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  1. Gerard

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Well we can all agree on one thing that Mahrez won't be signing a new contract and if forced to stay will be worth nothing in two years. £70m fee and £10m in wages is £80m so to have a demotivated Mahrez going through the motions will cost us £800,000 per week for the next two years. Mahrez is 28 in February and this is a huge factor that most are overlooking or don't think it's relevant. I hope the hierarchy at Leicester know we now can't afford not to sell him and the only thing we're haggling about is price because I'll guarantee that if he's still here come the window shutting we'll all be wishing we took the money a couple of months down the line.
  2. Gerard


    Sell them both all day long. Slimani is 30 and isn't first choice, if you can sell 30 year olds who can't make the first XI for good money then get rid whilst you can. Musa looked like a worldie yesterday. I was really pleased for him as he seems a really down to earth and likeable man. I've seen enough of him though and far too many examples when he's failed to control a ball or his weight of pass has been awful and like watching women's football when the one thing you really notice is the weight of pass is shocking. Musa has probably reached his peak value now as a Leicester City player so hopefully he plays well against Argentina and we strike whilst the iron is hot and sell. The Musa against Barcelona and Iceland isn't the Musa I know at all.
  3. Gerard

    Danny Simpson

    One year left on his deal and second choice at best now. He'd still be useful to the squad but any chance to get a transfer fee for him we would probably sell and go with Amartey or Albrighton to fill in for Pereira.
  4. Gerard

    Yohan Benalouane

    He only came on when it was 2-1.
  5. Gerard

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    After Kante left because of what became a ridiculously low release clause and Vardy had the option to leave for £20m we'd had our fingers burnt and said release clauses wouldn't be entertained. With Mahrez on £40k a week for three years he wasn't in a great position to demand one.
  6. Gerard

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    To be fair to Mahrez and his agent and extremely luckily for us and if IIRC Mahrez signed a four year deal for £40k a few weeks before the title winning season started. So after we won the title he still has three years left on his current contract at £40k a week. Signing a new £100k a week contract with another year added doesn't seem like the worst decision when in theory if he had done nothing he could still be here on £40k a week with still a year left on his contract. The club would have had the whip hand in negotiations if we were adamant no more release clauses.
  7. Gerard

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Mahrez has arguably given more to this club than any other player in our history. Loyalty is a two way street, if Mahrez had performed like a Conference level player when he arrived the club would soon bin him off and then where is your loyalty? Loyalty only seems to matter to football clubs to their better players. Every season scores of players at all levels are released by Leicester City. Even not considering his performances for our club Mahrez signed a four year deal with us at his peak when he'd just won the PL, PFA POTY and 7th placed Balon d'Or. Kante had already jumped ship and if Mahrez went Vardy probably would have gone to Arsenal. Mahrez staying stabilised the club. We've now run our race. We never kicked on after winning the title and the last two years we've finished mid table. Any player who has given us so much deserves to be treated with respect and allowed to progress the three/four years he has at the top of the game to go to one of the most desirable clubs in the world and win plenty of silverware. If Man City were making Roma type bids then the club has every right to turn down such paltry sums but I think this is a ballpark fair offer considering his contract and age.
  8. Gerard

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Not when he's 28 this coming February and has two years left on his contract.. The whole world and his dog knows that Mahrez wants a move and no one has rivalled Man City for his signature. If he stays here we won't be getting a £65m player back, we'll be getting someone who is disillusioned with the club and the game going through the motions. I think the deal will get done in the next two weeks and all three parties may not be 100% happy with the deal as they've had to give up more ground than they would like but it's in nobody's interest for the status quo to remain and especially not for the sake of £10m or so.
  9. Gerard

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Mahrez needs to go, he's been a great servant to the club and has generated this club over £100m. The offer isn't a pisstake, it will make Mahrez the oldest player in history to be transferred for such an amount apart from Higuain going to Juventus from Napoli. If Mahrez was early 20's I'd agree with you but he'll be 28 in February. Man City are buying a player at his peak value who they will have no chance of getting their money back on or making a profit on him. In 2.5 years he'll be 30 and his decline won't be long away. We're in a great position to let him go as we're not threatening winning trophies or Champions League places and we should be far too good to get relegated. He's done all he can here and he is a depreciating asset with two years on his contract left. By all means we should do what's necessary to get as much money as we can but it will be bad news for everyone if he's still here after deadline day. We'll never see that Mahrez play for us again as he'll go through the motions and won't bust a gut for a club that has betrayed his loyalty. His time here is done and he should be allowed to go and win things, our club hasn't kept up with his ambitions since we won the title.
  10. Gerard

    George Hirst

    I've read a bit of it as well and if I'm not mistaken Sheff Wed offered him a contract which he refused to sign as his is right. They then refused to play him in any football including U23's, U18's or whatever so basically the lad has lost a year's playing development. I don't think Sheff Wed have much cause for complaint when they refused our £2m offer for him when he wouldn't sign a contract and then tried to stall his development by not playing him. I can see why he stuck two fingers up to Sheff Wed by moving to a foreign club and thus denying them any compensation. I suspect he'll stay there a year and we'll buy him next summer if he's any good which he should be as he's a prolific goalscorer at all England youth levels. If he's half as good as his old man we'll have a brilliant player on our hands. 19 years old, great pedigree and 6ft 3", what's not to like?
  11. Gerard

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    I think Joorabchian finds himself in a really difficult position. Mahrez no doubt is more desperate than both Manchester and Leicester for this deal to happen. Both the clubs can't find middle ground on what the transfer fee should be. One way of getting both the clubs to be happy is for Mahrez to help fund the difference by waiving his £7m "loyalty bonus". Joorabchian isn't in a great negotiating position when his client wants the deal more than the clubs and they're £15m apart on price or whatever it is. I think and now hope the deal will happen but Mahrez' "£7m loyalty bonus" is the elephant in the room when the clubs have no middle ground on price, this is really bad conditions for the agent trying to get as much money out of this deal that he can.
  12. Gerard

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    I personally wouldn't begrudge him his "loyalty bonus". The club will make about £65m profit on him and we've probably paid him about £15m in wages so there's £50m profit already and then how much have we earned of the back of him by winning the Premier league and getting to the Champions League QF. We'll be over £100m+ better off by him being here because no way would we have won the title or qualified for the Champions League without him. However business is business and if we insisted he waives his right to his "loyalty bonus" so we can make this transfer palatable then he would do it with gritted teeth to get out of Leicester.
  13. Gerard

    Musa to Galatasaray loan

    Straight swap they've offered after watching both players in Russia but we want Messi and cash for the MMM (Magic Man Musa)
  14. Gerard

    Slimani - Wants to leave

    "Sporting are in no position to offer a big fee". Just take it off the Slimani and Silva money we still owe then. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/leicester-city-striker-islam-slimani-1703364
  15. Gerard


    I've just hear the commentators say "Magic Musa" and what touch and technique he has. Have I stepped through a porthole into an alternate universe?