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  1. Ulloa new contract

    I've said this before on here. I think Shakey was impressed when we went 3-4-3 with Ulloa up top in the second half against Atletico Madrid when we gave them a few nervous moments after everyone thought the tie was as good as dead when they scored their away goal. No one is saying Ulloa is better than Slimani but if we could sell Slimani for a good fee and keep Ulloa then he's a cut price replacement for Slimani to fulfil that big lump striker role. I totally see why the club gave Ulloa a new contract as we were hopeful of selling Slimani. Also Ulloa should still be able to command a reasonable fee from a Championship club in either January or next summer and we've gave ourselves room to do this by extending when he only had one year left on his contract last summer. One thing is for sure is Puel needs to make a decision on his strikers before the next transfer window as we find ourselves top heavy and we've spent £70m for what looks like three reserves at the moment in Slimani, Iheanacho and Musa.
  2. Ulloa new contract

    It doesn't matter, he's 30 in six months and we'll never get our money's worth out of him. I think Slimani would be a good player in the right team but if we can get a £20m offer for him we should sell and cut our losses.
  3. Ulloa new contract

    I've probably guessed this was the case and I've said that before on here. The ideal situation was to sell Slimani and keep Ulloa as a low cost alternative. One thing for sure is our striker situation is a mess. All things considered we were in a far better situation when we won the title and our options were thin on the ground with just Vardy, Okazaki and Ulloa. £70m squandered on Slimani, Iheanacho and Musa.
  4. Musa - Opinions so far

    £17m and can't even make the bench. Add to that a likely £12m in wages and that's as good as £30m that would be just as well spent if we flushed it down the toilet.
  5. Musa - Opinions so far

    How is the club unfair? Managers pick players on what they see and I suspect the three managers he's played under have a similar opinion of him to myself. A terrible footballer who has an awful touch and terrible passing skills. I think he'll see his contract out here like Winston Bogarde did at Chelsea, he'll never do anything of note in football again. I can't criticise him enough he's a truly awful footballer and we'll be stuck with him.
  6. She'll owe you money by the end of that.
  7. Compare our attendance to Everton and Spurs in previous rounds and we still got a bigger gate despite both of those clubs charging similar prices to us.
  8. 9,000 tickets left this morning against Manchester City in the QF going on general sale after ST holders and members have had their fill. This will as good as sell out just like every other round so far when we played Liverpool and Leeds, it shows there is demand in the thousands from non members and ST holders and a lot of these people would jump at the chance to buy a ST if there was availability coupled with the excitement of a bigger ground. It's time to release the shackles and let the club grow naturally to the next level and compete long term with the biggest clubs outside the top six like Everton, West Ham and Newcastle.
  9. Adrien Silva

    I couldn't agree more. A bit like Tom Hanks in The Terminal he's been left stateless. The transfer and playing registration should be linked so both happen instantaneously. It's a disgrace he's been left in limbo and not allowed to ply his trade because some bureaucrats think their rules are more important than his career. I'm amazed this never went through on appeal as I thought common sense would prevail over a measly 14 seconds and a situation that has no direct losers but the jobsworths have spoken.
  10. Expected Goals

    Great video btw, I really enjoyed it and I think goal expectation is hugely relevant. Do you have an algorithm to predict expected goals pre match in the PL and in football in general?
  11. New training ground

    Me for one and I'd buy two as well given the chance.
  12. Expected Goals

    That's because you don't fully understand it. Whilst I agree it's subjective there will be a huge number of sample size to determine the chances of any shot and it will be quite accurate. I would be worried if we were 7th in the table but had lost the expected goal stat in every game we played as it would suggest we were one of the poorest sides in the league and when we had a bit of mean reversion we would plummet down the table.
  13. Expected Goals

    @Wookiehas absolutely sodomized this thread. Expected goals is the most relevant stat in football, far more important than possession, shots or shots on target. It's amazing how many people have completely dismissed it as irrelevant. A good analogy would be poker, some times you can do everything perfectly and still lose to a bad beat. This happens plenty of times in poker and football but if you keep winning the goal expectation stat or making the right play in poker you will win more than you lose long term.
  14. New training ground

    A couple of hundred seats available against West Brom on a televised Monday night match isn't a reason the bin the expansion plans. If we had the availability I'm sure we'd easily get another 5,000-10,000 ST holders. A lot of the reasons people don't go is it's hard to get tickets and they just get used to not going. If we never expand we'll always be one of those clubs that spend their existence bouncing between the Premier League and the Championship.
  15. Adrien Silva

    Can you expand on that? Does he look the best player in the squad, the best midfielder in the squad or just first team level?