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  1. If we don't get CL the season is going to feel like a failure after being 14pts clear. We're now the outsider of the three according to the betting markets with about an implied 50% chance whilst Man Utd and Chelsea are both rated at an implied 75%. If Man City's appeal is upheld we will be the biggest beneficiaries of that decision. A minimum of 4pts before that appeal is what we should be targeting though.
  2. Exactly, he's fronting it out. I've no idea if it will be overturned or not as I'm not qualified to have an informed opinion but I take comfort in the fact that UEFA banned them after looking at the evidence and the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) will come up with a similar conclusion after looking at the same evidence. I'm hoping it's like VAR that only a clear and obvious error should result in an overturn. A week on Monday could be the most important day left this season for us and the teams around us.
  3. Starting to think the new Covid19 outbreak in Leicester was spread by the club to get the season stopped again.
  4. Has he really? I must admit those are good stats and I'm surprised. Tielemans looked like a genuine world class player when he was on loan here but he has been disappointing on the eye compared to the player we seen on loan who was outstanding.
  5. Since the Norwich home draw in mid December we've took 17pts from 15 games. That's lower mid table form and you can't perform like that for nearly half a season and not expect to be in trouble if you're going for a CL spot. It's actually quite amazing that we're still in such a good position.
  6. Plenty on this forum over react. When we're 10pts clear then CL is a certainty and now we're only 3pts clear we've blown it. Neither were true.
  7. I won't humiliate the hard of thinking who were celebrating Wolves beating Man City but at least these two posters had their fingers on the pulse.
  8. The game has changed by the like of Pep and Klopp. There aim is to be 3-0 up at 70 mins, dinosaurs like Mourinho aim to be 1-0 up. if you're going to be a top side you need a team capable of averaging 2+ goals per game.
  9. You can't educate pork I remember a few were cheering on the likes of Wolves/Tottenham/Man Utd etc against Liverpool and Man City because: 1) they didn't like Liverpool 2) they wanted Wolves to get the last CL spot 3) more concerned about finishing second than finishing 5th Some people are just morons with no idea what's going on.
  10. How do i watch the game on TV tomorrow. Do I have to get a BT monthly pass?
  11. Fraser won't want to sign a two month extension and get a long term injury so I can see his reasoning. However it's a shitty trick to the club that you have been at for seven years bailing out at the business end of the season in a relegation battle. If I was him I'd have signed a two month extension with an option for him to sign for an extra two years just in case of injury.
  12. A touch young at 19 but definitely fits the profile we should be looking at. Whoever comes should still get plenty of games next season.
  13. Agreed, we have two established CB's already at the club. The profile of the next CB should be up and coming and ready to seriously challenge this pairing. Players like Tarowski should only be considered if you can pick them up for a bargain price. Ideally the next CB signing should be considered as a long term replacement for Evans when he starts his decline. Demiral and Tapsoba exactly fit the profile but we have probably missed the boat with both of them.
  14. We have the final say and the deal only happens on our approval. But it's a false economy holding onto players who want to leave, it's best to ask for a price and try and squeeze as much as you can. We have the reputation as a club that is hard to get out of if you want to leave against the club's wishes. It was one of the reasons Tielemans would only contemplate signing a 4 year contract rather than the usual 5 year.
  15. We paid £12m for Benkovic and he has done nothing at Leicester despite an apparent very good spell at Celtic. Getting our money back on Benkovic would be good business, let alone a profit.
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