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  1. Ooo eee oooo Daka ting tang walla walla bing bang.
  2. When Rodgers talks about player profiles, this is exactly the type of player he wants. I live Riccy I really do, but I think it’s only a matter of time until he moves on. Rodgers wants two aggressive attacking wing backs, and Gosens and Castagne would provide exactly that, capable of playing in a back 3 formation or a back 4 formation. Daka is the same, aggressive, Soumare also looks to have an aggressiveness to his game. We still have a softness about us at times and I think Rodgers is working hard to eliminate that, if you asked me now who I’d prefer at full back, a fully fit Riccy or a full
  3. To be honest I think Nino is cack, and was largely the problem. Under a more tactically astute manager with better man management skills he would be a great player
  4. I’d still take a punt on Adama. I reckon he would be awesome under Brendan.
  5. The spend all the money, sure we’ve got an arranged overdraft!
  6. This is a genuinely sensational signing. And in my opinion he’s joining the best club possible for his development he will be the best striker on the planet in a few seasons.
  7. Always signed this lad on football manager, baller.
  8. Thanks, I have the old plastic boot on, I went to the hospital straight away to get it looked at, and there was no immediate suggestions to operate….. so I’m just waiting to see the fracture clinic guys and then take it from there. I’m ****ing gutted….. just hope I don’t end up getting finished from work….
  9. If his career recovery is anywhere near his hairline recovery then bring it on.
  10. Anyone ever ruptured their Achilles’ tendon before? Just done mine today, four weeks training left of my new job too…. I’ve not been given any info in terms of what to expect other than an appointment so any advice would be welcome.
  11. Keep calm. Rudders has this in the bag
  12. He’s an absolute beast. You’ll be screaming his name during intercourse, absolutely guaranteed.
  13. This kid is genuine gravy, with a more than modest serving of trimmings.
  14. If we sign Daka, I’ll be strumming for decades.
  15. Last time I checked, James wasn’t Perez?
  16. Italy looking the absolute cheese. Impressive stuff from them.
  17. He’s genuinely their best player….. by some distance.
  18. Embarrassing that in 2021 someone is referring to Wales as sheep shagging c*nts…… nothing wrong with being happy for Wales, doesn’t mean we won’t all be up for it if we play them at any stage.
  19. And well done to the Welsh! Excellent performance
  20. Thank **** we didn’t sign Demiral…. Lads wank and a half. At least Turkey absolutely bombing it means Cags will be still here next season.
  21. Their strength in depth is frightening. There isn’t a team that can touch them on form in this tournament….. I imagine they will get better as it goes on. Absolute nailed on to win it I think.
  22. Pliskin


    I don’t think it is…. And I genuinely don’t think Brendan is that keen, like I said, if Lee Congerface sat Brendan down closing the door to his office and said “I can get you Coutinho but madders will have to go” Brendan wouldn’t even think twice when saying yes. (Disclaimer I’m not saying I believe the Coutinho rumour purely an example). Madders show flashes, but that’s all he has really done, injuries or not, he’s underwhelmed since he’s been here in my opinion.
  23. Germany look pretty naff. Lowe looking like limping out of his Germany career.
  24. Jonathan’s Pearce’s arsehole must have been tense describing Germany’s camp as “a scout camp where they share bunks”…….
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