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  1. The delectable tasteful Grace Dent. Pure exquisite delicious filth... wow
  2. I think we should sneak back there on Friday and put back that statue of Michael Jackson....
  3. according to my stream Liverpool have a couple of players out injured....
  4. Southgate: "It would be very easy for them to pull out, there’s a lot of pressure on them to pull out, they haven’t. We’re looking at the hole, but this is another chance to see Mason a little bit deeper, another chance to see Phil in his first start between September, and the interplay between him and Harry and Jack in particular." What is this? Football or Drag Race????
  5. England: Pickford, Trippier, Walker, Maguire, Dier, Saka, Rice, Mount, Grealish, Kane, Foden. Subs: Keane, Sancho, Mings, Pope, Winks, Chilwell, Maitland-Niles, Calvert-Lewin, Abraham, D Henderson, Bellingham What an absolute shower of shite! I hope they get tonked.
  6. Arsehole hipsters riding illegal, uninsured electric scooters at night, in the rain, no lights, head to foot in black, massive headphones in the rush hour....grrrr
  7. Come to think of it he reminds me of Vardy.. Shin pads, and all
  8. Happy Birthday Sir... Don't sniff the glue
  9. This was my favourite for about a year.. Press a button and his head lit up from inside. I called him Scorpio but the internet tells me he was something from Major Matt Mason which I've never heard of....
  10. I had the white one...loved it...
  11. Aparently Hornby model railways made a profit this year for the first time in ages... Saved by Covid
  12. of course it must be...half of one anyway.. current value £600
  13. Wtf is that? Looks awsome!
  14. Waldo is hiding in a crowd scene in the bottom right, whilst the impending catastrophic recession approaches fast....
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