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  1. Watched a Porsche blasting down the M69 this afternoon, moved over to let him past in lane 3. A few seconds later he/she almost hit the central barrier and was so close to losing it. Was obviously on his/her phone.
  2. Loud people. Fvckin hate it when a meal or drink is punctuated by an obviously exaggerated laugh every 2 mins by some insecure loser desperate to tell the world at 130db what a fvckin great time they’re having. Was having a meal last weekend and there were three couples at the next table. The blokes ALL had ridiculous put-on laughs and I swear they were trying to outdo each other. They all had beards too and I’m tempted to now shave mine off in case there’s some kind of link with cvnts like that and facial hair. ?
  3. My other half and I partied with him and his friends at Natterjacks one New Years Eve, good bunch of people! I was wasted so no details unfortunately.
  4. Noticed the stats don’t show shots on target, just the number of shots. Then I realised it isn’t needed - the number of shots on target is simply the number of goals scored.
  5. Could be specist.
  6. Edited as I misread. Yeah, she might be a maniac. Fit though.
  7. Nope, I got a full blown right hook to my left ear recently and I didn’t even get angry.
  8. Donnie Brasco is up there for me.
  9. Don’t forget Hot Fuzz! Even better in my opinion.
  10. State of the horizon in that picture.
  11. I just think the pitch and goals are too big for the women’s game. I’d like to see it get enough traction to allow for dedicated pitches more suited to the reduced speed and power possessed by women.
  12. Had me steaming to be honest.
  13. Ridiculously easy questions about myself.
  14. Fvckin love it. Utter wankers.
  15. I’d have him back but make him wear a kit that’s way too small for him for the first few games.
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