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  1. Mayo is great. Brown sauce is better (bacon and sausage cobs both receive it). Gone right off ketchup though, and I hate the smell at the end of meals when everyone except me has huge blobs of the stuff congealing on their plates/faces. Chips and fries are better with mayo.
  2. How KP Dry Roasted now taste. From sublime snack heaven to inedible, horrible-textured salt overload. Someone needs firing.
  3. Footlockers online ordering. Ordered a ladies size five and so far have received a seven and a nine.
  4. People walking in one direction and looking in another, forcing me to do all the thinking to avoid a collision.
  5. Or, we don’t need *an* education.
  6. Pretty sure it’s only the cob question that’s used to calculate the answer.
  7. Blarmy


    Possibly a bit of graffiti.
  8. Blarmy


    I’ve been to a fair few of the D Day landing beaches in Normandy. A lot of the bunkers, concrete emplacements and artillery is still there, amongst the monuments and cemeteries. Very moving places to visit.
  9. I just find it funny that Neeson is a revenge junky in real life too.
  10. Don’t like Andy Murray and his mums even worse.
  11. Just keep recruiting nobodies every four weeks to get a perpetual new manager bounce going.
  12. That’s the word “steward” ruined for me. Used to love the word steward.
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