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  1. No, I agree with Sampson; Tielemans had a mare.
  2. Jury still out for me on Tielemans. I thought it last season and feel the same this. No pace; slows it right down when he gets the ball. Certainly not a box to box engine on him. As an aside Maddison free-kick in the first half, I think it was Vardy pulled back as they all ran in; is that not a VAR consideration then?
  3. Exactly. Just basics. I don't think Puel was telling them to go for the winner.
  4. Was it the players at the end at fault? I think Puel was screaming at them to defend and get the point. Brainless. Completely lost their shape.
  5. No exactly, let's hope it's just lazy journalism. However I do think we as fans overlook the personal things at times. The player who wants to move back to the north-east because of an aging parent, or the other halve's aging parent. Look at the guy West Ham had under Bilic. Yes he was happy to come here for the dosh, but simple fact remained he wanted to live in France. We could all be disappointed Andrew Strauss has resigned just when we're getting cricket sorted. I for one fully support his decision to resign. Real life things happen, and I'm just saying we tend to speak of players as contractual robots.
  6. Always surprises me how few fans and pundits ever seem to take into account what the player wants. It's always about the club wouldn't sell etc. and yes as we saw with Mahrez you can force them to knuckle down. However, Vardy is a different prospect; his whole game is based on his running and enthusiasm and determination. A Vardy playing against his wishes would be half the player he is, and without his sharpness, the goals would quickly dry up. It's like the young lad at Chelsea, they can offer him what he likes to stay but if he really wants to experience German life it's pointless trying to keep him. I'd like to think Vardy is happy enough with his lot and will stay. Fingers crossed. However, as I say it isn't just down to the club.
  7. I agree generally with what you are saying, but he does himself no favours. Look at yesterday, why not Maddison and Gray at half-time, or both before half-time. Why wait with Gray? Why Kingy instead of Ricardo?
  8. I'd say four. Chilwell is improving but isn't there yet. Some of his final ball distribution is woeful. If I was taking five players at the moment I'd pick Albrighton ahead of Chilwell, (obviously not as left back though).
  9. Silva ran the show against Fleetwood in the replay at our place. Looked a class above everyone else; notwithstanding it was against weaker opposition. I think it might have worked with him if he'd been given a run of games.
  10. Has to be Harlow. We couldn't beat them over two games.
  11. Will the Fleetwood game count as one of the three games Vardy misses or is it three Prem. games?
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