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  1. TBF the teams around us have had similar results. Liverpool lost about six home games on the trot to mainly rubbish. Chelsea took 1pt from 6 vs West Brom, Man Utd lost at home to Sheffield Utd and those are just from memory.
  2. Has to be 3-4-1-2 if for the only reason it gets our best players on the pitch. Take Barnes and Maddison out the side and we have bottom half options for the attacking midfielders. Best to just play our third CB, Iheanacho and do away with the wide attacking midfielders as they aren't good enough. Next season we need to realign the squad, we have great depth in FB & CB. Soumare would be great to compliment Ndidi and Tielemans. We could do with two players to compliment Barnes and Maddison so we have four quality options for three positions behind the striker. Thauvi
  3. Disagree, finishing top six can never be counted as too much of a failure for a club like ours but we have to look at it in context. Failure to finish in a top four spot looks terrible on the players after being 14pts clear at one stage last season and 8pts clear at one stage this season. We will get the tag of bottlers if we fail to get over the line twice in two years and probably fairly so. For a club like ours to get such a huge cushion to 5th place is almost a once in a lifetime achievement, we've managed it three times in six years but how many other clubs outsid
  4. On the spreads there is 1pt advantage for us with a point expectation of 67.5pts for us and 66.5pts for all three of Liverpool, Chelsea and West Ham. The time to be counted is now. https://www.sportingindex.com/spread-betting/football/uk-domestic-premier-league/group_a.beec601c-3b39-41fb-9163-0e88fd72558e/premier-league-points-2020-21
  5. If we're going to get top four we either do it front running or not at all.
  6. I'd put more value on a SF FA Cup win if the other tie wasn't Man City vs Chelsea. If it was Everton vs Sheffield Utd instead then I'd be more up for it. We can certainly win the FA Cup but I'd rather beat West Ham tomorrow than Southampton next week. Crap question anyway as they aren't mutually exclusive and we could easily win both or lose both.
  7. Well that's that then, looked like being a good day for us less than an hour a go.
  8. Let's hope there are no more goals in this game. I don't mind the chasing pack picking up solitary points as it just isn't enough to put much of a dent into us. A draw isn't much better than a defeat as far as we're concerned. Happy to see this at 1-1 with half hour to go. C'mon Villa, hold on.
  9. You jinxed it......................and three minutes later
  10. Not watching the Liverpool game but it looks pretty ominous from the stats and price on Betfair. Liverpool started at 1.5 pre match and are still that after half an hour played. If Liverpool and Chelsea get 4pts between them today I'll be reasonably happy with that.
  11. We were told he was out for 6 weeks when he was injured against Arsenal, 6 weeks is up on Sunday.
  12. Peter Taylor who should have been sacked in the summer removed little doubt when we lost the first game of the season at home to the side who had won the play offs. My main memory of that game was being 0-4 down with 10 minutes to go and the ball went for a throw in to us and he quickly retrieved and threw it to our player as if the game wasn't already gone. He stood on the touchline all game as if to front the abuse out but it was obvious he was clueless and broken. https://www.premierleague.com/video/single/257716?FOOTBALL_CLUBS=26,27#!
  13. It was the obvious decision but still amazed how many on here would take him despite showing next to nothing.
  14. I'm always wary of taking players on the way down, it rarely works out well. Much prefer signing the best players from teams lower down the food chai.
  15. I can understand why Stranraer lie so lowly They would save a lot of points by signing Hibs goalie
  16. You just need to take one game at a time and see where you end up, it isn't necessarily a case of aiming for anything. I'd much rather see Man Utd finish with 75pts and Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham all finish with 64 pts rather than all four of those teams finishing on 69pts. Would you not agree?
  17. I find it nonsensical people who put more value on 2nd at the risk of finishing 5th than being happy to be 3rd or 4th. The options aren't mutually exclusive but risk/reward is obvious. Will you be cheering on Tottenham versus Man United on Sunday?
  18. I liked this post after reading halfway through the second sentence. Our real competitors are the likes of Everton and West Ham, the likes of Chelsea are a cut above (see N'Golo Kante), the only time we can compete with Chelsea is on the football pitch. I'm more than happy to see the top four places a closed shop between the big six and ourselves for as Finnegan says "purely selfish reasons".
  19. More to gain here than lose. Win and we go 7pts clear of West Ham with 7 to play which should put them to bed as far as we're concerned. It also sets us up nicely with 3 more points in the bag going into our next four games which we expect to yield a lot of points. Lose and we're still a point ahead of West Ham and we're now still well positioned but in a proper dog fight for 3rd and 4th place with Liverpool, Chelsea, West Ham and Tottenham. It also means we'll almost certainly need a few points from our last three games rather than coasting at that point. M
  20. if Caglar is unavailable which is likely that formation at least gets our best players on the pitch.
  21. Had a decent England youth career (U17-U20) with 17 goals in 40 apps. Maybe he was physically so much more superior than the other players and this hasn't manifested so well in the men's game? Either way at 22yo and unable to get in Rotherham's team or score a goal at Championship level means he needs a remarkable recovery to do anything here.
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