsed to walk & because my car will spend the day parked outside my house I will be able to drink my own body weight in lager & not have to worry about driving. I love arriva buses on match days.
  10. Who are the Beatles Daltrey & Townshend with McCartney & Ringo.
  11. Started getting into music about 1969/1970 & I would love to be cool & say my first single I bought was Get Back or All Right Now or even In the Summertime. But I would be lying. The first single I bought was Two Little Boys by Rolf Harris. There, I've said it. I will understand if I am banned forthwith from Foxestalk.
  12. Bog standard player who got lucky. The upper echelons of the game no longer need the PFA but the less well off certainly do. His salary was obscene but hardly surprising.
  13. Beat me to it. Andy Feeley was the hardest man I've ever seen play for Leicester City
  14. Modern local journalism has been on a steep decline for years. The Mercury has gone from being a good read written by knowledgeable hacks that could relay a story which Leicester folk could relate to, to poorly written, poorly edited speculation of both mainstream & local news & sport. Bring back Fred Leicester.
  15. Fleckney WMC aged 14 Watneys starlight bitter 16p a pint tasted feckin awful but pretended to like it so as to show I was an 'adult' Fleckney club was where I learned to drink, mix with 'grown ups' play darts & pool & on the odd occasion, disco nights, cop off. The place has like many clubs been demolished & turned into to flats. Sad loss.
  16. I remember buying the first 'Of Fossils & Foxes' as a pressie for my brothers 21st. Took it into Filbo reception & asked if there was any chance of the players signing it. Might take a couple of days the friendly lady replied & I left it with her. 2 days later, went back in to find 18 players signatures in the book including all the then current 1st team. Doubt that could happen now.
  17. I like many geriatrics, harp on about the "Good old days" probably a bit more than I ought to. Frankie Wortho, Weller, Glover et al from the 70's were something special & the O'Neill team was also a fantastic era but if truth be told the 2015-2016 side will never be bettered, even if we win it again it will not be a special as the first time. So in answer to the OP, yes Jamie Vardy is the greatest ever Leicester City player.
  18. Great start for Claudio in his first match at Roma. Empoli defeated 2-1. 3 points off a champions league place. He may be the welcome breath of fresh air Roma have been lacking.
  19. Once upon a time Leicester's students lived 4-6 in a terraced house, made a pot of Bolognese sauce last a week & made 2 half's of lager last all night in the boozer. This development ain't going to come cheap & will bump up their already massive debts making their start to Working life a bit of a dear do.
  20. Cant speak for those arrested last night as I have no idea of their comments/chants but chants like "Does your boyfriend know you're here" & "We can see you holding hands" are not homophobic rants but humorous banter, mostly laughed off by Brighton fans. You only have to go to any of the politically correct watered down shows at this years Leicester comedy festival to see what the PC brigade are achieving.
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