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  1. Similar to panaharmonious. Or, looking at it another way, a synonym of contratasphemic.
  2. Fvcks sake is it next goal wins or something?
  3. We’re Leicester. We have huge injury issues, and we're second in the league. That’s all you need to know.
  4. Regardless, calling them jokers is out of order in my opinion. Back your team.
  5. Worse than now, where you’ve still been cheated and there is no punishment? And how many quick free kicks that don’t require a goal result in goals? Hardly any. In fact, it’s this type of simulation that’s the worst, as it happens so much. Every time there’s a tussle now, one player goes down and it’s an almost guaranteed free kick.
  6. I said penalties would still be checked, so the best you’re getting is a free kick, which has an outside chance of going in. But you’re definitely getting booked. In fact, thinking about it, there’s enough time for “wall-worthy” free kicks to do the check before the free kick is taken - so these could be handled the same as penalty shouts. Everything else, where a free kick is taken quickly, review during play and retrospectively book if simulation occurred.
  7. Yep. As opposed to before VAR (which is wrecking the game in its current guise) when they scored and the player didn’t get booked. Add in all the times the goal isn’t scored, but the player gets booked 5 minutes later. Would be an amazing sight, named and shamed and now booked with no reward for his team. Throw in a few sending offs with no reward and cheating will quickly be eradicated.
  8. In that circumstance, we’d get the pen but Vardy would get booked retrospectively. You’re playing the game the old way but also punishing cheating. You could even tweak it - in that circumstance the player gets an immediate red.
  9. Yep, nothing else changes to keep the game flowing, and the simulator gets retrospectively booked. Does it again he’s off.
  10. If I was in charge I would: 1) Bin VAR off other than for checking penalty decisions and looking for simulation. The “simu-checks” could take place whilst the game was continuing, so no hold ups. Simulation would get the player booked every time. Simulation would be categorised as “ending up on the deck when you didn’t need to” and would be phrased exactly like that in the rule book. The reason for the bookings would be displayed on the big screens. 2) Add mandatory off-pitch treatment times if a player appears to be in pain for any reason. 7 minutes sounds a
  11. That was pretty good for me, all things considered. Let’s win it now.
  12. If you click the blue links you’ll get more info.
  13. I can never remember 504. I’m such a div.
  14. It’s my birthday today. Was never sure about City playing today as obviously it can go either way. This is not good for so many reasons.
  15. This has been really, really bad. I wasn’t confident about going into half time with a lead even at 1-0...
  16. For me, brown sauce is best with bacon and sausages. No sauce needed with beans or tomatoes...
  17. So true. Good bacon in a cob, happy days. In a burger - no.
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