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  1. Germany are bobbed…. You wouldn’t want to play Portugal needing to win…..
  2. Scraping the barrel bringing Volland on!
  3. Must be, we’re only interested in the best 🙄
  4. I would argue he’s actually one of Germany’s better performers. They’ve generally been poor tonight, he’s at least tried to get forward.
  5. I think Curry Wurst is the most the German fans can expect from this game today. Get the feeling France will hit them for 5 or 6.
  6. Pliskin


    I get the impression Rodgers isn’t keen. There is no denying his ability, but he must have some kind of attitude issue….. he was pretty crap in large parts of last season, granted he has been injured, but if he was fit like he declared, then he certainly didn’t show it. I get the impression that although Rodgers is a very good man manager, and clearly has quality interpersonal skills, but he is no push over, I get the feeling Madders pushes those boundaries somewhat which probably causes a bit of tension between the pair. Rodgers has openly said he does not like that trait,
  7. Hummels is dog shit now…… it’s like Lowe wanted to **** then over before he goes.
  8. Pliskin


    Depends of the Coutinho rumour has any substance, if it genuinely does, then it’s the end of the road for Madders.
  9. likely outcome would be on loan. Barca get him off the wage bill and can bring in a replacement and then look to ship him out next season.
  10. If we signed Philly, seal Soumare, bag Eddy, bring in another winger and a CB. We’re kissing the league next season.
  11. You’d have to question a players insanity if they choose to go to Arsenal!
  12. 27 goals and 7 assists in 27 appearances 2020/2021. Lad knows where the net is. He could be a future Vardy.
  13. My thoughts. There’s always that one players managers can’t be without. He goes against our recent transfer policy. Anyway, I think it’s bollocks, Barca need to ship players out and the papers know there’s a link to Rodgers…. He will end up in Italy playing for one of the Milan’s or Juve!
  14. Jokes aside, where would he actually play?
  15. Southgate really is a tit isn’t he? When will lessons be learned?
  16. I wasn’t aware he left the pitch conscious so it made more sense after the full details were released. Thanks to the speed of his life saving treatment, he might make a full recovery without medical assistance I.E operations to repair anything.
  17. When the in-laws book a meal for 2pm….. the ****ing state of it.
  18. Whilst there is an element of this, you can normally gauge whether a player has real talent, and Dana’s ability to finish anything proves this. He’s pissing that league at the moment, and I’m confident given the chance he would step up. With the right management of course.
  19. I mean, perhaps Celtic are playing hard ball? Given the choice of go for Daka, he’s the most talented player I’ve seen for some time, seems able to finish anything, you could shrink the ball to the size of an ants left bollock and he would still pop it in the top bin….. unreal talent.
  20. England have had quality sides since 2002…. We went to South African with a side packed full of talent, yet completely stunk the place out. Tournament after tournament we turn up looking disjointed, slow, ponderous and lack any attacking intent at all…. This England team is perfect to be set up to counter attack, there’s so much pace in the side and a striker who is nailed on to get the golden boot if he’s fully fit. There’s no excuses really, for me there’s only one team who are definitely better than England and that’s France, other than that we can give anyone a run for their mo
  21. It’s been quite public that they spoke to Eriksen before making the decision, where he said play….. like I said, it’s been a very difficult night, but had the worst have happened I’m sure they wouldn’t have carried on.
  22. Trying his best to avoid Liverpool bids!
  23. It’s all about context. Had the worst happened they wouldn’t be out here now, the fact Eriksen is alive and seems stable will probably spur them on. Denmark win this and it will probably mean more to Eriksen than it would have ordinarily.
  24. He has potentially saved his life. Starting the CPR as quickly as he did.
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