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  1. I don't think the artificial surfaces in Scotland helped his fitness.
  2. Conjecture is the life blood of fan forums.
  3. Graham Cross, Frank Mclintock & John Sjoberg all played the game hard.
  4. He'll learn to say goodbye pretty soon.
  5. Boring game. All Man City and the commentators are sucking city off as usual
  6. Losing Maguire & Chilwell would be a massive blow to the club.You can't lose two of the best English players in the game & not struggle. We cannot become Southampton Mk ii
  7. They are a big club with a huge following but the truth is that the Scottish Premier league is barely equivalent to league 2. Any English Premier League club would win the SFL in a cakewalk. As to Congerton lets give him a chance to do his job and see what he can do. I still don't care what Sunderland or Celtic fans think.
  8. The Head of Recruitment listens to all of the scouts & the management/coaching team. He doesn't necessarily scout the players himself !! He acts upon the information received.
  9. I'm not too worried about what Sunderland or Celtic supporters think, Sunderland were a grade "A" shitshow that I don't think even Jesus could save, Celtic are a pathetic club with a budget of ten million.They think that winning the worst division in Europe make them Giants. If Brendan thinks its a good move then so do I.
  10. George Graham was one of my favourite players
  11. For me the whole Manchester City scenario is a disgrace to the Premier League ! A horrible ownership group who have bought a title.
  12. That would make me happy as well Maybe Brendan can point out to Youri that a move to a big club isn't always the best thing going.
  13. The club itself is cancerous, they overpay for their players and then overpay their players making them difficult to move.They have some quality players but not a quality team. I really hope Harry doesn't go there , he is too good for them.
  14. Good on you for not missing a game. Don't worry about not drinking alcohol, I picked up the slack for you there. But you are wrong about VVD, he is very, very good.
  15. I honestly don't understand how Man City get a free pass with English fans. Dubious doesn't begin to describe the regime that sponsors the club. I dread to see them win again and the endorsement of a human rights disaster.
  16. It means we have four CB's for two spots given that Wes is only for cover. Probably could make a nice profit on Evans if Brendan had confidence in the young lads.
  17. I agree. Players like Maddison & Tielemans need a degree of freedom to excel. Brendan seems to give them the freedom to perform.
  18. He looked the part today, full of energy & enjoying himself. If he continues to progress like this we are in for a real treat next season.
  19. Norwich are being allowed to play some attractive Football, QPR are standing still. Is this a result of Mclarens coaching??
  20. I honestly don't understand how Man City get a free pass with English fans. Dubious doesn't begin to describe the regime that sponsors the club.
  21. Because I don't want the Abu Dhabi ownership group to win again.
  22. Kante & Hazard on the bench ... Two of the best players in the world ... What a luxury that is
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