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  1. Is Yohan Benalouane still on the books? Just a thought.
  2. The entire team has forgotten how to run. No-one is prepared to run at defenders and take them on. It's walking pace. Stop. Pass sideways. Had enough of it.
  3. Bring on those magical Europa League nights. At least when we play our weakened side, there might not be too many of this eleven playing.
  4. Playing Thomas last few games was, admittedly not today.
  5. Where do you start with that? We can't break their defence down; no high press on their keeper, but they do that to us; too slow; passing not accurate; passes putting our own players under pressure; so many poor game play decisions; look knackered; they're quicker to the ball; they're quicker in the tackle.........and so on. Can't see us winning another game this season.
  6. Well we are virtually full strength. I'd play Barnes if he was fit at the expense of.....someone, (comes down to systems), so got to get a win tonight. If we can't beat a poor Newcastle side, then no point qualifying to play Europe's elite. COME ON!!
  7. I think Liverpool are the danger. I see them winning their last four games, regardless of the Man U result. They've no distractions either.
  8. I must be out of date as well; I thought 4th had to play a couple of rounds beforehand, albeit weaker opposition?
  9. What happens if Chelsea finish fifth and win the Champions League, and Arsenal win the Europa League; would even third place not be good enough?
  10. Because no-one is prepared to run with the ball at defences in the way Messi and Barnes do. We all know it frightens defences to death. The one to do it was Perez, but on too late. Persisted with high balls into the box that Southampton largely won, or low shots into the box that were just blocked off. Needed direct running at them instead of playing across the box. Maddison looked crocked. Tielemans/Kel not prepared to run at their defence. Thomas not good enough yet for this level and shouldn't start. Barnes plays and we win that, so we need to replace the effect Barnes h
  11. He's a defender. He shouldn't be performing that role.
  12. Albrighton made a massive difference. Compare his performance as an attacking threat to Ricardo...... Ah well, 3-2 feels like a kick in the stomach instead of a kick in the balls.
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