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  1. Well Kalechi went from a certainty to be sold, to be the best striking option we had. If Brendan thinks this lad has the minerals to be a baller I trust him.
  2. People moaning about adding some decent depth? Good job some of you aren’t in charge of recruitment.
  3. I named my dog Wilf too 😂 the Mrs just thinks it’s cute but she has absolutely no idea!! Love him, the fact the first thing he did when he joined was enrol on a course a DMU tells you everything about the lad. Just an all round great chap, head screwed on one of the best at what he does. It sounds like he’s a motivator too, reading what Kelch has said, outside about for the next captain.
  4. It’s too late, as usual they’ve dragged their heels and have done nothing, and will do nothing bar a poxy fine. All of those teams involved should have been deducted 20 points immediately and banned from competing in Europe for a year. So what if Arsenal got relegated? Tough shit. The fact they haven’t taken action now tells me they wont. It will be forgotten about.
  5. Does this mean we’re like, the second best team in Europe?
  6. Chilwell is a ****ing weasel.... Shame Mahrez didn’t tear him a new arsehole.
  7. Pliskin


    But he is that shit, that every thread could easily become a “Perez is shit” thread. Just the way the world works....
  8. Pliskin


    Perez is a painfully average footballer. He needs chucking.
  9. -20 the world will end and the city crumble.
  10. I think we all know as Leicester fans that when these rumblings start, they usually end with a player leaving. £80-90 million and they can have him, I wouldn’t expect a penny less considering he’s carried through some injury hit patches.
  11. Oh agreed. He would walk into any team in the top 6 bar Man City maybe? We’ve well and truly resurrected his career. But until we finish in the top four, we’re probably going to have to accept the fact we will lose star players from time to time.
  12. At that end of the day if he wants to leave he will. But I think the club are very good at setting out a clear picture after the Mahrez saga. We would happily let him go if he agrees to the fee we want, and if we are able to start negotiations with a replacement. But Brendan would be very disappointed if he wanted to leave I imagine. We would need to replace him for sure.
  13. We don’t really need Gosens. Once JJ is back (if he returns to his previous form) and Ricardo can find his form again we will still have incredible options. So Bertrand would make sense really, he is usually reliable in terms of injury, and would probably be ready to step in. However, I feel he will command more than we are willing to offer him, so I’d actually be surprised if he joins. It’s got West Ham written all over it.
  14. Nothing more other than he’s allegedly open to a move to a cub who have CL football..... nothing more than that.... so I’d say there’s potentially a 60% chance he could be gone. Which isn’t clever for us. Id be fuming if he goes to Liverpool though. They’ve done my ****ing tree on this season, then and their cheese grater voiced fans.
  15. Hearing some worrying things this morning.... could actually be leaving. Hope it’s bollocks.
  16. Pliskin


    Just waiting for the Rob Tanner tweet “I understand Leicester have no interest in Soumare”.
  17. Pliskin


    Failed his medical. Stubbed his toe on the way in.
  18. We simply wouldn’t let him go unless we had a ready replacement. Soumare is another piece in our armoury he’s no replacement..... I can’t see this happening in a million years, not this season anyway. And the figure would be obscene. £100+million.
  19. Wouldn’t be a bad signing at all. He’s got all of the attributes Brendan likes in a player .
  20. Chilwell has a pair of them.
  21. I’m more bothered about Leicester, I’d be happy if England won a major tournament mainly because I think it would give us more pull as a country on the world stage when silly things like the ESL emerge, but, Leicester are my main focus and that includes the lads that pull on our shirts. As we have a fair few Belgian representatives I would be absolutely delighted if they won the Euro’s, but I’m also hoping Youri has an absolute stinker until he signs a new deal haha. Plus, I really dislike Harry Kane, for no reason other than he has an extremely punchable face.
  22. We will end up with Tarky, 100%
  23. Pliskin

    Ozan Kabak

    We will end up with Tarky.
  24. We will win this. Heard it here first.
  25. Definitely supporting Belgium and Turkey in this tourney!
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