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  1. Haven't read the full thread but congrats on getting a ticket - BRILLIANT!!! I reckon you should take Harpenden Fox with you, and ME - cos I was born in Redbourn!!!
  2. 48 pages because some young men had a party and got ratted out. Oh, for Pete's sake.
  3. Ralph told his men to step up three gears or they wont be in the team to play Brendan's Blue Bottling Boys at Wembley! Different side altogether in the second half.
  4. Goodness! Southampton are being TORN APART by West Brom!!
  5. The whole of this forum saying get on the front foot from the start.... ....but, no, let's wait until the 50th minute, when we're 3-0 down, before we start showing our class and basically ripping them apart! WTF?
  6. Brilliant goal from Matty James!
  7. Well, Bear, plenty of other Wolves fans on here tonight!
  8. I'll be fuming if Soyuncu isnt playing! Put £30 on LCFC to win, mostly based on that unbelievably good back three! .....I suppose Big Dan could be Man-of-the-Match !?
  9. Our last two games: Two wins, eight goals scored. Too scorer not scoring, and next-top-scorers (Barnes, Maddison) not even playing. C'MON - A BIT OF CONFIDENCE PLEASE! WE'RE GONNA BEAT THESE!
  10. Foden off - he's been nowt but a passenger. Hope he offers to return his cap. Embarrassing. No contribution at all.
  11. Foden! ! Commentators love him. So over-rated.
  12. Would've loved to have seen Derek Dougan in a City shirt. Did see him play for Wolves - class act! He seemed to score plenty of goals for Leicester, as did Jackie Sinclair - a player I never got to see. How great would it be to have a goalscorer like Arthur Rowley? His stats are out of this world at a time when you needed to be tough just to survive league football. On the Lenny Glover argument - there is no argument - he was so good he should definately be in your team!! Fabulous player!
  13. The most skillful footballer I have ever seen. Fabulous to watch. I feel honoured and priveledged to have seen him play. RIP.
  14. Love to put 5 past them THREE TIMES this season ( that little matter of the FA cup final to round it off). ......see Pep's face then!
  15. I remember it well! Massive crowd that night.
  16. I wondered why we always pay too much respect to ManUre - then I saw our recent record against them (1 win in 24 games?). We are the better team, with the better players - lets thump them this time (like the ONE win - which we all remember!)
  17. FA CUP NEWS Manchester United simply could not live with Leicester's attacking power and went crashing out of the FA cup at The King Power stadium. Looking jaded after their heavy recent programme, the much changed United team were simply blown away by the magnificent Foxes. Driven on by Tielemans and Ndidi from midfield the awesome City attacking threesome, Iheanacho, Vardy and Perez each weighed in with a goal, whilst the wretched United captain, Harry Maguire, made the scoreline more reflective of the game when his own goal made the final score: Leicester City 4 Mancester U
  18. 17 minutes to go, and you just know that Chelski are gonna win it
  19. That's really, really wierd...... .......I've suddenly become a massive Leeds fan !
  20. Big Big match tonight in the run in for the top four. The losers are gonna have SO much ground to make up. Oh, and Wet Spam simply wont last the pace.
  21. If Soyuncu plays to his recent standard we should beat this lot! If he has any David Luis moments, which have been rare this season, then we could be losing here. He really is that important to us (specially now we've hit a bad patch) - and to think people were thinking, a couple of months back, that he would struggle to get back in the team!
  22. I know it's not the modern way, and I know being hard nosed is frowned upon, but if I was refereeing this match I would (after about ten minutes) take Slavia's captain to one side and tell him, forcefully, that if his players continue to SCREAM - every time they're tackled - they WILL get booked. It made an absolute mockery of the first leg, and their players should be ashamed and embarrassed by such pathetic gamesmanship. Ridiculous.
  23. Absolutely agree with this post in every way. Worth pointing out on the defensive front that Soyuncu has been IMMENSE!! I used ti s**t myself at corners, but he clears everything (ball and openents) - if hes passed into a corner he will do a Cruyff turn and an effective clearance - he's so cool under pressure he is like David Luis (without the brainfart mistakes!). Can't believe some were questioning his place in the team. AWESOME.
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