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  1. I'm certainly interested in looking to buy the best player in countries like the Czech Republic but this guy doesn't look it. A quick google and he's 24 and hasn't had a cap for the Czech Republic. It was only his third appearance in the Europa Cup which suggests he's probably not a regular for his club side.
  2. As has been said that boat has well and truly sailed and is now just a dot on the horizon. Exactly the profile of a player we need though. We have more goals than most in Vardy and our two No'8's in Maddison and Tielemans but we're really lacking in attacking wide players contributing. What a side we would be if we had two attacking wide players who scored 20 goals and assisted 20 goals between them a season. Our achilles heel is obvious as a side.
  3. We were offered £60m I believe for Maguire last season but turned it down. I think most Leicester fans would be happy to see Maguire sold for that amount this summer not because we don't rate him but we could spend that money better in an area we already have an embarrassment of riches. Jonny Evans would no doubt start and we have Benkovic who you'll know all about and Soyuncu who cost us £20m alongside Wes Morgan. It would be nice to see Benkovic and Soyuncu competing to partner Evans whilst Morgan takes the role as 4th choice and mentor in his final year.
  4. Gerard


    With Silva we have little chance of getting our money back but maybe a squeak at best. It will take a minor miracle to get our money back on Slimani.
  5. Gerard


    Always great business when you buy someone who has essentially been a flop and you still make a profit on them. A bit like us getting our money back on Ahmed Musa or selling Tom Lawrence.
  6. I think they call it the sandwich method. Bottom bit of bread is you're a brilliant tackler Wilf. Meat in the sandwich is your're shit with the football. Top bit of bread is you're a great interceptor and sniffing out danger. It's good management as there are players in the team who might be exceptional at one part of the game but struggle at other parts. BR is asking for more for every player on the pitch and in the case of Ndidi it's not enough enough for him to be exceptional as the midfield ball winner and protector of the defence and cover for Tielemans and Maddison, he wants him to be better with the ball as that role gets the ball a lot. No doubt he'll be drumming it into Maddison that creativity is not the be all and end all he has to be fitter and work harder without the ball. This is just the process of attempting to turn good players into great players.
  7. I hope you stay here, you're a good addition to the the forum ya Fenian bassa. I'm originally from Coatbridge myself so Celtic was my first team and I've had a bit of grief from my Da over Brendan Rodgers coming to Leicester.
  8. Never thought of that before but good point.
  9. Gerard


    Sounds more like speculation than "news". It would be nice to see both clubs scratch each others backs to get this deal done quickly though.
  10. Gerard


    He'll know his market value isn't 120k a week. There's also a misconception that players can move to China or USA and earn a fortune, not many do.
  11. Your £120m net spend is about as plausible as Dybala.
  12. Gerard

    Jarrod Bowen

    You won't go far wrong signing the best young players in the Championship especially if they're British. Sell Gray and Ghezzal in the summer and bring in Bowen and Dan James and let these two and Albrighton and Barnes fight it out for the first team. We have too much dead wood in the squad and I'd like to see us thin it out by getting rid of players who offer nothing anymore and maybe have a more streamlined squad but with players who offer something. Signings like Bowen especially you can't really lose as even if he fails you'll as good as get your money back from a Championship side as what ambitious Championship side wouldn't want a wide attacking player who has scored over 20 goals in a season.
  13. If we'd been off TV and kept that ratio up all season we'd be on 79 pts. League table would look like this: Liverpool Pld 33 Pts 82 Man City Pld 32 Pts 80 Leicester Pld 34 Pts 79 Need to go to Man City and win to have a chance at the title.
  14. Biassed a touch? Three of our four games left are against the top six and we average 1.75 pts per game. The other three teams all have relegation form and average 1pt per game each. Our chances of 7th more or less died with the Newcastle result, we have a remote chance of 7th and I've all but given up on it.
  15. I don't think Rodgers rates him. Whilst Wilf is exceptional at winning the ball back I think Rodgers wants more from that position and prefers a "quarterback" type player.
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