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  1. It wont upset Fuchs, when Chilly returns, that is his job to stand in for him. He has done brilliantly, what a squad is all about.
  2. The cathedral hasn't aged well, at all.
  3. Miami is greatest place I have ever been. People dismissing Miami, must have been to the wrong places, like visiting Leicester, and basing your opinion on a day visit to St Mathews.
  4. Today's game would have been serious setback with a loss, our aim in all honesty is a minimum of seventh, for that given today's opponents, a loss would have been a catastrophe. BR has gone with this hoping for a win, it hasn't worked, but the main objective was achieved. A big positive was Cag's performance, so much so that BR took protection for him off earlier than planned and became more offensive, a good pointer for future games. All in all, although the result was a little disappointing, I think the performance of HM replacement will more than makeup for today, over the season.
  5. @boubon fox, your prose is brilliant. You could find a vocation with proper sentences and paragraphs.
  6. car boot sale, a dish can be picked up for a £1
  7. a sky dish is pointing at 28 east, it is literally a 3 inch nudge to 42 east, and drop of 1 inch
  8. it is on trt sport satellite (42 east) and sport tv3 (30 west) both these sats are easy to pick up in the uk
  9. It is sickening. They are ecstatic the fact Shawcross has badly broken his ankle. Probally the only fan forum where you could expect this, with no comeback from more level headed fans.
  10. Gamble is forming on City over the last 2 weeks, 10/1 down to 5/1, to finish top six, and 5/1 down 3/1 without the top six The worrying thing is though in the past teams who are fancied to best of the rest, have disappointed a few times. Hope it is not the case this time
  11. Does the thread title belittle the fact our fan base is racist, or champion the fact,that our security is absolutely brilliant at weeding out racists?
  12. I once dreamt that we lost 6-0 to Man city, lo and behold a few days later we did.
  13. for around £100 you can get a small motorised satellite setup, watch any match you want
  14. A poll as to at what age a boys team would beat a Women's international team, I thought my post was crystal clear on that. Btw, it pertains to Football teams
  15. A poll revealed that 100% were of the opinion that an under 17 boys team would beat the The England women under 16 was down to 76%, and under 15 was only 34% Don't know about under 15 winning,but surely under 16 would win, there can be a big difference in growth rates from 15 to sixteen in young men.
  16. His record in knockout tournaments reads beat Panama beat Tunisa beat Colunbia lost to Croatia lost to Belgium( twice) lost to Holland According to talksport and the press he is the bee's knees. To me he is the eqivalent of a Middlesborouh manager.
  17. plenty of horses win on consecutive days, that theory bears no weight.
  18. Sometimes you just got to take your hat off to an opposing player. Vincent Kompany, I hated you a couple of seasons ago when you cynicaly stopped Vardy going through on goal in the first 5 minutes, and escaped a sending off. But my God what a goal, and what a captain you are.
  19. the best comment that passage of play,was summarised by the commentator who exclaimed "like Bacelona on speed"
  20. Vardy 19 for City, Aguero 22 for Man City Who of the 2 , has performed better this season?, one plays for a team likely to win the title having scored a 100 goals When you think about Chelsea, they paid fortunes for Morata, and then Higuain, neiither can be mentioned in the same context as Vardy's contributions for their club. Man U , paid nearly 90 million for Lukaku, , another fortune for Sanchez, comparable to Vardy? , some one at utd needs to have a serious word with themselves, what A fkun joke Man u are. Now Salah, can't be faulted, definitely gets as many goals as Vardy, but there's hardly anything between them, although one cost20-30 times as much. Arsenal, at least tried to get him to sign, but on the cheap, and the kids loyalty was immense What an absolute legend the lad is
  21. unfortunataly you watching the game has no bearing on the actual result, or possible result, if it did you would be rightly heralded as a soothsayer.
  22. always, always, for 45 years wanted City to win each and every match, but if it means Liverpool winning the league, I am torn. Praying for Liverpool not to win theirr next match, so can cheer the lads on 100% instead of 80%
  23. i dont understand the "more difficult", before the sending off City were quoted at 37% chance of winning, after the sending off quote was 60% , figures are from betfair
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