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  1. Not probably but without doubt. The best player in the PL as well.
  2. No one is panicking but there are a few nuggets on here who think we're all but home and hosed. A horrible scenario for me would be to go into the last two games of the season 5pts ahead of both Tottenham and Man Utd seems as those two are our last two fixtures. For that to happen Tottenham only need to accumulate 5pts in the next 10 games more than us and Man Utd need 7pts more than us in the next 10 games. We're in a fantastic position and better than anyone could have dreamed of at the start of the season but now is the time to work hard and get some points on the board and not to "chill".
  3. It wasn't "really poor". Pre match both sides would probably have settled for a draw as it kept the gap just as wide for us and it was good point away from home against a tough side for them. As it happens it was a game we should have won which should put us in good stead to finish the rest of the season well enough for a top four spot.
  4. Our miserable lot could learn some lessons off the Utd away support.
  5. Agreed, not malicious at all unlike Son who clearly kicked out. I think Maguire was just protecting himself.
  6. It's a bit of a dilemma especially throwing into the mix if Man City will be banned or not. My instinct is anything but a Chelsea win as if it's just the top four qualify and assuming Man City finish second it means a four clubs are 10-12pts behind us but two need to overtake us which will probably mean only a terrible end to the season stops us qualifying as it's more unlikely two of those four average 2.5pts per game to finish above us.
  7. They'll have had 17 days without a game before they play West Ham and then the next four fixtures are: Wed - West Ham (h) Sat - Leicester (a) Wed - Real Madrid (a) Sun - Aston Villa (Wembley final) They'll have to play their best team against West Ham to knock the cobwebs off their best players. You would like to think out of their next three fixtures the game against us is by far the least important for them so hopefully they play a mix and match side with one eye on their Champions League match and Cup Final.
  8. Remember when there were know nowts on here cheering Spurs on to beat Man City because they had their eye on second rather than being concerned about 5th place? That 14pt gap we enjoyed is now 10pts.
  9. I remember when there would be a huge buzz that Leicester were in the 5th round of the FA Cup and especially if we were big favourites to get to the QF's. Just looked now and it's on general sale with 10,000 tickets left and Birmingham have been allocated 5,000. I've done my bit and will bring myself and three others who normally don't go.
  10. I came on here to post how you could hear a pin drop in our end but it was banging in the concourse. How the hell does that happen? Also we could do with a song that everyone knows the words to and is catchy. The "hi ho Wolverhampton" was really loud, Villa get a good one going as do Man Utd with several of theirs. We've not had a decent song since the Ulloa one which got sung with enthusiasm when you consider he was mainly a squad player in his time here.
  11. That's potentially very good news for us. They play Real Madrid a week later so perhaps they'll use the West Ham game to get their main players match fit after 17 days without a game and then play a team against us with the much more important Real Madrid game in mind? If they beat West Ham they'll be 15pts clear of 5th with 12 games to go so the league games should take less priority than the cup games for Man City.
  12. Or even barely trained as the players have just had a week off.
  13. In fact I'm cheering on every other side in the bottom six in the hope these two get relegated.
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