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  1. Arsenal are yesterdays news, Vardy just saw it before everyone else.
  2. well that would be a stupid bet as Leicester are 14/1 to win 3-1 whether Walcott scores or not.
  3. the churn rate of free trials( but that is worldwide) is over 13% with the premier attraction if they got 15%, it will be deemed a success.
  4. sorry,you have to wait another 2 weeks for that
  5. garbage reply, you are out of your depth, best retire from thread
  6. maybe , but I can snare you in any time I want
  7. There you go, at least one poster realises it is not all doom and gloom cos the mighty Everton are up next.
  8. ? for the members who think Everton will be a tough game. How do you see the upcoming games against Man City and Liverpool? If you view Everton as a tough game, you all must think it is a waste of time of turning up against these two. Get real and realise we have a wonderful team, and that the real test is Xmas week. yes we might slip up in the next 5 matches, but we look the real deal, and by the new year, we may have proved to the whole world we are as well. Everton a tricky game ?, people just post for the sake of posting, it is a gimmee.
  9. the champions quarter final should be in the top 3, he seems to have orgotten that
  10. what the FA should do, but won't is get a manager in, who is of a higher tier than a failed Middlesborogh reject. but they will not because then they could not dictate to him.
  11. why would you think that, pretty much zero chance, he is on a 6 year contract.
  12. Everton only cahance is to play first team, and us to play the kids
  13. already corrected that for you, thanks for the like
  14. 12.30 The appetizer Chelsea , come on Place anything but a a Chelsea win City to beat Arsenal And Sunday, Man City to stop Liverpool winning bookie odds are 11/4, 1/1, 4/7= around 12/1 Come on City, make yourselves real contenders.
  15. he got 60/1, he made a typo
  16. I companys T@C, is irrelevant if it contravenes the law. As I said bookies void bets because 99% of time punters do not know they can be challenged.
  17. Skybet( or any uk regulated bookie) have no right to void a bet unless the counterparty agree. This is a thing bookies do knowing that in most cases punters just accept their decision.
  18. an easy way to see if their predictions are any good would be to compare their match odds with bookies odds. If their % are good and accurate, by betting matches when the site % is bigger than the bookie you will win money Southampton 2/1 Villa 7/2 Spurs 4/6 Newcastle 7/4 Man Utd 8/11 Man City 15/8 Liverpool 13/8 All these teams would be bets tomorrow, obviously seven bets would be not conclusive, but if you did the bets each week after 50 or 60 bets you would have an idea whether the site is all hype or the real deal
  19. The thing is if Spain Germany or whoever, had two young players like Maddison and Grealish they would build the the team around them. Southgate has not capped Maddison, and not even included Grealish in the squad. But i suupose we will beat Kosovo and Montenegro, and the papers will say how great we are.
  20. this is what you have to put up with Southgate, he thinks Rashford s better than Abraham His Level is Championship manager. And that is high as he could be.
  21. What are you talking about? Currently there are 5 teams with better attacks than Arsenal. I sincerely hope you don't bet, you cannot predict even after the fact.
  22. At the moment expecting to beat Arsenal, cannot be in any way classed as over confidence. W e are rated 50% to win by football punters all over the globe
  23. Southgate blanked Vardy in the World Cup, and managed to beat the powerhouses from Tunisia, Pananma, Columbia and Sweden. And lost against Belgium, Croatia and Belgium again. I am pretty sure if he had the skill and knowledge of how to use Vardy as a better manager would be able too, England would still have beat who we managed to beat. Who knows what could have happened against Croatia with an on form Vardy, instead of a out of form Sterling. Southgate came up short, and possibly lost our best chance of winning world cup in 50 years
  24. fkin hell, it was magnificent
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