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  1. Just a thought for Villa today... Great side in their day lead by a fine man. Respect.
  2. So glad he plays for us... I'd absolutely hate him if he played for anyone else! Such a talent, such a wind-up merchant. Pure Evil!
  3. Bravo Strider, bravo. Smart, well worked analysis. Here's hoping you get to take over from one of those knobs on Sky.
  4. Shame Hamza isn't here.... would like to see some these vile cheats experience a real tackle.
  5. Hope this isn't an insurance plan for Wilf leaving in 12 months......
  6. http://sportwitness.co.uk/leicester-city-player-set-consider-transfer-offer-old-manager-wants/ Consider it with the contempt it deserves but said article claims Denis Praet would "consider" move to Italy due to lack of playing time.....
  7. Plus I was bullied on Kinch bus going to school everyday for three years. I have no words for the contempt I hold for him.
  8. This is the best / worst, most uplifting / terrifying, thread ever on Foxestalk. Should be compulsory viewing for every new fan of our amazing current team. Thank you every one who has contributed. I expect this thread to be resurrected every Halloween from now on.
  9. Is Rice actually on the pitch? What is the point of him?
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