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  1. Blarmy

    Corona Virus

    Before the flush though? I like to watch it go, feels like a victory.
  2. Blarmy

    Corona Virus

    You need to ignore everything that man says.
  3. Chopped in my 140i for a new 118d as I needed the economy for a new job that no longer exists because of COV-ID 🤦🏼‍♂️
  4. Blarmy

    Corona Virus

    Passengers you don’t live with.
  5. Blarmy

    Corona Virus

    French non-lip readers who have the volume down.
  6. Blarmy

    Corona Virus

    Or, the one who stayed away prevented the others from fulfilling their only purpose in life.
  7. Blarmy

    Corona Virus

    For a bit of light relief, everyone should go to shake hands then do the thumb on nose waggly finger thing.
  8. New potatoes and horseradish sauce. And peas
  9. I actually prefer home-style Indian cooking to takeaway stuff. It’s very different. I got the 50 Great Curries of India book and took it from there.
  10. Blarmy

    Corona Virus

    So the virus has multiple cocks now. This could get bad...
  11. I do brisket Sunday dinner. Slow roast brisket (ovened) gravy the same as you, but thickened with corn flower. Roast spuds, horseradish sauce (sometimes homemade) and broccoli or something. I much prefer it to topside, and it’s so hard to get pink roast beef right.
  12. What do you call a PC that sings? A Dell.
  13. Blarmy

    Corona Virus

    My girlfriend works as a teacher in Brum and a kid in the next school has a confirmed case. Getting a bit too close to home for comfort now.
  14. Good points. Humans do it all the time tho
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