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  1. Youri not even on the 12 man bench, is there an injury?
  2. I've given up my ST for the game and I'll be walking in London for a People's Vote. I'll do a few strides for Vichai.
  3. Everyone in the USA will know the name Lie-sess-ter City.
  4. That's not what I said though. I fully accept no one is going to pick us over Man Utd and I ridiculed anyone who thought Maguire wouldn't leave us or Tielemans wouldn't have joined them over us if given the option. The point I was making that in a large part we're in the same market for the same players. We're not going to get a Pogba obviously but Dan James would have come here if Man Utd weren't interested. Tielemans also was a possible Man Utd target also but came here when they didn't pull the trigger. 20 years a go we were never linked with the same players but nowadays it's not a surprise to see us linked with the same players.
  5. I wouldn't be so naive to BR wouldn't leave us for Man Utd but his reputation will only be enhanced if he stays here for a couple of years. It's not a good look to walk out on us six months after arriving especially when you would probably come to the conclusion that we arguably have a better squad than Man Utd. We also spent £40m and £30m on different players in the summer. There aren't that many players that Man Utd could get that we couldn't in today's game. Success isn't necessarily measured on your spending power but more of how you spend it. Man Utd is a long term project to get right whilst we're in the here and now with less expectations. We've never been so close to clubs like Man Utd than we are now as we largely fish in the same waters as them for players. We could have got Dan James if Man Utd weren't interested and they would have took Tielemans in the right circumstances. Players will always choose them over us but we are interested in the same sort of players for a large part.
  6. Not good enough. We now have five players trying to get into those three CM positions but those five are all higher end PL quality in Ndidi, Choudhury, Maddison, Tielemans and Praet. It's exactly what BR wants, a smaller squad of about 20 genuine players who can come in and perform without an obvious drop in quality.
  7. Out of interest what would be your Arsenal/Leicester XI?
  8. I think if Leicester were playing me on my own my goal expectation would be more than 0.08 just by having a shot from the halfway line after every goal.
  9. Newcastle's trophy room was burgled whilst our match was on and was completely emptied. Police are looking for a man with a black and white carpet.
  10. I've just come across this on twitter, some of the pics had me really laughing but it's weird all the same. https://twitter.com/SeedheadVardy
  11. "and would take top 10" Sounds like an idiot to me, which Leicester fan thinks 10th is acceptable? 5th is a good season for us as it means we've finished above at least two elite level clubs but the prize is still only a long and exhausting Europa Cup campaign. 3rd and 4th place are there for the taking and it means we can probably keep our manager and best players here and attract higher quality. It's a big, big ask but if we qualify for the CL and build on the success and qualify again the season after it means we can become a serious club. It's odds against but as things stand as of today I'm targeting top four this season.
  12. He'll be 6 months from his 32nd birthday and we haven't been able to sell him for a couple of years. Who knows if he keep this up what sort of offers we might get but if we get a cash offer then sell whilst his stock is high. We won't get an offer in January and he'll stay at Monaco and win the golden boot and we'll probably loan him to Monaco again next summer and pay half his wages.
  13. Forget Liverpool and Man City, they're almost certain to share the top two spots between them. I was certainly cheering on Man City as Everton are more likely to be a threat to us than us to Man City.
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