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  1. Absolutely immense for us. That header versus Spurs. https://www.premierleague.com/video/single/377304
  2. Gerard

    If only...

    I remember going 1-0 up away at Arsenal in the title winning season and 3pts there would have probably made us odds on as we had an easy run in after that so that goal was massive. Half the fans went nuts, the other half got their phones out to film it. Absolutely pathetic.
  3. We won the goal expectation stats in all three of those games, it's just bad variance that we only managed one point.
  4. Gerard


    Ndidi is a destroyer, it probably suits his game when there is more emphasis to do that more and try and create less. It's also good for Tielemans as he is given more of a license to be more creative knowing that Ndidi is covering him. A bit like Simpson and Mahrez were a great foil for each other as they covered for each other's weaknesses by letting the other get on with what they were best at.
  5. Gerard


    That a great point and good post. He could easily perform well here and be snapped up by one of the big English clubs and spend a lot of his time not playing. At Leicester we have a lot of really young and talented players like Maddison, Ndidi, Chilwell, Gray, Choudhury, Gray, Barnes, Benkovic and Soyuncu who all have the potential to play at the very highest level. Perhaps playing regular in a top class league with players around his own age with similar ability and potential might appeal? There's also every chance that the elite clubs look at him but don't quite pull the trigger as their options are plentiful and they can more or less sign anyone they want. I'm sure he won't want to be at Monaco next season if Jardim is there so we may not be Yourri's first choice but still a good option for him.
  6. Gerard

    Gordon Banks RIP

  7. Gerard

    Gordon Banks RIP

    Not just a genuine world class player but an all time great. An absolute legend. RIP.
  8. Gerard

    Barnes coming back

    He's a good looking lad but that certainly isn't the most flattering of pictures. Reminds me a bit of Mo Salah actually, a very intelligent player. I feel we're not too far away from having a really, really good side. Maddison and Barnes have the potential to be top notch and if we can just find another attacking midfielder to go along side them with maybe Mahrez like attributes we'd have a brilliant attacking three. Tielemans looked just what we needed and threaded a lot of balls through yesterday and Ndidi would be the prefect foil for him. Our full backs as a pair are up there alongside the best in the division, I could mention the whole side really. If we can just find the missing ingredients then we could challenge the top six I feel in the next year or two.
  9. Everyone likes to say that the only reason we won it was because all the other big teams had an off season but looking how they fared in Europe: Champions League Man City - Beat Juventus to win their group, beat PSG on their way to the SF and lost 1-0 on agg to eventual winners Real Madrid. Chelsea - won their group and beat by PSG in the last 16. Arsenal - 2nd in their group and lost to Barcelona in the last 16 Man Utd - came 3rd in a weak group so we'll give them that one. Europa League Liverpool - beaten finalists to Sevilla Man Utd - Lost in last 16 to Liverpool Tottenham - Lost in last 16 to Dortmund So the teams that knocked out the English teams were all top clubs in Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, Borussia Dortmund and Sevilla. Not too shabby at all and comparable to most years I hasten to add.
  10. Gerard

    How do you feel about the transfer window?

    9/10 Got rid of Iborra for great money and the dead weight that was Benalouane. Silva and King out on loan who were largely irrelevant to the squad so that's some big wages off the bill and a chance to put them in the shop window for a sale in the summer. Tielemans is a top notch loan signing and hopefully he'll be outstanding in training, perform well for us but not too well and we might have a squeak at signing him in the summer. It will be good to have another MF who can create and might give us a few thoughts for the summer.
  11. There's every chance he comes here and struggles a bit with the PL to start with but shows enough bits of quality here and there and impresses in training. Jardim wants rid of him in the summer but he hasn't done quite enough to receive a bid from a top club and we end up buying him and he becomes a star next season. Hopefully silva is brilliant in Monaco and we do a swap + cash deal.
  12. Exactly the side and formation I would like to see. Evans and Maguire needs to be given a chance as they're probably our best two CB's and Morgan is the past not the future. Ricardo and Chilwell are up there amongst the best full back pairings in the league who offer everything you want in modern full backs. Such a young side with the five midfielders. Maddison needs to play centrally in the pockets and Gray and Barnes need to prove themselves if we are to persevere with them next season. Ndidi and Tielemans could be a top drawer CM partnership in a couple of years. It will be good to see a more creative CM alongside Ndidi.