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  1. Yea, we will get battered by a Spurs team who stunk the place out against Villa and have a child as a manager.
  2. We will beat these..... just depends on what others do.
  3. So much for the weakened Spurs team.
  4. Nice to see Kane has won ‘most improved player’ and ‘parents player of the season’.
  5. It’s a huge deal. Looking into it a bit more, it’s as good as a top four finish. So the fears surrounding the financial losses of missing out on the top four will be abolished with this deal. But just imagine if the stars align and we sneak in.....
  6. Covid has had a big impact on this. But I think it will change football forever, I think every game will continue to be available on TV now, either by PPV or just all already across Sky, BT and Amazon.
  7. I highly doubt there will be. Like I said yesterday the mint green kit is already available online at the dodgy Chinese websites and it shows kind power as the sponsor.... so I would be surprised if it is anything else.
  8. Is that chap from Louven back? Looks like he’s in the training pics? Wouldn’t be able to play though would he? Anyway, Spurs won’t turn up to this, Kane will play but he’s not risking an injury to be out out of the Euro’s. The bidding war will start for him during the Euro’s so that’s where he will be placing his efforts. We will win this game, it’s just if there’s a twist elsewhere...
  9. He’s cost way too much, and demand wages far too high. He’s good, but he’s not worth the amount being suggested we would be Ben Chilwelling ourselves!
  10. It’s the next step in Leicesters domination. In 20 years Rodgers will retire with 18 PL trophies 4 Champions league’s and 12 FA cups.... We will be known as the modern day galactico’s.
  11. He was making comments re certain players being left out.... so for example (disclaimer this isn’t what happened it’s just a scenario I am making up to paint a picture) whilst discussing injury Dan Amartey Dave would suggest there was nothing wrong with him, and there’s no reason he’s being left out of the squad other than he’s out of favour.... for example. So he was essentially acting as an agony aunt, and the players would then think “there’s nothing wrong with me, so why am I not being picked”..... stepping on the managers toes so to speak. Allegedly he was also offerin
  12. Apparently he was overstepping his mark by being a bit of a gossip and a stirrer. So was binned.
  13. Ayo’s body would probably reject it due to its ability to make simple contact with a football.
  14. In a nut shell, Spurs need to sell Kane and his body parts to the black market separately.
  15. It’s done kids. Get your bucket hats and parkas ready.
  16. He’s the next Henry. Will absolutely bang 20 on the onion bag. Can we sell bucket hats at the KP?
  17. At least signing him might force the KO to start playing decent music! Bit o’ stone roses at the KP. Ducking glorious.
  18. Definitely a wise signing. Bags of PL experience, more than capable of playing at the level we want and I imagine he’s fairly dependable.....
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