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  1. I said before the weekend that I'd be happy to get just one out of the FA Cup or CL but it would be a sickening to miss out of both. We now have the FA Cup in the bag so feel we're freerolling a bit now. I'm still desperate for us to get top four but at ease now that regardless what happens it's been a great season. Still want the lads to be 100% focussed and committed to top four and put the FA Cup celebrations on the back burner for a week.
  2. Betfair implied chances Liverpool 73% Chelsea 66% ------------------------ Leicester 60%
  3. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Bringing Morgan & Choudhury on is putting your eggs in one basket. Morgan is ideal for dealing with Giroud and a bombardment into the box. Choudhury is a fantastic midfielder when you're under pressure and trying to see a game out. He's a great athlete, quick and aggressive and ideal for shoring up the middle. When they "equalised" I did fear that extra time would be one way traffic with us hanging on for penalties with the defensive players we had on the pitch. Overall I have no problem when we're playing a top side and hangin
  4. It was like a fairy tale seeing Big Wes on for the last 10 mins, never played in the PL until he was 30 and now has a PL and FA Cup Winners medal. Legend.
  5. Liverpool winning at Man Utd was certainly a hammer blow for us, no question about that but we still have outs and we're still 2nd favourites out of the three to get a top four spot but the betting is that tight there isn't a lot in it. One from three will miss out so no reason to suggest it will definetely be us. We just need one or two results out of six games to fall our way and we'll be home.
  6. Gerard


    Stolen off twitter
  7. Really bad choice mate. "The journey is better than arriving". You need to be made to put through the wringer to really enjoy the experience, if you know we win in the end then it's like watching a kids movie when you know everything works out alright in the end. When we won the title I didn't get so much pleasure when they lifted the trophy but the hardship and stress when the outcome was still unknown. If we lose you'll deal with it but don't rob yourself of the moment if we win and we're hanging on to a one goal lead in the last 4 mins of injury time.
  8. After that horrendous own goal that led to the incident when three of his teammates got sent off.
  9. Hopefully Big Sam is 2015/16's Tony Pulis for Leicester City.
  10. Life would be so much easier if @polarbearwas right and you were wrong.
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