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  1. That Chelsea forward four doesn't scare me at all.
  2. The dirty orange bastard. @henrik_62 Only joking Kingy, good luck.
  3. Not Leicester related but I can sympathise with his sentiment. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/08/13/chris-wilder-tells-sheffield-uniteds-dead-wood-put-careers-money/
  4. There's a real seismic shift in football in the last two or three decades. Massive historical clubs are now less powerful than the likes of Bournemouth, that would have been inconceivable not that long a go when a lot of us were growing up as kids. Clubs like Celtic, Rangers, Ajax, Benfica, Sporting Lisbon, etc are now being strangled by their own confinement. Whilst my club has benefited tremendously as we're now one of the most powerful clubs in the world outside the obvious it's not good for the sport in general as a worldwide basis. I remember a North Atlantic league being touted once with clubs from Scotland, Holland, Belgium and Scandinavia forming a league. I think it would certainly benefit the bigger clubs in those countries with it being part of the pyramid scheme in a meritocracy and not a closed shop.
  5. Justin cover both position as full back. It would be a pointless signing if Fuchs was getting ahead of him. My mate went to the Rotherham friendly game and was very impressed with Justin, he said he was the best player on the pitch. I'm very happy with the Justin signing, he's still very young and making the transition from L1 player to PL player. He fits the profile of players I want my club to sign that aren't first team players. I'm happy to have half a dozen or so players that are very young with great potential who want to be forcing their way into the first XI. Justin looks like he fits the bill for me and with his ability to play both full back positions should get a good amount of minutes this season.
  6. None of those with the exception of Mendy offer anything to the squad and even with Mendy we'd be much better off cashing in on him if we can. All of the players you mention are just a financial drain on the club and offer nothing in return. The squad wouldn't be any weaker if they all left.
  7. It was a Maserati actually, I only realised this was you a couple of weeks a go.
  8. About £30k a week on average at the start and then more in the peak years. I stopped doing it about three/four years a go as courtsiders can't hide in tennis like they can in football. I did part of the recent cricket world cup as well.
  9. Little know fact - I actually invented courtsiding. I was doing it on tennis from 2003 and I was the first one ever as far as I'm aware.
  10. Mahrez has started today so Ndidi should be in contention.
  11. 30cm per second of his fastest which is a foot in old money.
  12. When West Ham signed Dembe Ba Lawrenson said that the scout who discovered him should get a medal. He was the third top goalscorer in the bundesliga the season before. A lot of these pundits know nothing outside their own comfort zone. I'm not surprised our title winning chances were dismissed by the likes of him because he judged us on perception. If that was exactly the same players playing for a top six club he would have gave that team much more respect.
  13. They also didn't play George Hurst at any level in his last year because he refused to sign a contract which is his right. I don't blame Hurst for making sure they received minimal compensation when they tried to ruin his career.
  14. He seemed like a very good athletic attributes but less technical albeit he did do some lovely long range finishes. The inside forward is one of the few downsides of the window for me. I'm really happy with Tielemans and Praet and Justin are two excellent squad additions in places that we really needed them and a good age as well. For me the jury is still out on Perez and I'll judge that signing when I've seen him play more. So far he seems to be a bit anonymous but he might be one of those players who don't appear to do much but by the end of the season he's got 10+ goals. I would have liked to see us go all out and get the best player we could in this position. i'm happy with the fee we got for Maguire but disappointed we haven't shifted a lot more squad players who offer little at this point. No doubt the foreign clubs are waiting for our window to close before they start shithousing loan offers for our surplus players.
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