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  1. Mark Draper - a diamond in a team of cloggers. He was only here a year but all I remember about him was absolutely running the show every time he played. I remember when we played Tottenham at Filbert Street and got a rare win for that season. Jurgen Klinsmann said "I've never heard of Mark Draper before but there he was running the game like a young Lothar Matteus. When Klinsmann left that season he recommended Draper to Bayern Munich. Sadly for Draper he never hit the heights in the rest of his career that he did with Leicester but he is one of the best players I've ever seen for us.
  2. If Neymar & Coutinho went to Rotherham & Hamilton then I could give him credit, going Barcelona & Inter Milan means they were considered top drawer anyway so the "talent spotter" credit is moot. Congerton's record has been nothing short of horrific, the only positive I can see is that BR would not have wanted him here if he thought he was as bad at his job as his performance record suggests. i'm still not sure what Congerton's duties are, does he get the final say ahead of the recruitment and analytical team?
  3. 5 goals and 1 assist in his last 7 league games is fantastic especially when you consider we haven't been rolling teams in that period like we were in the first few months of the season. Barnes has stepped up when the rest of the team have been off the boil. When you also think of the times especially in the first half of the season that he was getting plenty of shots off and flashed many a dangerous ball across the six yard box that never got put away. His recent stats could now be a bit of good variance or mean reversion. All the evidence is there that he is a genuine 20 goal contribution a season man in a combination of goals and assists. He a threat no doubt about it and contributes clear goal scoring opportunities almost every game which can only be said about a handful of players in this league.
  4. Only 7 players who aren't strikers have at least 6 goals and 6 assists this season: De Bruyne (8 goals, 16 assists) Mahrez (7,8) Mane (14,7) Son (9,7) Grealish (7,6) Salah (16,6) Barnes (6,6) He's in some great company there and he's added the majority of those stats in the last three months which indicates he's finally finding his feet and on an upward trajectory.
  5. Almost.....................
  6. No 10 is almost an obsolete position in the last couple of years for the majority of clubs. I think he plays an attacking No8 really well and No10 is too much of a luxury.
  7. It was never about being pessimistic but recognising the fact that we weren't home and hosed and that the scenario of us blowing a 14pt lead was always a possibility that far out. Personally i'm still confident but a win tomorrow is very much welcome as we really need to settle this before the last two games of the season. There were plenty of know nowts on here cheering on our CL rivals against Liverpool and Man City in the last couple of months who were too fixed on second place and were prepared to lose a CL spot to get it when in reality the risk/reward dictates finishing 2nd ahead of 3rd has minimal benefits whilst finishing 5th instead of 4th is a catastrophe for the club.
  8. I've defended Gray to the hilt on here for all but the last 12 to 18 months as he has a lot of tools to become a top player. He'll be 24 in June and the "young and developing player" credit has now run dry. He has had all the chances in the world to develop his game, he was a regular in the Championship for a season and a half as a teenager before moving to us. Surprisingly he has 124 PL appearances, the majority of them will be as sub I suspect but it shows he's always been in and around the starting XI but never grasped his chance in all that time. You have to say if he hasn't made a place his own after 200 league appearances and a few months away from his 24th birthday then he probably will never be the player we once hoped he would be. Looking on his wiki page he has got 8 league goals in his last 2.5 seasons which I would imagine makes him at least average on goals per minute to most wingers.
  9. In their own hands then. It's irrelevant who they have left to play at this stage as every team has played half the teams in the league and all remaining fixtures are about equal for everyone. With Wolves, Spurs and Leicester to play you could say they can put their destiny in their own hands.
  10. Of course they have a chance, Arsenal are only 5pts behind 4th placed Chelsea. If the Man City ban is upheld then 5th place qualifies for the CL and if Arsenal win their game in hand they will have the same amount of points and games played as Wolves who are in 5th place. With so few games left and it so tight any team that can put a run together now in the top 12 has a great chance of CL football next season. As for us our form over the last dozen games has been little better than relegation form yet a home win on Monday could take us 10pts clear of 5th with 9 to play and the added insurance that Man City could still allow us to finish 5th and qualify. Remarkable really that we've gone nowhere since just before Christmas and we still have a very healthy gap.
  11. Wolves failing to win was massive for us today as they and Man Utd are the biggest threats to break into the top four. Looking at the table from Everton in 12th upwards will feel they have a squeak at CL football especially if the Man City decision is upheld. All to play for and we have a great opportunity to as good as put this to bed in the next week or two looking how the fixtures have fallen. First up lets hope Tottenham get a draw at best away at Burnley coming up in a minute.
  12. Never underestimate the Nigel Pearson love in on here.
  13. You're not out of the tie at 0-3. Very difficult yes but if you can score the first goal then it's game on. I remember us being 2-0 down on aggregate versus Atletico Madrid at half time at home and thinking the tie was over because we needed three goals in a half against probably the best defensive side in the world. A Vardy goal on 61 mins and then we had a good few chances to score that second goal which then puts the tie on a tightrope. Atletico never felt they were through until injury time. Lampard will definitely play his best side and see what happens against Bayern.
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