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  1. Probably some of the same shameful, moronic, inebriated, souless GB individuals that were dancing and chanting all over the Costa del Sol last weekend .."we've all got the virus na na na na, we've all got the virus etc..." May they all collect the Darwin Award asap.
  2. People keen to save money with Brexit..not only is it costing a great deal more than we would have saved...we've now just thrown around 100 years worth of brexit costs at the pandemic.
  3. Would have won that without Dennis Rofe's own goal
  4. Top 5 favourite player of all time
  5. What a difference having Wilf back! Evans immense again today
  6. Soyuncu still recovering from his major award on world mullet day....
  7. he lacks many things.. most importantly a coherent group of brain cells...
  8. Awesome news. The Fantastic Mr Fuchs can write his own contract here as far as I'm concerned. A smart, principled, hard-working talented footballer - we've been lucky to have him. If he does choose to go and spend more time with his family and his post football business', he goes with legend status and my sincere thanks.
  9. When the fk is someone going to call out Pep for heavy petting the officials and sweet talking the opposition players during the game. If they don't put a stop to it soon we'll have to prove we're over eighteen before we can watch a game. The man's obscene
  10. Disappointed no-one took the chance to break Mahrez' leg. However very pleased we managed to waste another 87 minutes of his career...
  11. Should have had two penalties. Would have been a draw at least. Given what else has happened today this could be the end of VAR
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