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  1. Gerard

    Jonathan Tah

    Congerton recommended Coutinho and Neymar to Rodgers while they were both still playing in Brazil. I wouldn't put too much stock in that though as their first European clubs were Barcelona and Inter Milan so it was apparent to anyone who watched them they were highly talented.
  2. What do we think? Chance of actually being injured 10% Bust up with Puel 25% Signing imminent 65%
  3. I thought Tottenham might have signed him as their reserve striker or plenty of the richer clubs in France or a PL team. Slimani has been linked with Man Utd and PSG this year so you would have thought he would be a good signing for someone.
  4. He'd be a great signing for West Brom. A player with good experience and an out and out striker. A good finisher who is good in the air, he comes with a great pedigree and tore up Ligue One last season. For what he would cost the Baggies in the overall package then they're not going to get better value for money elsewhere methinks. 14 starts for Monaco last season returned 9 goals and 7 assists, that's top drawer and I'm amazed someone hasn't snapped him up so far.
  5. Really? We had five players over 30 in our last game against Man Utd and that was after dropping the 30yo Ryan Bennett from the previous game. i would suggest it was a lack of ability more than a lack of experience but each to their own.
  6. That's a bit like my girlfriend going to the police to report me as a stalker. Well, I say "my girlfriend", she's not my girlfriend yet.
  7. Experience is overrated, I much prefer ability and a higher ceiling even if they're a bit raw.
  8. I'm more than happy to keep buying to keep buying the best young talent we can get and sell them on two or three years for tens of millions of profit. I'm more than happy to be that club and it's a highly desirable and sustainable model.
  9. See this topic has just gone hot again. A lot of pissed off people will read it thinking something has happened and it's just a load of shite being spouted again.
  10. Well Ghezzal and Diabate were brought in at Puel's request, they weren't recruitment team picks. Maybe after seeing both play close up he has re-evaluated his opinion but he also may have an affinity to them.
  11. Benkovic has been here two years and still to make an impression mainly because his legs are made out of chipsticks. Gray is in the last nine months of his contract and didn't even make the bench against West Brom. I'm more than happy to let squad players go who struggle to make the bench at the best of times.
  12. Have the lot and we'll throw in £10m. Would solve a lot of problems. On a serious note Puel was actually a big fan of Gray, James, Diabate and Ghezzal.
  13. It's easy to forget Diabate, not once has he been linked with a move away this summer and is not part of the first team plans.
  14. Seen that and he's likely guessing again as it would be logical.
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