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  1. LOL, anyone who was about in 1990 if you were to tell them that in 30 years time AC Milan were pissed off because Leicester waltzed in and took their top target off them would think you were taking far too much LSD.
  2. Part time job. 25 home games a year at £100 a match? £2,500 a year he'll be covering and he earns £18m a year. He's trolling Arsenal.
  3. You say "very kind gesture", I say top trolling by Ozil. No way can Arsenal accept that offer and even if they did it's pocket change for Ozil. He'll earn more in a day.
  4. It will be a back three, no way it's a back four with Amartey being chosen ahead of Choudhury. Ideally we'll see our wing backs playing more winger than full back.
  5. Are Zorya and Donetsk still banned from playing at home due to being on the Russian border?
  6. The squad is now looking to have some real strength in depth. Full backs: Any 2 from 3 of Ricardo, Castagne and Justin Centre backs: Any 2 from 3 of Evans, Soyuncu and Fofana No'8's: Any 2 from 3 Maddison, Tielemans and Praet Wide forwards: Any 2 from 3 Barnes, Under and Perez Mendy looks like good cover for Ndidi Iheanacho is one of the best reserve strikers in the division for Vardy
  7. Rodgers be like this if we win in Glasgow
  8. Ah there is still the AC Milan game going on.
  9. Good, we should all be cheering on Liverpool as Arsenal are our rivals.
  10. I don't mind that, it's backhanded respect. Much preferable to pat on the head and a well done.
  11. Haven't been able to come up with a formation that doesn't need a square peg in a round hole unless it's the unlikely 4-2-2-2
  12. That's a bit like my girlfriend going to the police to report me as a stalker. Well, I say "my girlfriend", she's not my girlfriend yet.
  13. I would certainly like to see Ndidi back as CDM to bring more aerial presence into the side. Benkovic for Mendy is a good shout actually if fit. Should be a game that would suit the big Croat.
  14. All of that information was known yesterday as well.
  15. We've drifted loads on the exchanges from 2.04 to 2.34 overnight. That might be because someone knows the team and isn't appealing.
  16. Suarez told he can leave Barcelona on a free but this tweet tickled me for all those who remember when Wenger tried to buy him from Liverpool.
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