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  1. "Jack Grealish is a massive err,,,err,, err..." Bellend is the word you're looking for Brendan
  2. a) What a player Walshy was... b) How far has football come...totally different game... c) How did I get this old?
  3. That exact same goal was predicted on The Athletic yesterday....
  4. tielemans running the midfield - Big Dan looking nervous on the ball...
  5. but they've definitely strengthened.... their grip on their own cocks
  6. Not only does he know what he's talking about, he really hasn't had it easy either. He suffers from Chrones disease and I believe has a stoma. Total respect
  7. What's with the Nazi style font on the Arsenal shirts???
  8. "WAP" ... Someone accidently caught sight of Madders in just his rucksack.....
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