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  1. Can I just mention the ball Praet played his first touch long to Chilwell wide left who hit the post . Very tasty
  2. Zaha will elbow Chilwell out of his way so it may be down to Caglar to deal with him .He has the speed but can he avoid the obvious penalty issues .Brens gone all out could have put Fuchs in to do a job but we will see very soon.
  3. Is he living in coalville then ? Top fella but hes missing out on the real Leicester atmosphere of Braunstone and The Saff.
  4. Positive not even sticking Hamza on the bench. Jeff will score though deflection off his backside
  5. All very good stuff in the poetry dept but my son has met the lady(coleen) and she was very pleasant apparently- on the train with her kids.. No lets do the song antway
  6. Sorry what is Christmas ive checked and there is no football until 8pm on 26th
  7. That s not bad odds to be fair .if we get a pen Vardy will be taking it so maybe 1 in 10 and madders outside the box say 2/3 times a season say 1 in 20 gives 200-1 But betting firms make huge profits and run an empire of costs so somene is loosing
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