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  1. Fvckin love it. Utter wankers.
  2. I’d have him back but make him wear a kit that’s way too small for him for the first few games.
  3. Got a beard but my shaft and balls get the treatment as and when required. Don’t go anywhere near my ring though.
  4. There’s a racist joke in their somewhere.
  5. Got an M140i auto, not had a manual for years now and wouldn’t go back now the autos are so good.
  6. Where to start? Daniel Lambert Kirk Stevens
  7. Mayo is great. Brown sauce is better (bacon and sausage cobs both receive it). Gone right off ketchup though, and I hate the smell at the end of meals when everyone except me has huge blobs of the stuff congealing on their plates/faces. Chips and fries are better with mayo.
  8. How KP Dry Roasted now taste. From sublime snack heaven to inedible, horrible-textured salt overload. Someone needs firing.
  9. Footlockers online ordering. Ordered a ladies size five and so far have received a seven and a nine.
  10. People walking in one direction and looking in another, forcing me to do all the thinking to avoid a collision.
  11. Or, we don’t need *an* education.
  12. Pretty sure it’s only the cob question that’s used to calculate the answer.
  13. Blarmy


    Possibly a bit of graffiti.
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