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  1. If we don't sort our shit out soon we'll be looking at a monumental capitulation; the great escape in reverse. We all know the result of the impact that had and should we finish 6th, which on current form is looking increasingly likely, the impact on our club going forward will be massive. Yes we'll miss out on a revenue bonanza but, more importantly, our transfer targets will have to change and we'll find it more difficult to hold on to our prized assets. The next 7 games are truly a watershed. If we do not make the promised land that was all but nailed on for most of the season, the future trajectory of our club will look very different. We're all behind the lads because we love our club but we're in a dogfight now and make no mistake, the stakes are very high.
  2. Unless Man U and Wolves slip up in their next couple of matches our safety net has gone. Protecting our massive lead since Christmas by adopting a conservative approach and tinkering with our formation has run its course. It simply hasn't worked. We now have 7 games to turn things around. Rodgers must adopt a more positive approach and instil greater desire in his players. They are playing scared like a bunch of players with everything to lose. They must play the remaining fixtures as if they have everything to gain. Seven cup ties lie ahead so go for it! As fans we can accept falling short because our team is not good enough but going down without a fight is inexcusable.
  3. No amount of 'keep the faith' sentiment or a myriad excuses can disguise the fact that this team has lost it's way. Before Christmas we were good enough to be challenging Liverpool for top spot, since then our form has been just about good enough to keep us out of the relegation places had the season started in January. Recreating the form that had us challenging Liverpool is unrealistic, not least because of the enforced break, but surely we can achieve the mid-table form that should still be good enough to see us over the line. I agree that our lack of creativity is most concerning and that Tielemans is key. He sees the pass quicker than anyone else on the team and, with the exception of Maddison, seems to be the only player who can play an incisive forward pass. Our sideways passing made it so easy for Brighton tonight it was criminal. We need to be pinging the ball around in the final third not lazily passing it around in our own half. We can still reach the promised land but Rodgers is running out of time to realize that now is the time to back our quality players and play on the front foot.
  4. We are playing scared. The cushion will all but disappear within the next 3 games if we continue to play like this. The lack of positivity in our approach is criminal. Europa League here we come!
  5. Only positive is that we are still on level terms. Rodgers must change things. Get on the front foot and we can still get the win we so badly need.
  6. Two defensive midfielders sounds negative but, paradoxically, it might just give us more attacking options. Madders licence to roam and Nacho to support Vardy plus real fire power off the bench. Bold move from Rodgers who'll be castigated if it doesn't work and lauded if it does. That's why he gets paid the big bucks!
  7. Since Christmas we've looked a little bit like a lower ranked player nervously trying to close out the game against a top ranked player at Wimbledon. Tonight we need to find the courage to make a statement to the chasing pack - 'that third place is ours!' To achieve that we must set out to win the game rather than playing too cautiously in order to avoid losing it. Our mindset and the way Rodgers sets up the team will determine our destiny, not the results of Man U and the rest. Come on you Foxes - go for it!
  8. We are all getting a bit twitchy as we prepare to ride this intense roller coaster to the promised land of CL qualification. Your reassurance is appreciated.
  9. We are still in pole position and we should maintain our third place over the next 8 games regardless of what the 'chasers' below do, but only if we can turn our own poor form around. We had such a massive cushion before Christmas, we seem to have been sleep walking since. Has Rodgers been a little too conservative? Based on what we saw before the enforced break and for much of yesterday's game this may well be the case. We seem to have become too circumspect; perhaps trying a little too hard not to lose rather than trying to win. How close will he allow the gap to become before he sets the reset button and we adopt a more positive approach? Remember when Pearson hit the reset button, albeit he had little choice, with just 9 games to go? I can understand Rodger's dilemma, but getting the right balance and the timing right will be key. Our destiny is in our own hands!
  10. You are probably right, but our form since we beat Villa before Christmas needs to be turned around, and soon.. Since then we have beaten a woeful West Ham with our second string, a beaten up Newcastle and demolished a poor Villa team, again. If we can sort out our own poor form we won't have to worry about Chelsea, United and Wolves. A win against Brighton, therefore, will be huge, otherwise we could get dragged into a four-way dogfight for the 'three' remaining CL spots.
  11. A decent point yes, but I do get the concern of a number of posters who fear our grip on a CL spot could slip away. After the psychological blow of conceding a last minute equalizer against Watford and throwing away what would have been a priceless victory, the Brighton game becomes critically important. How important? If we fail to win it the gap to Wolves could and, given their next couple of fixtures against Bournemouth and Villa, probably will be down to 3 points or, if we lose to Brighton, 2 points by the time we play Everton. If this scenario plays out how would our path to the CL look then with a tough set of fixtures upcoming for a team that hasn't hit it's stride since Christmas and with a resurgent Man U coming up fast in our rear-view mirror? On the other hand, a win against Brighton and Wolves would be looking at an 11 point gap prior to playing their next two games.
  12. Although we'd have taken a point before the game, after going ahead on 90 minutes our inability to see the game out was disappointing. A point gained, or two lost? Time will tell, but had we held on that 'gap' would have looked like a chasm for the chasing pack. Rather than slamming the door shut we have left it slightly ajar, so the nail biting will continue. As we are so often forced to say - "typical Leicester".
  13. Interesting analysis comparing current squads of the top 10 Premier League clubs. Leicester's squad considered 'unique' given the fact that few members of it have yet reached their peak. Given the 'new normal' that all clubs will be dealing with in the future as a result of the economic impact of Covid 19, I can't help but feel we will be in an advantageous position compared to our immediate rivals who will find it harder to use their formerly disproportionate spending power to rebuild. Thoughts? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52530898
  14. There are obviously going to be powerful arguments on both sides if the season is cancelled. If the current positions are allowed to stand, as in Belgium, opinions will be divided depending on who benefits and who loses out re. European places, promotion and relegation issues. The fact that Liverpool will lose out on winning the title if the season is scrapped is hugely in our favour, as the decision cannot go both ways. If they are handed the title then surely all the current league positions have to be upheld.
  15. Never get tired of seeing this. The Premiership title has never been celebrated so passionately, nor ever will be again!
  16. I don't think posters are saying that the football power brokers actively dislike Leicester or Sheff U. Rather, if you look at the way the point coefficients and Financial Fair Play regulations are structured, they are designed to ensure that the biggest clubs across Europe continue to monopolize the Champions League places, Having the big name clubs playing in the Champions League attracts bigger worldwide audiences and that translates into higher revenues. This then filters back to the 'big boys' and the existing power structure is perpetuated. However, I hope on this occasion you are right, and that a sense of fair play overrides this inherent bias. If we do get shafted, the impressive momentum our club has built this season will be seriously undermined.
  17. 41 minutes ago, lestajigs said: It baffles me, how every day people think this is gonna happen, such a stupid option thats not gonna happen Not sure why. Powerful elites always do whatever it takes to maintain the status quo and hold on to their position of power and privilege. It has been forever thus, so why would 'football' be any different?
  18. Thought I'd join you over here. Here we go! It's beginning to look like the suspension of the season, although clearly the right one given the current health crisis, will provide the perfect opportunity for the powers that be, who want to maintain the status quo in the Premier League and keep upstart clubs like LCFC, Wolves and Sheff U in their place, to do just that. Not only will they manage to justify erasing the results of the last 27 games they will. at the same time, find a way of awarding the title to Liverpool. When you have the power, and we all know money talks, you can have it both ways! Hope I'm wrong because being denied the hard-earned chance to take our place in the Champions League next season will have a huge negative impact on our progress as a club.
  19. Oh dear, half my family hail from Wigston but this North American disease is catching!
  20. I am beginning to come to the realization that the suspension of the soccer season, although clearly the right one given the current health crisis, will provide an ideal opportunity for the powers that be, who want to maintain the status quo in the Premier League and keep upstart clubs like LCFC, Wolves and Sheff U in their place, to do just that. Watch them find a way to erase the results of the last 27 games but at the same time still find a way of awarding the title to Liverpool. When you have the power, and we all know money talks, you can have it both ways! Hope I'm wrong because being denied the chance to take our place in the Champions League next season will have a huge negative impact on our progress as a club.
  21. We needed the fight that has been missing for sometime last night and we got it. Including Albrighton (as a result did we even notice Grealish was on the field?) and Justin, along with the return of Nididi and Vardy re-energized the team. Perez and Chilwell are quality players but both lack intensity and grit. We will need more of the same against Watford and for our remaining fixtures. The only change should be Vardy starting instead of Nacho. Win and the pressure is on Manure to get a result at Spurs. If they don't, start planning the European tour!
  22. Great performance so far. Just need a bit of heading practice. Now we need a second to calm the nerves and finish this pathetic Villa team off.
  23. As fans we are totally invested in our club so I totally understand some of the negativity on here right now. On an emotional level, I'm fighting that feeling myself. However, the players' confidence is so low that if we transfer our anxiety to them it will create a lethal cocktail. Conversely we can play a huge part in galvanizing the players by encouraging every kick, starting against Villa. Let's do everything we can to drag this inexperienced team over the line!
  24. The cushion has allowed us to sleep walk through a dozen fixtures but that is a luxury we can no longer afford. Time for the players to wake up and show that they have some fight because, make no mistake, we are being dragged back into a dogfight. They need to show guts and determination and be prepared to scrap for victories in every game from here on in. We also need some passionate leadership on the field. Expect Jamie to step up and lead by example tomorrow night. And off the field we need a raucous atmosphere to drive us on to victory. Although I can understand why tomorrow's game is not a must win, it is surely our most important game of the season so far; a watershed moment. A win will change the whole complexion of the table and we should be able to kick on from there. A defeat, and I fear our Champions League challenge could fizzle out with a whimper.
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