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  1. Motown was also manufactured. But granted, it was incredibly good.
  2. Unlikely at a Barrymore party.
  3. In that particular scene, they didn’t actually want to kill each other. Just a stressful situation and an argument that got out of hand. Like squaring up to your mate but with guns. For a good “shooting mid sentence” scene watch the Miami Vice movie.
  4. Harvey’s Barn Doors They’re Spurs-proof!
  5. Strangers talking to the kids. They wouldn’t walk up to an adult you were with and start yakking to them about what their name was, or where they worked, or if they were enjoying themselves in Curry’s, so why do it with kids?
  6. Avengement on Netflix. Was in the mood for a crap British gangster film but actually really enjoyed it for different reasons. Good fight scenes, acting and score and over the top enough to not take itself too seriously (which is why I usually enjoy crap British gangster films). So I enjoyed it, but not because it was crap. Happy camper.
  7. Still not old though. If a film from 2007 is old, what do we call films from the 50’s?
  8. My girlfriend is a dance teacher and can’t help at all I’m afraid. She wishes you all the best though.
  9. Yep. I bet he has a healthy cashbook.
  10. You answered your own question
  11. Damn right. People being ridiculously loud on nights out seems to be coming a thing - I hate it. Was at Nuneaton train station a few weeks ago and a bunch of lads walked past me being so loud it actually became a white noise and hurt my ears. Wtf?
  12. Also like sprouts, but not overcooked. Just little cabbages really and everyone likes cabbage.
  13. This result won’t bother me at all - unless we finish second and one point behind Liverpool.
  14. About the most pointless tweet I’ve ever seen.
  15. My local Spa sometimes offers The Sun for free and I don’t even take one then.
  16. Now I’ve found 50Hz mode on my Chromecast, maybe.
  17. Hamza farts are scientifically proven to weaken the cellular structure of any lifeforms that come into contact with them, increasing the likelihood of injuries. It’s true.
  18. If you’d hit him it would have been the shortest drive to a job ever.
  19. Regardless, we are more likely to finish second than first. That’s where the “logical” bit comes in. Anyway, as I said, I’ll still want other top 4 teams to beat Liverpool.
  20. Blarmy


    Have a listen to Screamadelica.
  21. Because we are more likely to finish second than we are first, and second is better than third, fourth etc.
  22. Cheering on Liverpool against other top 4 sides is certainly the logical thing to do, but I just know I won’t be able to do it. I think I have some kind of mental deficiency. 🤣
  23. Vocal group/singers? The Beatles also played instruments.
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