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  1. This guy looks like Wilf's evil twin!! He has all the Wilf attributes, but goes forward. He looks amazing on YT? Please tell me I haven't wasted an hour. Searching for the sock of love?
  2. Let me know when you come down...if I can, then we could meet up for a pint in the sun
  3. I love Weymouth. Been here for 30 years now. I'm from Corby originally. I don't think there's a lot of well paid work, but if you're thinking of living somewhere to escape the hustle and bustle, then it's great. If there is any good weather to be had in the UK, then this is the place. We seem to have our own weather/.Ecosystem? it can be pissing it down in Dorchester (7 miles away) and hot sun in Weymouth. Lots of decent pubs for the footie, and they will probably have the biggest screens out, next to the bridge in the harbor for the Euros. Winter's not too ba
  4. I'd take Noni me duck!
  5. My nose is bothering me too.
  6. ?????...He's just starting! We have an amazing club, and I would imagine, a great work environment!? Brendon has an almost blank palette. If he gets it right? He will walk into any job he wants! He isn't walking away from this.... it's a free hit, and he seems to genuinely love the club! I'm sure he's bought into the Vichai dream, and is on board! This is the best Leicester side, I can remember in my 50 years of supporting them..... Including the title winners! If we get Champions League? Then we are moving into a different level for LCFC!
  7. Topp or Levy....Deal breaker!
  8. If the Baggies go down, I think a punt on Periera could do a job.
  9. Best trapper of the ball I've ever seen. Just wish he'd shut his trap!
  10. Vard's, Youri, and Wilf for me. I also think little Wes has everything, to be in the top 5 Centre Backs in the world. We have the best Leicester team I've seen in 50 years of being a Leicester fan. Vardy is the best striker we've ever had, and Mahrez the most skillful I've seen, though Frankie Wortho needs a mention. Brilliant on the day, and totally unique I would say. The future's so bright, you've got to wear shades! When your smiling!!!
  11. I think Neto would be a decent shout.
  12. Think he's perfect!!!! Can't see him being happy as a number 2 though. Vardy and Ings could win us the league
  13. Great goal by JJ. Much better having Tim on the right and JJ on the left
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