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  1. When the fk is someone going to call out Pep for heavy petting the officials and sweet talking the opposition players during the game. If they don't put a stop to it soon we'll have to prove we're over eighteen before we can watch a game. The man's obscene
  2. Disappointed no-one took the chance to break Mahrez' leg. However very pleased we managed to waste another 87 minutes of his career...
  3. Should have had two penalties. Would have been a draw at least. Given what else has happened today this could be the end of VAR
  4. I hate moaning about the refs... but what the actual fk have we just seen... Can't argue about their pen or their goal. But every other single decision?????
  5. "Marhez pulls it back..!" What his foreskin???
  6. Maddision needs to get in gym and toughen up a bit...
  7. That cnut Pep with his arm round the 4th official and his tongue in his ear!!!!! How is like legal?
  8. you won't see a better punch in Vegas tonight...Has to be a red!
  9. Someone man-mark Pep to keep him away from Soyuncu at half-time.
  10. Good game to watch...apart from the twat on commentary who keeps saying..."City have had more of the ball"
  11. Potentially a fine team for this match...
  12. Prime Drogba was magnificent tbf...Henry was just a posh Vardy (great player)
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