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  1. We are going to have plenty of players next season with no CL experience, I think he will decide to stay to help them.
  2. He can get another 50 appearances yet if he is content at seeing out games for the last 10 minutes. It is a Rodgers masterstroke, 10 mins for a fresh Wes at the end of a game, against tired strikers. Priceless
  3. he is coming on great the last few matches, loaning him out is just not going to happen. For the first time he is fighting for a regular starting place, he is at his best position since joining the club..
  4. They would look a lot better if you only went back as far as when Rodgers arrived, There is justification for this as, I think most agree, it is 2 different Leicesters' since his arrival.
  5. before weekend matches Chelsea 62.5% City 38.16% Spurs 35.1% Arsenal 33% United 21% after weekend matches Chelsea 68% City 50% Spurs 28% Arsenal 28% United 14% Pretty good over the weekend, Man CIty and Liverpool left it late, else could have started a Champions watch as well.
  6. I don't understand this at all, why explain your logic to the world?
  7. No. There are 16 possible combinations of which only 1is a-a-a-a. So the chance of just 1 in 16. Don't really understand why you are saying no, and then confirming my statement. I suppose it is easy to get mixed up with odds and probability.
  8. you are right fuchstf, today though it just just became that little harder to win the cup
  9. We got to be beating teams like Palace, it is what top 4 teams do. Man Cty cake walked them within the last 3 weeks, so will we.
  10. why do people keep saying the odds are 16/1 to be drawn away four times on the trot? The odds are 15/1
  11. Shame on Jamie, letting someone called Messi best him by TWO goals.
  12. the odds are NOT always stacked in the bookies favour,. The secret of betting , you should only bet when they are stacked in YOUR favour.
  13. why would you bet at 7.0, when anyone could tell you the odds are 8.0?
  14. IT is laughable about all these posts about a £10 bet on 150/1 winner. Now I don.t know the facts of bet but I do know through experience of the industry how it may have come about. Leicester were winning 3/0 after 20 minutes and Saints were down to 10 men. He has more likely than just 1 bet on 9/0, had £10 on 6//0 7/0 8//0 9/0 10/0 Now I am not deriding him, fair play to him, and I Hope he had just the one bet on 9/0, but the chances are he had multiple scores and happened to connect with 9/0 If he had 5 goes the odds are more like 30/1, stiil a great bet. Buts let not get drawn in to the bookies,media brainwashing bllx The only way you could get 10£ on at 150/1 is if you have a new account, or you have an account and they have marked you as a mug.
  15. That high shot was garbage though, he needs to stop that noncense
  16. When Gray went more central towards the end of the game , I thought for the first time he looked a good prem player. He still looks short of confidence, but at long last there is hope. He done well tonight
  17. I don't really understand the basis for the ?, or what you are trying to convey.
  18. Messi, hes the one. Guaranteed to improve our team.
  19. Results went pretty good over the weekend for our CL aim, seen our chance improve from 29% to near 38% Worth watching over the upcoming matches compared to other challengers Implied chance from betfair Chelsea 62.5% City 38.16% Spurs 35.1% Arsenal 33% United 21% Nice to see now favoured over the 2 North London
  20. The pool has to who would improve us getting smaller by the game. Long may it continue.
  21. All for the Shaq call, only be worried about his work rate, but the scouting team will have accessed that if it is a goer.
  22. well if the xg figures say it is a bet, then go for it
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