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  1. Well played Schmeichel; some top drawer saves. Well done Albrighton; made a difference. Well done Rodgers for changing things. BR take note; Woody back from injury and plays the full game; none of this last twenty mins. nonsense.
  2. Wow that was a tough watch. Time to blood some young flare, if we have any. Thinking about recording the second half and watching it on fast forward, so it appears at full speed. Really fed up of the sideways play at the back. In contrast Pope throws the ball out and sets up attacks. Nobody has broken into a run at all. Stop, look round, and start the process of getting it back to Schmeichel. Don't want to be too negative because of the injuries, but are we up for this? They looked more switched on. Also when will we win a header at either end; n
  3. Interviewer speaking to BR said eight players currently out injured. I'm not sure if he was including Big Wes, or indeed if Big Wes is injured. Little Wes Perez Praet Maddison Justin Barnes Evans (Big Wes) Who's the other one or will it be Big Wes?
  4. No. Chelsea and Liverpool will replace us and West Ham, and normal service will be resumed.
  5. That might be a myth. Tell me one player that had a price tag of £x in January and went for £y in July.
  6. I wouldn't know, but you'd think we could have strengthened somehow. I lot of posts I've read recently talk about how strapped for cash we are. I had no idea we were so poor as a club. I acknowledge we've built the training facility but even so. At least it saves us all talking about signings pre-seaon. Clearly need to work with what we've got.
  7. Agree with you but....do you think it was the correct decision not to sign a striker in January?
  8. Not sure what you're basing that on; any evidence that's the case?
  9. Fair enough, but let's not have any speculation on pre-season signings then, because nothing changes between January and July.
  10. If we had the funds!?!. What have we done with it all?
  11. Edouard should have happened January. Brendan determined we had enough strikers. People having a pop at Vardy; he's playing whilst he's injured clearly.
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