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  1. ffs...decent player Willock. Where's the energy?
  2. That's a corner.... luckily they didn't give it to us....
  3. Watching Souness is even more depressing than watching the Snooker Senior Masters on TV... God age is cruel....
  4. Wonder what his friend and business partner - in multiple ventures - a certain G Neville, feels this does for his brand?
  5. Our players spend too much time thinking about lightening their balls as it is thank you. Well done to Selby though.
  6. Enlightening thread.. Here's me thinking thinking I was going to find out what Joe Waters is up to now......
  7. I F*****ng hate BT with a passion. Disgusting, poorly-run state monopoly, taken over/ given to greedy ineffective money-grabbing equally poor management with no sense of style or quality.
  8. Palace are a sub-london club - but point taken...
  9. May be totally irrational but in my mind we always seem to lose key games to them.... Respect to Woy... but it's time to go Much rather have Fulham than these North London's Millwall Zaha Their kit That's enough for now... G'won winnit
  10. Cags so much cooler than Hugh.......
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