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  1. Gerard

    James Justin

    The profile is ideal for us buying a squad player. He's young with potential and can cover both our established full backs. He'll take the place of Simpson and hopefully push Fuchs down the order. Ideally the squad is full of players on their way down like Fuchs ands Morgan or young players with buckets of potential like Choudhury, Barnes, Benkovic, Soyuncu and now this lad. No more ordinary mid 20's buys for big money to fill a squad place please like Ghezzal and Ward.
  2. We're not strapped for cash but we don't have unlimited funds either. £80m net spend is astronomical for a club like ours and is unsustainable. Only both the Manchester clubs have averaged more than an £80m net spend over the last five years. This table is net spend over the last five years:
  3. Gerard

    James Justin

    You've had sex? Congratulations
  4. Gerard

    James Justin

    Ricardo is an excellent attacking full back but an average winger. Any team who wants success in the modern game needs full backs who can offer an offensive threat so I'd rather see Ricardo at RB and have that position nailed down.
  5. This for me as well, he's obviously very good in the air and excellent for a CB with the ball at his feet but I've never felt he was a rock at the back. I never wanted the club to sell Kante or Mahrez and in both those situations I felt the club didn't either but ended up with little choice in the matter. Selling Drinkwater for £35m and Maguire for £80m I just see as good business. We did spend £30m on two of the best potential young CB's in Europe last season, I'd like to think at least one of them is ready to progress to the first team as if they aren't then it looks like bad business by us. Maguire is a great bit of business if we can promote from within but no one on here can make that call as we haven't seen enough of Soyuncu and Benkovic but BR has.
  6. Apparently Benkovic may be fit for tomorrows match vs England U21's. BR knows all about Evans and has seen Benkovic and Soyuncu close up for months. As far as bringing in a replacement CB then as far as I'm concerned Brendan knows what to do for the best. We also have Morgan and Knight and Pascanu have performed well recently so it may be a case that one of those get promoted to 4th or 5th choice CB. There is also Amartey to consider as he made team of the tournament playing CB in the AFCON for Ghana. We certainly have the numbers at CB if Maguire goes but the question is do we have top quality in those numbers to find a partner for Evans?
  7. Gerard


    If YT wants Leicester and the feeling is mutual it will have already happened IMO. For me YT is happy to come to Leicester but with his name being linked with Man Utd and such he's going to hold tight for as long as he can and see what his options are. The longer this goes on the better as the balance of power swings Leicester's way and we'll tell him to sign or we're going elsewhere. Bottom line is if a more attractive club come calling he'll go there so the time decay favours us as YT runs out of time and options the more the window moves on.
  8. Gerard


    I think it's far more likely the other way round. We have agreed in principle with Monaco and Tielemans is interested in coming to Leicester but is stalling to see what offers he gets. I'm of the opinion no news is good news about Tielemans and the time decay favours us.
  9. Gerard


    Anyone who is old enough to remember that great Milan side of the 1990's never thought they'd live to see the day when someone would prefer Leicester to Milan. They were one of the great sides of all time and rightly mentioned alongside the Brazil 1970 side and Barcelona 2008.
  10. Clubs like ours have won the lottery in world football standing. We're now arguably about the 20th most powerful club in football purely because of the money coming into the PL. A couple of decades a go clubs like Celtic, Rangers, Ajax, Benfica, Porto, etc were much bigger clubs but money has turned it around on it's head. As someone who was brought up in Scotland as a Celtic fan I know what a big club Celtic and Rangers are. Unfortunately for them they're now being strangled as a significant clubs due to the confinement of their own leagues and watching clubs like Bournemouth go ahead of them in the pecking order.
  11. The one great thing about signing any Celtic players is BR will know exactly what he's buying and no surprises. I remember Roy Keane saying in his autobiography that he signed a player for Sunderland and on the first day of training he heard the noise of the football when the player kicked it and knew he would be crap. Assuming we sign Tielemans and keep Maddison then we can play any two from three as the No8's. We could also play Maddison out wide in some games and have all three on the pitch. @henrik_62 will correct me if I'm wrong but McGregor can also play as the holding MF and I've a feeling that BR is not Ndidi's biggest fan. Whilst he appreciates his defensive contribution he's not keen on him as a baller. Maybe against lesser teams at home we could see McGregor playing CDM with Tielemans and Maddison ahead of him. All in all he sounds like he would be a huge addition to the squad as genuine quality and a few ways to get him into the team.
  12. Gerard

    James Justin

    Clubs need a squad and I'd much rather we spend £12m on a young player who has been a standout in League One rather than mid 20's mediocrity who have failed at previous clubs like Ward and Ghezzal. All being well even if he doesn't reach the standard required here we should get a decent return fee on him. Mind you I said the same thing about Iheanacho and Kaputska.
  13. Gerard

    James Justin

    No idea if he's any good but he ticks a lot of boxes. He's young and can play both full back positions equally well apparently so we might have genuine cover for both Chilwell and Ricardo and by covering both positions he'll get plenty of game time. The fee suggests we see him as one for the future and ideally our back up squad has a few players who fit this profile and are capable of challenging the established first XI. We now have Justin James, Choudhury, Benkovic, Soyuncu and possibly Harvey Barnes is still in this category of players who aren't established first XI players but are excellent bench players and undoubtedly have the potential to break into the first XI.
  14. The article lost any credibility when it said Man Utd would pay Maguire £350k a week. Zero chance of that happening.
  15. Gerard


    I think it was always the case that he was happy to join us but if an elite club comes in for him he would go there instead. He was never going to choose Leicester over Man Utd. Our hope is that he’s a fallback option for clubs like Man Utd and they get their first or second choices in.
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