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  1. Given that Sheff U are everything we're not: Committed, tenacious, spirited and they have a tried and tested game plan we shouldn't have a cat in hell's chance. But wait, this is Leicester City we're talking about. Arise Sir. Wes!
  2. Somehow makes yesterday's capitulation hurt even more.
  3. I woke up to the news that Man City's ban had been overturned (no surprise there). I then started to think... if Man U fail to win today and Chelsea lose to Liverpool and Wolves...and then I stopped myself. This team wouldn't beat a Sunday League outfit if required to do so to qualify for the Champions League. They lack fight, guts, determination, belief and leadership. Although I didn't see the extent of the capitulation against Bournemouth coming, I did see us not winning that game after we failed to show the killer instinct required to put them away in the first half. That fear was then further underlined by the cowardly tactical adjustments made at halftime. I hesitate to castigate any of our players for the individual errors and 'rushes of blood' that contributed to the farcical circumstances of our demise yesterday. Instead, I have to point the finger of blame at the coach. The Bournemouth game was a microcosm of what we've been witnessing time and again since Christmas. When the pretty slick football is not enough to get you over the line, you need to show fight, spirit and courage. The title winning team had it and this current squad, although arguably more talented, don't. For me a team is a reflection of the qualities and shortcomings of the coach and therein lies the reason for our failure to capitalize on the platform our wonderful form in the first half of the season had given us. Looking ahead, how do we recover from this? There will be an inquest in a couple of weeks and I'd love to be a fly on the wall to hear Rodger's explanation as to what went wrong and why? Top is no fool and certainly no coward when it comes to making tough decisions, and when the dust settles I have every confidence that he will make the right decision in order to get the club back on track.
  4. According to Rodger's post match comments he saw the need to strengthen our defences. Incredible, This against a team with no offence and completely devoid of confidence. As others have pointed out it made no sense. We just needed to maintain the high press and stay on the front foot as they were being panicked into making mistake after mistake. The negative changes threw away the huge psychological advantage we'd established in the first half and the momentum of the game shifted. As a result, it had become glaringly obvious that they'd become a threat to equalize long before the meltdown occurred. It was a tactical 'disaster class'!
  5. I've been hoping I might wake up from this horrible nightmare but finally had to accept I've been awake all along. How did our team contrive to throw away a Champions League spot that was so close you could almost taste it in just 20 minutes of football madness? That capitulation will go down in the annals of sporting infamy. Recalling the words of the immortal Bard - 'If that second half performance had been played upon a stage it would be condemned as an improbable fiction'. The inquests and finger pointing will go on for some time and our anger as powerless fans watching that debacle on tv screens around the world will eventually subside but, as a club, where do we go from here? Let's do ourselves a favour and forget about the Champions League and look ahead to next season and beyond. Someone pointed out that this could be a Wycombe or a Watford moment. Without doubt it is a watershed moment in our club's history and we all hope it will be the latter. The huge decisions Top will now have to make over the 'summer' will be key. Given the track record of our owners I am confident he will not shy away from making the tough decisions that will enable us to rise from the wreckage of a season that promised so much. One final positive note we can take to our beds - come on Jamie, win that Golden Boot!
  6. Compare the post match reactions of Lampard after Chelsea's poor performance yesterday and Rodger's waffling platitudes today. Enough said. We've been rudderless since Christmas. Those calling for a change are not overreacting. Rodger's has no fight. Great when he's winning, clueless and gutless when he's not.
  7. Why did Rodgers keep talking about defence for? Attack is the best form of defence. Our high press had them in panic mode first half. His halftime changes were designed to 'shore' up the defence? Incredible. He is negative, passive not a leader. When put under pressure he is totally clueless.
  8. Win that game and we were as good as booking our place in the CL draw. Our second half capitulation was perhaps the worst I have seen by any team in 60 years of watching football. Bournemouth were pathetic in the first half and there for the taking, and although the individual errors were horrendous we inexplicably surrendered the initiative. In my view, Rodgers negativity underpinned this dramatic reversal and he has to take full responsibility. It's all about next season now and although Rodgers has many qualities I honestly don't think he's the man to take us forward. When the chips are down he hasn't got what it takes to win the big games. His 'achievements' at Celtic do not provide an effective counter argument.
  9. The Sheff U result against Chelsea has put us back in control of our own destiny. Other results won't matter if we take care of business. This group now has the chance to win a huge game, something they have failed to do on the big occasions this season. This is our biggest game to date and we're going to find out if they have the 'mentality' to win when it matters most. Match Bournemouth's effort and commitment and our superior talent should win out. Fail to win and we'll be back to hoping and praying that other results and 'verdicts' go our way. How many chances does this team need for goodness sake?!
  10. We've been playing scared for too long. Tomorrow we must be brave and play positively with maximum effort and commitment. Anything less would be inexcusable. We have been given a second chance and must take advantage. No excuses. Fail to beat Bournemouth and we simply don't deserve to play Champions League football next season. Finishing 5th I think we all know will not provide a route to the promised land. Man City will be let off on a technicality. Money, dirty or otherwise, has already talked, I fear.
  11. Views on the impact of VAR are becoming quite polarized on here. Not surprising as it is an emotive issue that is unfortunately invading almost every game at present. With the stakes being so high, for us as Leicester fans it is infuriating to see Man U, in particular, getting so many apparently 'dodgy' VAR calls go their way. Although I do not subscribe to conspiracy theories there is absolutely no doubt that they, and the other 'big' clubs, more often than not, get more than the rub of the green when it comes to the big calls. Man U certainly deserve credit for the quality of their play which has improved dramatically and our poor form has contributed significantly to our own downfall but, in the final analysis, and final points totals will probably bear this out, when the margins are so tight the likes of Man U will certainly have benefitted sufficiently from getting the benefit of the doubt to put them over the top. While having an elite group of clubs dominate the top placings in the league is good for business, it will be forever thus. I just love the fact that our club, more than any other, puts fear into those that are desperate to maintain the status quo!
  12. It's getting so ridiculous now that we already know the outcome and how it is going to come about before a ball is kicked.
  13. How many penalties is that now? As if their enormous financial advantage isn't enough. Can you imagine the calls if it's still all to play for come the final game?
  14. No respect for Arsenal at all. They are like a bunch of entitled little schoolboys. Throwing themselves on the floor at every opportunity once they got their snotty little noses in front and waiting until 15 seconds after the restart to bring on their first subs. And then, when things went against them, the churlish accusations trying to get Vardy banned. Horrible spoilt little brats. Remembering that arrogant celebratory picture in their dressing room after a ref-assisted victory against us in our title-winning year just adds to the satisfaction of knowing that our little provincial club rained on their parade - again! Vardy snubbing them and staying with us - priceless!
  15. Has the tide finally turned? Prior to the Palace game it seemed that everything that could go against us did. Injuries, VAR. the 5 sub rule, sheer bad luck. Then the point gained at Arsenal, despite VAR, coupled with Wolves losing for a second straight game and we are now on the cusp of finishing 5th at worst. If Villa stop United's winning run and the Man City verdict goes our way then we'll have the momentum to reach the promised land!
  16. I've been thinking a lot about Kasper's performances since the lockdown and then, right on cue, this thread popped up at the top of the list. Kasper is playing at the very top of his form and to a large extent is carrying this team on his back at a time when it matters the most. Something he has managed to do throughout his career at Leicester and that makes him a special player indeed. Without the outstanding saves he has made in every match so far our CL chances would have all but evaporated. He clearly appreciates, more than most, that we are playing some of the highest stakes fixtures in the history of our club, as our future will be heavily defined by where we finish in the Premier League this season. The man is a colossus - a true LCFC legend.
  17. Arteta a very sore loser! Very satisfying to have put Arsenal out of their misery by dashing their hopes of Europe after they'd been on such a good run. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch!
  18. That could be a huge point. Although we've dropped down to 4th we are still 4 points clear of Man U and with Chelsea's inconsistent form and tough fixtures ahead, wins against Bournemouth and Sheff U could put us firmly back in the driver's seat regardless of what Man U do. Buckke up lads!
  19. I remember hearing a stat about Vardy's shot/goal conversion rate when he was on a goalscoring tear prior to Christmas. Apparently it was incredibly high even when compared to other prolific Premier League strikers. The article pointed out that this was clearly unsustainable. Although it would have been hard to predict that Vardy's effectiveness would be completely nullified since, it should have been patently obvious that, since we weren't getting regular goals from anyone else, the club should have moved to address this in the January window by providing additional scoring cover. Not doing so seems like it's going to cost the club dear as we free fall out of a CL spot.
  20. Statistically wins against Palace, Sheff U and Bournemouth, plus a point at either Arsenal or Spurs would give us 65 points, meaning we'd go into the final day still in with a chance even if Man U and Wolves both win 5 in a row (67) points (law of averages says that is very unlikely). And as for Chelsea, given their result against West Ham today, who knows what might happen to them in their remaining games. I know that on current form gaining 10 points looks well beyond us, however, if Rodgers has the guts to change tactics and get us further up the pitch giving our attacking players the opportunity to affect the game positively before we are forced to come out and try to save the game second half after going behind, we know we have the players with the ability to do it. I keep trying to tell myself that it's the hope that kills you but we 'can' still do this! The remaining 6 games still represent the best opportunity we are ever going to have of making the CL again.
  21. The next couple of games are huge because if we don't turn things around soon our opportunity to qualify for the CL will evaporate, the vital momentum that we have been building will be squandered and our upward trajectory will be thrown into reverse. Because of the huge advantage that the big 6 have, the chances of any other team breaking through are remote. As Rick Flair pointed out, we have forced our way into the top four without having a top four squad. In order to have any hope of building a top four squad we have to find a way to stay in the top four for another 7 games. A chance like this is unlikely to come along again any time soon.
  22. An FA cup win would have been a sentimental choice but the big prize is still on the table. Only by getting Champions League football can we hope to build towards challenging the top 6 consistently. Arguably losing to Chelsea, however disappointing, could provide us with a better opportunity to clinch a top 4 finish from here. Another game against Man U and then a final against Man City would not have helped our cause in the league. If we can somehow get a win at Everton (a little luck wouldn't go amiss) then we are back in the box seat with 6 games to play and the quarter final defeat will be well and truly forgotten. Our recruitment in the summer will be very different if we've secured a Champions League spot. Only with more quality and greater squad depth can we progress from where we are now. Poor as our form has been since Christmas these remaining few games will likely be the best shot we are ever going to get. Just look at the way Chelsea, with all their current resources, are already retooling for next year. We have punched well above our weight this season and we are still in with a puncher's chance in the final round. Come on Brendan and the lads, pick yourselves off the canvas and give it everything you've got!
  23. Easy with hindsight as we had such a huge cushion during the January window, but our failure to strengthen is now looking like a huge mistake.
  24. A better performance. More positive at least. Now we can concentrate on the real prize. Play like we did first half and add some finishing and we could still do it. Bring on Everton!
  25. Can't help but think the cup game is a great opportunity. The pressure we have been under in the league will be lifted. Chelsea, on current form, will be favourites so we can afford to be more proactive in our approach. Pick a strong team and try and get our mojo back. If we win great but even if we lose no harm done. Champions League trumps FA Cup glory - It's the new reality, even though the sentimental part of me still yearns to dry the tears I shed as a young boy at Wembley when Man City paraded the cup in front of us!
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