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  1. https://readtheleague.com/the-big-feature/gone-grounds-filbert-street
  2. Norwich away is match a lot of Fox fans enjoy. Not there yet but it is looking good, cross your fingers please.
  3. Looking forward to the Watford match, I thought the Stingers would piss this league but it looks like Norwich will instead. Happy days indeed.
  4. Norwich is nice away day and always bring numbers to the Walkers, please keep your fingers crossed for us.
  5. Your not out of this by a long chalk. A better 2nd half coming I’m sure.
  6. Kolo Toure is the most beautiful human being working with me and I want to help you be loved like him.
  7. Decent match for a neutral, Leicester have settled and looking good now.
  8. However long it takes the season should be completed, too many matches played to declare it null and void.
  9. Get in there ! Thomas Cook,Gary Lineker, Engelbert Humperdinck and Daniel Lambert , your boys took one hell of a beating .
  10. The trouble was at the Complete Angler opposite the train station. Nice location but never a great pub, who wants beer in plastic glasses. Norwich version of the Counting House.
  11. Avoid the river area bars and head into the city . With plenty of hours to spare try the Murderers. It’s very neutral early on and the Lamb near by is nice too for a nice experience of Norwich.
  12. If your arriving early try the Murderers pub on Timber hill and as other have mentioned the Coach and Horses near the train station. Both are great drinking pubs that also do food. For anyone stopping overnight head down Tomblands for other nice bars and plenty of restaurants. Safe journey to all.
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