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  1. Been saying it for years, if a player appears to be in significant pain he has to leave the pitch for a mandatory 10 minutes for treatment and assessment. If he is then OK he can return to play.
  2. I wonder if this will ever stop sounding like a euphemism to me...
  3. One Ormondroyd laying sideways.
  4. Yeah, but then I’d have needed to throw an “are/were” in there and I couldn’t be arsed.
  5. Critics not liking Joker is a great example of why I ignore critics. Most of them just want to disagree with everyone else in the hope it sets them apart somehow, in an attempt to justify their bullshit, elitist, condescending and patronising profession. Except Mark Kermode, and Barry Norman, who are alright.
  6. Me. I remember turning a corner once and saying to the missus, “where’s that van come from?” It was travelling in the same direction, at cruising speed and about 30 yards in front of me somehow. No side streets or driveways that it could’ve come from.
  7. This had me crying with laughter. Don’t know what that says about me but thanks!
  8. Looking forward to the new Clyde and Bonnie film also.
  9. Shouldn’t that be June and Terry?
  10. Why? He has the means to seek out the best professional help money can buy, family and friends around him (I presume) and a current employer. His issues are nothing to do with LCFC.
  11. More likely that he isn’t actually injured.
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