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  1. Gerard

    New training ground approved

    Exactly my line of thought. For clubs like ours it's usually only a matter of time before we end up back in the Championship. Investing in world class infrastructure whilst times are good means we'll be distancing ourselves from other traditionally similar sized clubs and hopefully we'll become a permanent long term fixture in the PL or at the very least much better primed to come back very quickly.
  2. Gerard

    Söyüncü Signs

    It's not great when Puel and Macia are not on the same page, something has to give.
  3. Gerard

    Söyüncü Signs

    Ward was £12.6m, 25 years old and came here to be second choice. Hardly an inspiring signing especially as Kasper signed a new five year contract about a month later. So by the the end of that five years we'll either have a reserve GK on huge wages as a 36yo or a £12.6m 30yo who is coming to the end of his contract and never made the first team. If I owned the clubs heads would roll for the amount of money we spend on players who don't improve us. It just looks like there isn't enough research going in to players, it's either players who don't play or players who come in and are moved out of position. I 'm not complaining about the Benkovic signing and him going out on loan as he's young and we apparently got him not because we needed him but we rated him and he was available for a value price. It's signings like Ward and Ghezzal who cost good money, are mid 20's so unlikely to improve a great deal and just aren't good enough to command a regular starting place.
  4. That highlights the difference between someone like Mahrez and Kane. Kane gets a penalty and you're 90% confident that it will be a goal, with Mahrez it'a a 50/50 shot. You're praying that the GK doesn't dive the right way as it will probably be saved.
  5. Gerard

    Maddison named in England squad

    Picked ahead of Grealish? I'm absolutely fuming here.
  6. Gerard

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    He should only be recalled in January if we have selection problems or if he has outgrown the Championship which won't be the case. He seems to have really exceeded expectations this season with West Brom and has arguably been their best player in a team full of established players that have plenty of PL experience. I'd like him to get a full season under his belt without disruption. I don't think he necessarily improves us this season with the likes of Maddison, Gray, Iheanacho, Albrighton, etc competing for the positions behind Vardy. Let him develop as that what he needs most and hopefully he'll be like a new signing next season.
  7. It's an above average draw. 4 big teams 5 other PL 6 teams outside the PL We got a draw against a non big PL club but the home advantage swings it for us as an above average draw.
  8. You don't need facts to back it up as it's obviously bollocks. People will remember the times it has happened but forget the times a player on a long run without a goal didn't score against us. If ever we concede a last minute equaliser my Mum will say "typical Leicester" but won't say anything when we hold on to see the game out.
  9. Gerard


    He's not refusing a contact at Arsenal to join us. We had the same thread about Ross Barkley.
  10. Gerard

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    For relative buttons, £8m wasn't it? They don't mind buying young talent for reasonable money. If he has a Maddison like season in the Championship then I can't see there being a price that a top six club would pay and we would accept.
  11. Gerard

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    He signed a four year deal in the summer. I'd like to hear a scenario that we sell him to a top six club. He has no PL experience and big clubs typically don't spend huge money on players with no top flight experience. He'll almost certainly be back here next season if he continues to do well.
  12. Gerard

    The King's reign seems over.

    That's a very naive point of view. If you consistently get bad value for money then you will go on a downward spiral. I'd rather the club buy a striker for £1m who got 9 goals a season than one for £50m who got 10 goals a season. James was being picked ahead of Iborra last season when both were fit. I think his contract extension was a relatively low risk which may or may not pay off for a 26yo squad player. Compare that with the £47m combined outlay of Ward and Iborra who are nothing but squad players and the only club in the world who valued the pair of them at £26m was us. I remember you saying that we probably overpaid £5m-£6m for Iborra but it didn't matter as it was peanuts so if that's your attitude I would have thought James was worth the risk.
  13. Gerard

    The King's reign seems over.

    Ward £12.6m transfer fee and £40k a week over four years is £21m outlay. Iborra £13.5m transfer fee and £60k a week over four years is £26m outlay. Matty James will cost us nothing as he's already here and his outlay will be £6m in wages. A fit Matty James probably gets ahead of Iborra, a fit James also commands a good transfer fee. Ward and Iborra were bought for absolute top dollar and we have next to no chance of recuperating their transfer fees the minute they signed for us. It's all about risk/reward financially. Ward and Iborra were far too costly for what they offer but James was worth the risk. None of these three players will probably be regulars for us at any point in their careers.
  14. Gerard

    The King's reign seems over.

    Well he was actually in the first XI whilst fit this year ahead of Silva and Iborra. Investing £6m over 4 years on a 26yo is a worthwhile risk. He's played half a season on loan at Barnsley in the Championship without injury and was their standout player. I still believe it was a good decision even now as we're still likely to get some mileage out of him or possibly sell him a year down the line and make a profit on our investment. To me he's far from deadwood in the squad.
  15. Gerard

    Harry Maguire signs new contract until 2023!

    i knew that punchline was coming. Still laughed though.