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  1. ....In light of Covid they are installing 7000 seats similar to the Modern cinema . That way we can recline and snooze if the football is not up to scratch!
  2. A very good listen about the highs and lows. Almost felt my hay fever come back at times!
  3. .....Wolves are going to be pretty tired going in to the new season if they progress any further in the EL
  4. I still feel that somewhere there is a good team in the squad waiting to get out. Need to wait and see what transfers occur to figure how good .
  5. I will be happy if we make it to the last 32. We should do better but I suspect the pressure we may find ourselves under from underperforming in the PL will force BR to prioritise the domestic games more come the new calendar year.
  6. Locking him down for a big transfer deal next year.
  7. For a start it might be healthy for BR to explain why we performed so poorly in the 2nd half of the season , what he did to mitigate it and why he failed. ...well you can dream can’t you, Our squad clearly has several holes to fill but is better than our last 20 odd matches would suggest. New players need to be persuaded to join us but also a desire to win on goals and not possession stats may improve things too.
  8. Jamie -well deserved, my hero,........... keep going for a year or two more please- we still need you.
  9. My prediction.....The match will start around 4pm and it’ll be over by 6 ish.......Hope Top gets the result we all want for his birthday 👍
  10. Me also....a win on Sunday would be a nice pressy for everyone 👍
  11. ......maybe they should have kept him on
  12. If BR cannot improve our recent form going into the new season with Thursday night football , a threadbare squad and an ageing Jamie then patience will ebb away and a toxic culture will eventually force Top to sack him . The scale of the task is significant and it’s not clear the finance available will be sufficient to fill the gaps we have. Therefore I suspect we may slip into mid table mediocrity and the excitement of recent years will fall away. The board will clearly want to avoid that but King Power are suffering with the Pandemic and will struggle to back the club to the extent we need. It’s up to BR to resolve some of his own shortcomings as the club can only finance player investment to a limited degree without CL football. I am not optimistic.....
  13. When this form continues into next season........
  14. 2 nil win.... to Man U
  15. ... out of the CL places soon....
  16. When does the real FT melt down start....?
  17. Letting a goal in early on always ruins the enjoyment of supporting Leicester...we are 4th though so it’s alright.
  18. I think it will be a draw.
  19. Absolutely great result and good performances from many but it will be for nothing if we don’t get CL as far as many are concerned.
  20. 5th would be great... but it would still be a massive disappointment after the first half season.
  21. Difficult to see us bettering United’s results from here on . I think we have lost the CL☹️
  22. I’m convinced I picked up a dose of Covid-19 at the last Villa match in March. No way am I hurrying back anytime soon !
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