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  1. Yeah, a lot of stuff has been remastered now. But a large of part of vinyl getting the “sounds better” rep is from before this happened. And it’s true. The first Stone Roses album sounded shit on CD before the remastered version came out.
  2. Back on to the important stuff - vinyl - a lot of older music was never remastered for CD so can be bass-light.
  3. What created the advanced civilisation?
  4. It’s why it shouldn’t be done. Tasks communicated like that never get done @Name1 do this @Name 2 do that is the way
  5. Tyler is so desperate for Liverpool to win this. Actually made a disappointed moaning sound just now when they missed a chance, and sounded gutted when Southampton scored.
  6. Confusing game. Looks like Man City playing a hens party, but it’s not.
  7. Doubt it. I’d say the physical and mental rigours would require high levels of certain ‘born with’ traits. A quick, analytical mind that can function under pressure, natural strength and stamina, great eye sight, lack of anything relating to vertigo, very high spacial awareness, zero claustrophobia etc. On claustrophobia, I read that one of the early NASA missions (can’t remember which one) was the equivalent of sitting in the front of a VW Beetle with your mate, wearing a bulky suit and helmet- for two weeks. I think I’d go insane.
  8. I’m desperate for him to score one of his 40 yard attempts he hits at waist height.
  9. Thought Vardy’s booking was harsh. Players kick corner flags all the time, it’s not his fault Sheffield United’s are made from meringue.
  10. Closed the iPad angrily when they went 3-2 up...
  11. November 9 - was at work and my mate rang me. Watched it on BBC news. When the first tower fell I was gobsmacked. Diana - woke up after a massive night out, still smashed, and my sister told me. Senna - saw it live. Affected me more than Diana did.
  12. Not that, I have a thing about frogs cranking one out.
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