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  1. I was still a big fan of Gray up until a couple of years a go when most on here were slating him. He has some great physical qualities and some talent as well and if only he could mature with age and experience there was a real player there. however he came here as a teenager and will be 25 when he leaves here if he sees his contract out. He has had every opportunity to make a first place team his own. Puel brought him back in the side for his first game. When Mahrez left the two wide player positions were amongst the weakest in the side. Barnes was still underdeveloped and he's h
  2. Agree with that, he can be a bit suspect defensively but is excellent with his vision and delivery of the football. His defensive side will mature with age and experience and improvement on that part of the game is almost a given. Even at 19 you're usually a baller or you aren't and that side of the game can rarely drastically improve. He can go very far in the game and has a higher ceiling than Chilwell, whether he gets as far as Chilwell in the game is up to him.
  3. Agree with this 100%. Not much fun being in Ukraine in December so I'd leave at least Kasper, Evans, Tielemans and Vardy at home to put their feet up. I'd also look at resting as many current first team players as possible. It would be nice to win the group but it's not essential and come the draw for the last 32 in a fortnight the seeded pot may look no stronger than the unseeded pot. We will still have plenty of chances to win the group and 1pt will probably be enough, we can certainly gamble and send the squad players over to Ukraine as there is only a small downsid
  4. Maddison is our most underrated player for me. Amazing that anyone wouldn't pick him for our first XI, I think he's one of the best players I've ever seen in a Leicester shirt.
  5. With Castagne back and Albrighton and Justin playing very well then there is no need to rush him. He'll be awesome as a wing back as well.
  6. Hard to disagree that's not our best XI players. Forced to play with a three though to get them all in.
  7. Just because we have had a bad history with Sporting on transfers doesn't mean the next one would be bad. A bit like tossing a coin and losing twice doesn't mean you're any more likely to win or lose the third coin toss. I just don't see us being interested with Castagne earmarked for that position and Thomas waiting in the wings. I'm all for signing top drawer 19yo's before they hit the elite clubs though but this is a position that we're well stacked.
  8. I have zero doubts we'll see the Liverpool teamsheet on Sunday night and it will still look like a very good team. BR should play the ball here and not the man meaning I expect us to do well to take a point.
  9. I thought it was a joke about the Liverpool XI with all their injuries. Either works I suppose.
  10. Same for me, we'll never get anywhere taking the safe option. We need to be looking to make at least half our transfer spending to go on talent that hasn't been snapped up by the elite clubs just yet. We win some and lose some but signing the likes of Tarkowski and Siggurdsson (that many wanted) for big money will see us as a mid table side. 90% of the time it's best to avoid signing players who have almost certainly hit their peak value.
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