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  1. That's 15 minutes of my life i'll never get back.
  2. Unimportant things that leave you bewildered. Middle class champagne socialists singing "Oh Jeremy Corbyn" to the tune of seven nations army in unison. I despair.
  3. Caants, Its the modern world, not surprised. I blame Thatcher, (Margaret not Ben)
  4. Don't normally have much time for the opinions of Danny Murphy but he is spot on with wanting to do away with VAR except for goal line decisions.
  5. R.I.P Association football as we know it.
  6. Wednesday 28th August Leicester 15.04 Change at Chesterfield Arrive Newcastle 18.32 Newcastle 22.45 Change at Leeds ( 4 1/2 hour wait) Arrive Leicester 07.33 £ 222.95 Foxes travel £18 Anyone going on the rattler?
  7. boots60


    Not strange at all. Sounds like a great idea. Hope all goes well & am sure you'll get a lot of support especially if it's included in the Leicester comedy festival. Contact the organisers ASAP as their events calender is planned well in advance.
  8. Chelsea 1 City 2 Abraham for the Blues, Vardy & N'Didi for the Pinks Att - 40,935 Weather - Sunny & bright M.O.M - V.A.R (in our favour) Lampard says " I cant believe how well we played, we only made 2 mistakes" Fast becoming the premier leagues excuse merchant
  9. Pubs near the ground are mainly home fans only though possible to blag your way past the monkey men if not wearing city colours. Earls Court has a reasonable choice & away fans friendly.
  10. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 of the greatest cities in the world. Plenty of culture, entertainment, things to do & see for all ages & tastes, history, OK modern history in New York. 3 shitholes Turkey Brussels Nottingham
  11. I've been thinking about getting myself a pink trucker hat for quite a while but have been put off by the embarrasment factor. I can now get one for free & do not have to worry about looking a prat as 3, 000 others will also be looking ridiculous. Win win.
  12. 3-1 Vardy brace & Tielemans. Jiminez for them. Att - 32,102 Weather - Bright & Breezy Pitch - Perfect Wolves eastern adventure catches up with them.
  13. Yes yes dear dear perhaps next year
  14. It's been confirmed Harry has reported in for training today. Wearing brown cords.
  15. Frank Worthington to Bolton 1977 The end of an era
  16. Dean Smith has has a good managerial career so far. He's done very well to get to the position he is in now. However, his summer transfer business has been a bit like a kid in a sweetshop & too many new faces + a lack of top quality buys leads me to the conclusion that, yes, Villa are the new Fulham.
  17. Fraud is a serious matter. There's someone out there making a tidy living out of his ability to forge Sean St Ledgers signature.
  18. Simonen was shit when he started out with The Clash but over time got considerably better. Guns of Brixton being a good example. Gilson Lavis was in Squeeze for yonks. Their best period when John Bentley was on bass. Cool for cats, Up the Junction etc. Chris Difford being one of the most underrated lyricist/story teller of his era.
  19. Ronnie Lane & Kenny Jones Paul Simonsen & Topper Headon Bruce Foxton & Rick Buckler John Entwistle & Keith Moon John Bentley & Gilson Lavis
  20. I believe the word "Soccer" was first used in public school when the team sheets were posted onto the school notice board. The predominate winter sports being Rugby & Association football. Association was shortened to "Assoc" for the purpose of the team sheet & in turn "Soccer" became the preferred term for what everyone else at that time knew as Football.
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