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  1. If he was out injured for all of preseason, then there is no way that he could have impressed BR, so sky sports are right. At least from a footballing perspective.
  2. most consecutive wins =13 most consecutive draws =5 most consecutive losses=9
  3. We need top 4 badly, failure and it is goodbye for sure, Perriera, Chillwell, Maddison. Possibly Tiellamans and Soyuncu as well, would be a disaster. I am hopeful of a result Saturday, drew last year in the middle of our worst run of the season (lost 3 consec, drew at Anfield, lost the next 3), maybe we are suited to play them better than most. If we lose, not the end of the world, at the moment playing Liverpool seems a free hit.
  4. Copy the below into base64 decoder for the full list 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
  5. They are just different sponsers, always has been the league cup
  6. still a few missing
  7. one you missed is simod cup
  8. Leicester have played in over 20 competitive differing cups and leagues since the Club were founded Super fan status for anyone who can name them all
  9. I don't think we have ever done that.
  10. if the results go our way this weekend, we will go into the international break as favourites for 3rd, the podcast radio man will look a bit dilly ding dilly dong with his top 10 eureka then.
  11. According to various press, man u are going buy every top player in the NEXT transfer window. What the articles fail to state is the fact it is subject to the player wanting to go to a struggling club, the players club actually want to sell, and Man city/Liverpool/Chelsea are not interested. But the omission oft these 3 relevant facts, gets the clicks, and sells the papers.
  12. There are not many transfers in Jan, except for unsettled players, I think that is a small worry, as no one in the squad appears that way. I think we are much more likely to add in Jan than to lose a a player.
  13. op, like your post, but you are underestimated the strength of the squad, we have another defender who was on loan with Celtic, currently recovering, who the tics' were comparing with van dyke last year, and a full back who looks full of potential and already ready for the premier league. There are absolutely no worries with the strength of our squad. WE beat Pool saturday ( and we are only 6/1)we will be up and running, if not Top 4 will have to be the aim.
  14. 1- points deduction for a silly admin error 2- sell half the team in january window 3- Vardy injury other than those, it's Cl again next season.
  15. You are behind the times, Skybet already quoting have us odds on for the top 6, get a win at Anfield people will start dreaming the impossible, and believing in fairytales.
  16. This team is a foregone for top 6, people need to realise the ambition is 3rd, and who knows beat the barcode's today, and then a great big massive free hit at Anfield
  17. The time to worry about Andy Carroll is long past.
  18. really good post, your logic makes complete sense.
  19. i remember man city, the town absolutely empty from around 1.30, before tv in pubs
  20. City fans should be rejoicing about the use of var, how many result changing decisions have Arsenal incorrectly been on the right side of against us, since we came up? Liverpool pen that should never been? Big sides have always been favoured, this nearly levels the chances.
  21. did tou see what europa league done for Burnley last year?, and is doing to Wolves this year? What comp we dont wont. 4th or below 7th, and a cup, without EL
  22. http://www.time4tv.net/2016/23/sky-sports-news.php
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