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  1. Under has had every chance, you put a 15yo Messi into the U16's and he probably impresses enough to be in the first team within a month. It's not just in matches that BR has judged him but every day in training. I was quite excited to get Under on loan as he was touted as one of the best prospects in Europe three years a go and was signed by Monchi who is rated as the best talent spotter in the world by many. Even the Turkish lads were saying he's their best attacking player and Turkey is a good footballing nation. I'm quite surprised how poor he has been judging him on his CV.
  2. Perez to start, a hint from the club? We could certainly do with him, the attacking options look so much better with him in the side.
  3. I remember someone posting a post from the Everton forum when they were loosely linked to Maddison and he signed for us. Matey on Everton forum said it's okay because if he looks great they can come in next season and take him off us. Some of their fans are quite deluded thinking that they can lord it over us. A player may well choose them over us but neither club can bully the other one in the transfer market.
  4. Assuming we believe SFE, does he have good form for announcing contracts? I'll be very surprised if this is a year extension, seems pointless for Telemann's to do that for a minimal raise when he would be in a much stronger position in the summer next year.
  5. I've never heard of a player of his age extending his two year contract to three years. Surely if he signs it will be another 4 year deal.
  6. Was it really only four days a go when some people on here were cheering West Ham on against Man City as they thought we could win the title and West Ham weren't a threat to our top four ambitions?
  7. It will, teams with top four aspirations aren't happy to come away from Burnley with a point.
  8. We're currently third btw. For the next few games our choices in the three attacking players behind Vardy will be out of Iheanacho, Ricardo, Albrighton and Under. I live in hope rather than expectation, I'm not sure what more BR can do with those choices and Barnes and Maddison out.
  9. Especially if Barnes is really only out for six weeks and we get Maddison back sooner rather than later. Just hope the boys who are fit can hold the fort for the next three games.
  10. It is further evidence why he should have been, the players aren’t robots to be fligged
  11. Even assuming that Man City only average 2pts per game from here on in we would still need to win all of our last 13 games to overtake them. So even if we won every match between now and the end of the season we would still be odds against winning the title. I'll cheer the bottom half teams on when they play Man City in the hope they have a Liverpool type collapse and we capitalise but hen they're playing the team below us in 4th place it's a no brainer where my loyalties lie.
  12. “I know Leicester are near the top of the Premier League but Leeds are such a big club.” Why on earth would someone ask this dinosaur his views. Rightly or wrongly big clubs have big revenues in today's football.
  13. Agreed, what anyone wants is irrelevant to the outcome, doesn't make me think they have zero awareness of the situation though.
  14. I'd take a draw now but anything but a Chelsea win. Still prefer Man Utd to win just about.
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