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  1. Ulloa new contract

  2. Ulloa new contract

    Its legit... You should see my photoshop skills #notverygood
  3. Ulloa new contract

    Trust me its real ffs
  4. Ulloa new contract

    For those wondering how I got. I found it here https://www.lcfc.com/match/22329#latest It was where Hamer is warming up
  5. Ulloa new contract

    Its legit mate on Leicester website
  6. Iheanacho

    Thanks bro x
  7. Iheanacho

  8. Asia Trophy

    Id imagine that's for the U23's and where u seen that?
  9. Mika

  10. Mika

  11. Ongoing Transfer Talk

    Nah he's world class
  12. Ongoing Transfer Talk

    Leicester City interested in Reza Shekari, a 17 years old Iranian talent. Can someone translate please http://www.tarafdari.com/node/461312
  13. Palacio?

    What does it say mate?
  14. Palacio?