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  1. He has 3 goal, 7 assists and a cross accuracy of 1 in 8 . They’re the numbers, not sure it’s the whole story. I just feel we need more from a left winger. Do accept he seems to play better with Fuchs but let’s not get into the debate about Chilly.
  2. Had a much better game today but still below the level a top 6 club should consider. For his own good we should aim to try and move him on for a reasonable number.
  3. Rashford our ‘till April, hopefully he will still be rusty when we play them at the end of the season.
  4. Given our lack of form in the league we may actually have to take this match seriously if we want to get into Europe next season.
  5. I’m going to really stick my neck out and say.... ...why not play like we used too before we kept dropping points and sending FT into meltdown
  6. Caught looking at dirty mags on the back row... and not sharing them!
  7. Did feel at times that a number of players simply did not want to chase the ball in the last third. Chances lost and then also chances missed too many times.
  8. Agree underwhelming today....he does want too many touches
  9. No idea what the real issue is but I guess we have 350 points to consider.... ...we missed a penalty sadly but... the sun will appear again in the morning. Chill out peeps.
  10. Please no more talk of new contracts for anyone please ...
  11. Hurry up and score, I want another pint in the pub...
  12. Another bad day at the office at this rate...
  13. Its all about the money for me, the UK knockout cups are 2nd team competitions these days. Top 4 gives us CL matches and a shed load of money. Invest it well and we move forward ....We have a dream.
  14. I imagine someone will help get Drinkwater fit in the coming weeks and then that will be the time to assess how good he is. Apologies for making a balanced observation.
  15. We can’t bench the whole lot of them... or can we?
  16. ....Man city now have the same goal diff as L/pool, Just make up 14 points and they are on to retain the league!
  17. .....i am sure he will be greatly improved as a left side player when he learns to use his other foot. If he doesn't then I would question his future at this level.
  18. MOTD called it a bad day at the office ... I feel it’s slightly worse than that.
  19. Nacho to start Ben dropped completely for Christian in... .... need to win as the run iin is tricky
  20. Well at least that’s something I guess, I think I missed which foot that was as it was on the opposite side if the stadium.
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