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  1. Not playing well and very near Christmas . I’d say it’s a great effort to sell out.
  2. Away end sold out so should be a decent atmosphere.
  3. Battle of the giants tonight . Think the Watford fan on here will be a happy chap tonight.
  4. Guess you’ll still ask for the full allocation and sell them though ?
  5. Still stick by that assessment comparing Maddison and Buendia .
  6. https://forum.pinkun.com/index.php?/topic/132709-farkeball/ Worth a watch for 2 minutes .
  7. Wonder what percentage clause Norwich put in on a future transfer ? Must be around 15%.
  8. Who’s the 3 for the drop now then ? Guess it will change twice every weekend .
  9. Enjoyed that to a point and a few encouraging signs to look back on . Norwich have a goal scorer in Pukki which could help the cause in staying up .
  10. Keep putting Norwich in the bottom 3 in your forecasts. The surprise coming will be all the sweeter .
  11. Norwich won’t be anywhere near the bottom 3 so don’t worry .
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