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  1. Wasting your time buddy after the Bronze langer has stretched her it would be like you chucking your shish kebab up Vaughan Way !
  2. Spot on he is losing fans by the second what few he had
  3. 1000% it’s Saudi even Frank said so yesterday, he said it will be where the money is looks like the Trilogy will also be in Saudi later this year !
  4. I hope tyson now hurts him Ends his career ! What an asshole for calling our his corner, he is only alive and able to take the 3rd fight owing to that towel
  5. His missus confirmed tonight it’s happening Warren is trying to get Old Trafford as the USA PPV figures will tank now as Wilder is a busted flush tyson is on 60/40 and has control of where the fight is my guess is August/Sept for the Trilogy fight in Vegas or UK and then Joshua v the Trilogy winner in Saudi in Feb/March 2021 mandatory pay offs will be huge ! But Joshua and the Trilogy winner fight will happen in Saudi in 12/14 months time
  6. Pulev is easy to sort ! Look at who his promoter is , side step cash and away we go for a unification wonderland not happening but Wilder is taking the rematch
  7. Nothing ignorant about him at all, he actually is a very well read man, for a traveller he is a big believer in Education and having dreams... he has also turned his god given talent into an industry. he has human failings it’s why people love him, he knows his audience now and we love him for that. personally I would have quite similar views on most things he has said As would nearly all my friends and family. the Woke BBC and Daily Mail facist rag gave him a sharp lesson in being selective with airing your views. As I read that post your unconscious/conscious bias/prejudices shine strong , but that’s your issue not mine or Fury’s. like Cassius Clay Tyson is something that boxing talent fails to define completely, we are witnessing the birth of an Icon and he is only starting on this journey 50 years ago similar prejudices would have led to similar views of Ali it’s a cycle really, but it won’t bother me or Mr Fury
  8. Never said a single thing me or all of his community/people wouldn’t agree in full or part with like all greats he ruffles feathers , he isn’t PC and says what he wants to say only change is he has learned to understand that the WOKE world we live in can’t hack his honest views and there is no freedom of speech or thought Anymore so he has developed a stop valve history will show him to be one of the great sports thinkers of our times
  9. If he starts that in Saudi he might get chopped up !!!
  10. Slept all the way I’m itching to know if there has ever been a TWO times heavy weight champion of the world who was actually undefeated 🤪 in fact has anyone at any weight ever been a two times and still undefeated amazing trip, I give thanks that I did it and could do it
  11. Ya we all know what that was based on 🧐
  12. GOOD MORNING FT 😛😛😛😛 shattered , midday flight to NY and then an hour wait for the the overnight with virgin still can’t believe last night, woke up this morning and realised Tyson Fury actually is the rightful owner of all 4 belts he never lost the 3 belts that Wankstain has , no one beat him for them ! One was robbed off him and two were taken because of mental illness.... he is by all reckoning already the unified heavy weight! I need to get out of my pit and get sorted just time for a few early sherbets and some lobster for breakfast 😍 I’ll sleep the whole way home !
  13. Right it’s time for bed I have been told that the trilogy fight is on and will be in June I’ll be shocked if he enacts the clause but by all accounts it’s happening. I will own up to one huge upset we paid for sub ring side floor tickets but when we got here it seems our broker over sold the tickets and We got a shite Deal in the end ! Never use American brokers yes the rooms were amazing and yes we got into everywhere we wanted to get to but my seats could have ruined the trip, I won’t let it buy they could have , we were in the gods really and it was a little bit of a let down also Tyson’s ring walk was so long and patsy cline FFS 🤣 the most amazing part of the journey is the impact he has made on people’s opinions, we go back on this thread a long way right back to me telling everyone back him to beat the Russian/Ukrainian and the absolute filth and horrible stuff people wrote about him on here, the hatred he seemed to garner and at the same time AJ being worshiped like some god and being mentioned with Ali im pissed to now everyone being able to truly appreciate the amazing fighter and unique man Tyson Fury is, AJ is now not unbeaten and very few actually believe AJ to be able to even beat Tyson , but aside from the sport men actually now Admit to admiring and liking Tyson and all he stands for I didn’t believe this was possible, owing to him being bipolar, when he was on olanzapine and quitiapine to stop his impulsive suicidal thoughts his weight ballooned and I couldn’t imagine him coming off the medication and being able to train again but he did, because is isn’t like me or most men alive, he is special and I do believe he has a purpose much bigger than boxing and it’s the one simple thing to show people that anything is possible and anyone can turn their life around, he believes in a god, I don’t , but I can appreciate why he feels A God is guiding him anyway I need kip as I’m soon to be heading for the airport I won’t return for the trilogy fight ! I’ll be waiting for AJ and Wembley next summer
  14. Thanks buddy ! Ring side wembley next , talk later off to get lashed now !
  15. Had a little wager on that as well 🤣🤣🤣 rounds 6-8
  16. Go to bed buddy ! the best AJ isn’t fit to clean out Tyson’s Gum Shield watch Joshua Ruiz 2 fight and all you see is an ever worse Wilder ! 60/40 split to Fury will mean Joshua will be able to duck the fight, cos he is a nothing a no one !
  17. 🎶🎶 SOMETHING TOUCHED ME DEEP INSIDE THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED ....🎶🎶🎶🎶 Tyson’s going to Fly BOOOM ! BOOOM ! BOOOM ! In all honesty lads , I have been saying for years Wilder is is a piss poor boxer, he has heart but my daughter has better feet and timing, you all paid way too much attention to wilders power, power won’t count for much if your in against the greatest white Boxer that’s ever boxed ! I will carry this night with me for the rest of my life , to be here and feel this and bare witness to the birth of an icon ! A true Global Icon I always new he was a great, now I believe he walks alongside only one man ! Not in his shadow, not in his legacy but beside Ali Anthony Joshua should retire cos The King is going to break him to pieces ! We know our boxing 👑👑👑🥊🥊🥊
  18. Fuxk he looks really willy pullered this morning, he is a big boy Glen Ya I’m not sure they are significant the rumours the weight bothers me Pabs , that’s a massive lump to carry for 12 rounds ! I feel he really is planning to get the job done within 6/7 rounds ! his arms and shoulders looked amazing proper strength in them he looks a specimen for a fighting man talk later
  19. City game was a bit mental ! Var is a fcuking joke, how was that keeper not arrested for assault, if I did that to someone when I was working the doors I’d have been arrested ! Well Quick shower then that’s it out for the rest of the afternoon and tonight won $900 playing Craps (I always thought it was Crabs) last night Im now anxious, I feels a lot of tension around the lobby this morning, the amount of travellers here is mental and how well behaved they are is a credit to their community, didn't realise till last night how many Irish Travellers there are actually living in America ! if your into love Island There is a lot of them here Mrs Lugs keeps pointing them out to me Tyson doesn’t Just carry the hopes of a nation he carries the much bigger cross of the expectation of an entire race/community. that’s a lot for one man to carry so much now to fear, I’m nervous and anxious , the excitement has worn off a little but the Buzz is addictive enjoy the fight And I’ll check in some stage after the war has been won
  20. It’s on fire here pabs I think the rumours are right one of the lads in our party is friendly with Hughie Fury and he said tyson has a bad ankle glen McCrory is in our hotel he is very grey these days big hairy grey beard
  21. Forgot to say lots of rumours Last night about a bad ankle and/or knee for Tyson seems to have injured himself in camp Fury wouldn’t be one for excuses and I can’t see them leaking that so maybe it’s bollox
  22. The bars here last night are advertising a cover charge of $30-50 to get in and watch it all on Close circuit TV feeds the place is buzzing this morning really is lots of brits here lots and lots it seems haven’t been to bed , I’m hearing the Direct virgin flight from london that landed last night was an absolute party the whole way Over. weigh in this afternoon and then this shits about to get real the strip is full of gambling On the boxing they call the bookies “sports book” and Tyson is slowly being heavily backed hoping to see a few City shirts around this weekend Cheap seat tickets are trading at $250-300 each which I’m a little surprised they are so affordable the hotel bar last night was full of hookers , like Dubai they seem to fly in for the weekend We are here to see the King and we will have a coronation yet
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