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  1. All silliness aside, and i do apologise for being part of it (as well as making an enormous cock-up by starting this thread in the first place!!), I really thought that MA was in charge for TWO games - both of which were victories. I know its not important, but can anyone enlighten me?
  2. Nit picking AND name calling. Peurile and pathetic - always seems to be some kind of desperation about those supporters of a lost cause.
  3. Oh, sorry - forgot that the ONE draw and FIVE defeats in the past SIX games included that glorious match at Newport County. Such a shame that Puel fans have to revel in a defeat to a fourth division side. Technically we didnt pick up any points from that game so technically I'm correct. But hey ho - enjoy the fact that we haven't had a win since January 1st and carry on with petty nit-picking.
  4. More points in one game than Puel in his last six.
  5. Guess I jumped the gun! Should never believe Sky News!
  6. Very, very decent playing staff at the moment. All thats required is another striker and a decent manager.
  7. Nah, mate: Nickname in the bedroom is 'El Magnifico' !
  8. City Legend - England Legend. RIP Gordon. The absolute best.
  9. "Claude Puel reveals his plan for Leicester City, including Youri Tielemans and James Maddison" - wonder if his plan also includes winning any matches?
  10. Think I've said before how good it is to see the positivity shown in this topic - in fact the only negativity seemed to be my gloomy opening post which has recieved a huge ammount of bad feedback! Sorry! However, having watched the match 3 more times since getting home, I would say, tentatively, that Tottenham helped us look 'improved' by the fact that they played absolute shite! In fact I'm pretty sure that any premier league team (other than ourselves and Huddersfield) would've absolutely mullered them!! Hopefully the improved performance will eventually lead to improved results - but, with Monsieur Puel at the helm, I honestly cant see it. Again, sorry!!
  11. Why? Cos Spurs scored three and we scored one. Cos Puel decided to bench the only player who can score for us. Cos, basically, this side has forgotten how to win - loss after loss after loss - confidence totally drained by an inept manager who is completely out of his depth.
  12. Congratulations to Michael Appleton on his impending appointment as manager of Hibs. I'm sure he'll be a big success up there. As Caretaker manager for us he steadied the ship after Shakespeare's departure and was a major factor in our top half finish last season.
  13. I've ran out of rep today - but I fully agree with you. Need to find that system to bring the smile back (......and I know how to start......)
  14. It's great to see such positivity on this forum and, yes, the performance was much better. But when push comes to shove, we LOST. we lost to a pretty poor Spurs team - one which didn't really have to get out of first gear to beat us by 2 clear goals. Yes, we shoulda, coulda, woulda done better if we'd taken our chances but the manager decided to bench our one-and-only goalscorer. Loss after loss after loss - lets be honest: this manager has no idea on how to turn it around. He needs to go. NOW.
  15. Agree with this line-up. Would maybe find a starting spot for Hamza.
  16. Pretty sure that's 5 defeats and 1 draw in the last 6 matches. That's ONE point. The other games? Loss, Loss, Loss, Loss, Loss (including loss to 4th division Newport). WOW! I don't really know what to say. I suppose I should just reiterate what is said on here ad nauseum: Where would be be if we didn't have such a Wonderful, Wonderful, Charismatic Manager?? FFS. WOW.
  17. How can you have a contact piccie of The Great Frank Worthington - the very embodiment of skill and flair and charisma.... ...and then say you love Puel - the very epitome of everything that's the exact opposite!!!!!?
  18. WoW! ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON IN EVERY WAY. Couldnt agree more with comments about youngsters regressing. The joy and the flair and the skills and the ambitions seem to be knocked out of them. Jeez - poor Maddison (have you seen his expression recently- no smiles like at Norwich) is even afraid to head into an empty net from 2 yards as it would be deemed to be 'not passing to a teammate'. FFS.
  19. ......Kermo's first goal - what an absolute CRACKER!
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