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  1. Wilfred Ndidi

    I was watching on the half way line and seen exactly what you just said. He literally jogged at best to get back whilst about four Liverpool players sprinted past him.
  2. It's a virtual sell out. Less than 300 tickets left.
  3. I said that in pre season and still stand by all of it.
  4. Huddersfield away match thread

    Lets hope not.
  5. Huddersfield away match thread

    This season a bit like last season. We had a hard run of games so we excused our poor results and then we got two points from West Brom, Boro, Sunderland and watford I think it was. totally second best today.
  6. Thanks. Any recommendations for a VPN or are they all about the same?
  7. Does anyone know if Sportsmania still broadcasts live PL matches in this country?
  8. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    It's early days but Drinkwater could become one of Chelsea's worst ever buys. He won't oust Kante and Bakayoko out the team. Fabregas is also competing for the same position and maybe Loftus-Cheek overtakes him next season and a club like Chelsea are always looking for top class/ world class players and perhaps buy one in that position within a year. Also his "injury" will be a huge concern. He played all last season but never quite got it fixed. Maybe he can only play at 95% of his normal capabilities from now on and if that's the case he'll soon be looking for a new club when Chelsea want to offload.
  9. Harvey Barnes- Barnsley (loan)

    Anyone would think we'd loaned out the next teenage Messi. The reality is there are far too many good players here ahead of him at the moment. The lad has had half a season in League One and now will have a full season in the Championship. He's developing just nicely and far more than he would if he was kicking his heels playing here for the U23's and the odd appearance on the first team bench. Next summer will be the right time to assess him.
  10. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    Also we probably haven't ruled out the possibility of not going through with the transfer on some technicality. If he trains with us it's an admission he's our player.
  11. Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    Time to get rid of the clackers, I don't recall hearing them on Saturday,
  12. Adrien Silva - Terms Agreed

    "Suffer" in the context of football and him wanting to play and progress in his career. No one was comparing him to proper suffering. FIFA have effectively banned him for half a season after making him "stateless".
  13. That Slimani shot

    It looked terrible live so that can't be good viewing.
  14. That Slimani shot

    If one of the "whipping boys" had made that error the forum would be pitchfork in hands. Kasper doesn't make many errors but as soon as that was hit I had no concerns whatsoever, I haven't seen a replay yet so I'm still not sure how that went in.
  15. That Slimani shot

    But Mahrez created a very good chance in the end. The end justified the means so it's extremely harsh to criticise Mahrez's decision.