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  1. Give this bloke Tier 1 for Zambian News , he's earnt it.
  2. Unfortunately this is probably his agent squeezing Liverpool. Especially if we're bringing in Edouard.
  3. I reckon it would have Percys seal of approval before being published.
  4. Gav_LCFC14


    Notice how we're not hearing anything about this from our ITKs ? It's classic arsenal, pretending they're going after players and leaking that to appease their fans.
  5. Well at least he'll get some rest before the season starts.
  6. Gav_LCFC14


    The state of some of you wanting to sell him, Madders before his injury was one of the most promising english talent in the league. He's still only 24, and got a long career ahead.
  7. Im not to sure on that one, they're owned by Exor, so have the money. Last season spent they spent €70m on Arthur (though that was a dodgy deal with Pjanic)
  8. No Idea who this bloke is, but i'm desperate and bored so will believe him. Surely we'd have another go.
  9. If Rudkin can somehow get the £12m we paid for him back, we should start considering a statue.
  10. Say those three words Rom.
  11. We should bid for Saka just to boil their piss.
  12. Reckon we had champions league clauses in Chilwell and Kantes transfer contract ?
  13. I thought its a well known fact we removed release clauses after the whole Kante thing. Great journalism James.
  14. Why does the sub have to be bang on 60 mins.
  15. What was out gameplay today? There was no attempt at all to attack.
  16. I genuinely forgot Maddison was on the pitch.
  17. I agree he's a top player, but is this really the position we need to spend big on?
  18. A Chelsea mate is having a (socially distanced) viewing party, I've agreed to attend, everyone else is neutral. Currently got my 94/96 away kit on. This is either going to go very well or very badly haha.
  19. They had a £40m bid for him last year from Newcastle. If it really is £20m, Rudkin mate fair play.
  20. He's an upgrade on Perez who doesn't get knocked off the ball by the wind.
  21. Stand out was Luke Thomas, he needs a string of games.
  22. I agree it's one of those handballs where if it was given against us we'd be fuming
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