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  1. Gerard

    Jarrod Bowen

    Couldn't agree more. I look at our side and nine of our first XI would be incredibly hard to improve upon. The two wide positions are the obvious upgrades needed. I'm a big fan of Barnes and would like to see him feature a lot so don't want to block his potential by replacing him. A top drawer attacking wide player like the three you have mentioned all seem an obvious upgrade on what we have. It would be good to fund it by maybe selling Gray and I see we have interest in Iheanacho. I certainly think Bowen will just be another much of a muchness on what we already have and in a position we're well stocked numerically in relative mediocrity for what we want as a club.
  2. I'm more than happy to back BR's judgement and decision but in my experience on Betfair if you make a bad bet and then a change of events gives you a brief opportunity to get your money back then it's usually best to take that opportunity. Iheanacho has been a poor buy over the time he has been here and with this sudden period of form it may be best to cash in whilst his stock is high as it may never be this high again,
  3. I don't disagree but as far as the top four goes and before today's match there was more chance of Arsenal finishing top four than Man City finishing 5th or lower. Hence why today was a good result for our top four ambitions.
  4. if they had won today it would be 14pts behind us, the same as Man Utd. They would still only be 1pt behind Tottenham and only a fool is completely writing off Man Utd and Tottenham of having no chance of catching us. Arsenal losing today is probably the best result for us.
  5. Arsenal are still a bigger danger to our top four ambitions than Man City. No way do Man City not finish top four, there are two available spots left. Leicester, Chelsea, Tottenham, Man Utd are the likely two of four but you can't write off Wolves and Arsenal just yet.
  6. Buy one and sell the other.
  7. Gerard

    Jarrod Bowen

    His contract isn't really up in the summer as Hull have an option to extend for 12 months. I haven't seen him play so can only judge him on his profile. He has a distinct lack of pace which means he needs to be exceptional in other areas to prosper at a PL club with CL ambitions. He's also 23 in a few days so isn't that young and whilst he has an excellent record at Championship level you have to wonder why another PL club didn't snap him up in the summer when he was very much attainable. For me he has hallmarks of the Perez signing. We ended last season with three players out wide who I would describe as PL mid table level in Albrighton, Barnes and Gray. Barnes had excellent potential, Albrighton was Mr Reliable and you could argue Gray was an enigma but maybe still could fulfil his potential. I thought signing Perez wasn't a big upgrade on what we had and so far he has proved to be that. I don't see the point in bringing in Bowen who probably won't be a big upgrade on what we have but much of a muchness along with the other four wide players. I said in the summer that we really could have done with a huge upgrade on Barnes, Albrighton and Gray and let those three fight it out for the other available place in the team. Buy cheap, buy twice and I'd much rather us be super ambitious and try and bring someone like Lemar in January if other bigger clubs show no interest.
  8. I never used to understand why people went in Pen 4.
  9. Fair enough but I think Everton away are too good to treat lightly. I think we're also good enough to finish top four comfortably with the cushion we have so I'd rather make this Everton game top priority and reassess the squad's fitness for the Man City match.
  10. Tough. We should be giving ourselves the best chance of a trophy in our position of 10 pts behind Liverpool and even more points ahead of 5th. After dropping points today I'd probably rather beat Everton on Tuesday than Liverpool on Boxing Day.
  11. Now we've dropped points and Liverpool haven't I want the best side available to give us the best opportunity of progressing. We're unlikely to be in the title race and we have an excellent cushion over 5th place so all out for the League Cup at this point please.
  12. He's some 16yo Danish "wonderkid" being chased by Ajax and ourselves. The new Zlatan apparently. I love owt like this. https://www.bt.dk/transfervinduet/transfervinduet-leicester-og-ajax-jagter-dansk-zlatan-klon
  13. Once football ceases to be a meritocracy then it's finished. Elite clubs already have a huge advantage with their pulling power and income, if they want to handicap the rest of us just make us play with 10 players against them so the bollocks is out in the open for everyone to see.
  14. You have to ask where is Lemar's next move after being a flop at Atletico? Arsenal had a £92m bid turned down by Monaco a couple of years a go so he was deemed a shoo in to be a world class player at one point. You can't imagine any elite clubs wanting him after his dreadful stats and time in Madrid. We probably wouldn't be his first choice but he might not be able to turn his nose up at us once he sees the offers for him. We might be ideal for him with other players around his age group and on the crest of a wave and BR having the reputation of getting a tune out of players. I'd prefer a loan with a set fee option to buy though as he might be genuinely gone at the game.
  15. I knew someone doing it at the Watford game.
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